Monday, November 03, 2008

Zahara Jolly Green Giant with Jolly Giant Dad Brad

The Trick or Treat Traveling Team of Jolie-Pitts made the treat rounds in Malibu on Halloween . Zahara (photo by Ramy ) went commercial as The Jolly Green Giant Maddox went as a Marine, Pax as a Bat and Shiloh as a sheriff. Now there's a fun family dynamic. Press stories say that Brad wore a matching outfit with Zahara but here he looks just like any Dad.
With a Sun in Sagittarius, and a Sagittarius ascendant, despite that Moon in Capricorn and all those very serious Capricorn planets, we suspect he did indeed don a matching costume at some point, maybe at a private party. Although maybe people got him confused with Harrison Ford who was spotted and photographed wearing a peas in a pod costume out walking with wife and her son Liam. (click on the ramy slide show on popsugar link )

Mlle Kiddie couldn't resist this tidbit from Brad Pitt's Kiddiegram:

Jupiter in the Fourth House
Home will always be one of Brad's chief comforts and delights. Not that he will necessarily want to stay home all the time, but he will experience his home as a very congenial, supportive place, and this will be the source of his confidence in later years. A very positive attachment to a parent or grandparent will be particularly influential in his life

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