Sunday, November 16, 2008

Taurus Star Mom Alba Texting Cash for Charity

Svelte Taurus Mom Jessica Alba talked  about her five month old  Gemini daughter Honor Marie like any new Mom but unusual for a usually detached Moon in Aquarius! during the fifth annual Black Ball  benefit for Keep a Child Alive.
 Mlle Kiddie is not surprised that with her amazing stellium in Taurus in the ninth house, associated with other cultures and travel, that this pix from shows the svelte star while also showing the address to text $5 for the charity  via a cell phone. So Give $5 text Alive to 90999.

Charitable Star Moms using  their celebrity for children's causes are an example of the wonderful power of the Me to We philosophy articulated in the book: Me to We: Finding Meaning in A Material World. 

Alba's Chart Wheel  Her Kiddiegram Report  earlier post on Honor Marie and Alba
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