Friday, August 31, 2007

Harry Potter's Horoscope, July 31st 1979 or 1984?

Barbara Schermer, one of Chicago's foremost astrologers and internationally acclaimed author of a classic modern astrology text, Astrology Alive, has a section on her website on Harry Potter's chart wheel, she even has a great interpretation. It takes a Gemini to describe this magical process, and in her fun explanation, you may learn a little bit more about how astrologers cast a birth chart. Well actually, Harry has two birth charts, you'll have to read Barbara's interpretation to understand her reasoning. Even hard core Muggles would have to find her word spell captivating.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kidsigns Is Now An E-Book

A Free E-Book of our popular interactive KidSigns sections on
"Kidsigns is a booklet intended for parents, grandparents,teachers, babysitters, nanies,and family members. It provides some basic astrological explanations which we hope will give you insigt into yourself, your child and other children.
It's written in a breezey fashion to be read as if you were chatting with a good friend over tea or coffee."

Baby Spice: Sugar and Spice and All Things Posh

Pop singer Emma Bunton's boyfriend Jade Jones, announced the arrival of their son Beau today in London. "Baby's had a baby now"
"We're both over the moon" announced the hours old father."Absolutely thrilled to bits to have our little son with us now."
He explained that their beautiful son's name "Beau" means "handsome" in French.
Beau has a Libra rising. He was born with his Kidsign in Leo . His moon is in in the sign of Cancer.

Kiddygram Has Officially Moved to

Kiddygram has now moved officially to Launched on a new moon, our Original Kiddygram is available at a special price until the next new moon in 2008.
Lord Kiddie, Kiddygram's signature star child, has been updated for the new millenium. Visit him on his new planet,