Monday, July 30, 2012

Beach Birthday for Virgo Henry Story Driver

Nope, we're not in Virgo birthday season yet! 3-1/2 year old Henry attended a friend's birthday party at the beach this weekend with mom Minnie Driver. Minnie has proclaimed her love of the ocean and it's probably something her and son Henry share in common. They both also share a Scorpio Moon in their natal charts; the bottomless depth of the ocean appeals to these intense, watery moon signs. 

That's not all they share, astrologically speaking. They both have strong Virgo influences in their chart: Minnie's south node, and Henry's Sun and Saturn. Minnie's natural orientation toward a practical and analytical perspective in life will be a great example for Henry. Where Saturn lies in our chart, we can often find our teachers; those people in our lives that we naturally look up to, not with starry-eyed adoration but respect for the wisdom they offer us. 

With Uranus opposite his Sun, Henry does have a bit of the rebel in him, and mom can understand that as well, with her Sun in the rebel sign of Aquarius. Looks like this duo is well-matched, in family love and in the stars!

Image of Minnie Driver is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Justin Hoch

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sasha Schreiber's Celebration

Alexander "Sasha" Schreiber, son of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber, celebrated his 5th birthday this week, and no doubt he had a lot of fun, as he is a lot of fun and probably always bursting with energy. Alexander, or Sasha as he's nicknamed, is an energetic and expressive Leo, so nothing less than king for a day on his birthday will do! But most significant in his chart is his Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, Sasha expresses himself best in a spontaneous way--he'll never be one to hide how he feels, especially from those he loves and trusts, because Sagittarius is a very openhearted sign.

With Jupiter in conjunction with the moon, the expressive, friendly, and playful energy of Sagittarius rockets through the roof. Sasha is not only openhearted, but also very generous and inclusive. Jupiter conjunct the moon is an ever-expanding heart, including almost everyone in their circle. No doubt he invited his whole neighborhood to his birthday party!

Image of Naomi Watts is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Eva Rinaldi

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Signature Leo Star Child: Haven Garner

Haven Garner, second daughter of Taurus Jessica Alba and Capricorn Cash Warren is our featured Leo Signature Star Child. The Kiddiegram reports are the heart and soul of Kiddiegram, because they were created out of a desire to help you understand and nurture your precious one. A Kiddiegram is truly a "user's manual!"

Most Leos have a knack for turning on the charm, but that goes double for Haven. Not only is she a Leo, but she was born when Venus and the Sun were cozying up in the same corner of the heavens, bringing out the friendly side of Haven's already expressive and warmhearted personality. She is likely to find that she can get along with just about anyone, and others will find her easy and fun to be with, so she'll attract friends and adorers wherever she goes.

Jessica Alba
She was born during the full moon, with the Moon in the opposite corner of the sky as the Sun and Venus, in the sign of Aquarius. While she's likely to always find friends, she won't give her heart away to just anybody. The test of a true friend to her will be those that love her for who she is, not just how good she can make them feel.

Haven is a delightful bundle of contradictions. On one hand she's friendly, open, and accommodating, but those who think her a pushover will find themselves surprised when they meet with her ability to remain aloof (Aquarius Moon) from those who would manipulate her. They'll also find themselves outmatched by her iron will, with the dominant forces of Mars, Uranus and Pluto strong in her chart. More from her Kiddiegram:

Mars opposite Pluto
When she wants something, Haven is relentless, intensely willful and vigorous in her pursuit of it. She is capable of extraordinary effort, and she needs to have a release for her energy (some very challenging or strenuous work).
Mars square Uranus
Full of energy, daring, and fighting spirit, she rebels against constraints and dull routine. She acts very spontaneously. She likes fireworks!
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Previous Leo Signature Star Children:

Image of Jessica Alba is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Credit: Georges Biard
Haven's birth time is not publicly known. A noon chart has been cast. No information reliant on time of birth has been provided in her Kiddiegram report

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Uma's Baby Joy

Taurus Uma Thurman became a mom of three on Sunday! It's a good thing she's a pro by now because she'll have her hands full with this playful and active kiddo. With three planets and her south node in Gemini, this baby girl will probably walk, talk, and get into mischief early!

She'll also be quite independent as she was born while Mars was sailing through the opposite skies from Uranus.With Uranus in feisty Aries, she's not going to let anyone take advantage of her! But Mars in the sign of Libra reveals a little girl who is friendly and considerate, and coupled with her nurturing Cancer Sun, she will do anything for those she loves.

No baby name has been revealed yet!

Image of Uma Thurman is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported  license. Credit: Jiyang Chen

Monday, July 16, 2012

Coco's Complex

Courtney Cox
Courtney Cox worries about her daughter's perfectionism, saying in an interview:
"[My daughter is] very artistic, but she's also a perfectionist. I feel a little bad: That's the part I see in her that's like me — and you don't want them to have that at age 5." 
Good news, mom. She'll probably grow out of it as she learns to manage that Virgoan need to do everything right. Coco was born with Jupiter in the sign of Virgo, a sign that likes to weigh, measure, and control many things in its world. Jupiter represents our desire to grow and reach our potential, an agenda which Virgo is in total agreement with, but Virgo wants to grow by improving, becoming better at whatever they set their mind to than they were before. It's out of this need to grow but to control that Virgo's perfectionism complex is born. 

Virgo gains a lot of pleasure and self-esteem by doing things right, but it can be pretty hard on itself when it makes a mistake, which can make it very hard for them to have patience with themselves when they are learning and practicing. Coco can stop herself from trying sometimes because she's afraid it'll come out wrong. Because of the tense relationship between Jupiter in Virgo and Venus (a planet not just of love but also creativity and art) in Gemini, she may often tense up and stop the free-flowing creativity in experimental Gemini. As she learns to recognize this feeling and gets more confident in her abilities (not to mention gaining experience), she'll be able to more naturally push through her fears of getting it "wrong!"

Image of Courtney Cox is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Attribution: Felicia C. Sullivan

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pink's In the Pink as Willow's Mommy

Pink in concert
Singer Pink, mom to 1-year-old daughter Willow, extolled the joys of motherhood in a recent interview:
“I do a lot of dancing now with [Willow] and I’m just happier ... Your career goes up and down, but … at the end of the day, if I didn’t do another thing, I’m blessed. I like myself more than I used to.”
Motherhood is a joy, but also a job, and every mom knows it. Almost half of Pink's natal chart lies in the sign of Virgo, whose greatest joy is to feel of use. As a Virgo Sun, Pink sense of self will be especially bolstered and fulfilled any time she has the opportunity to be of service in a way that is truly needed, not to mention that her Mars in nurturing Cancer is built to protect and care for those who need it. And with joyful Jupiter in playful Leo, dancing with Willow is just the kind of free-spirited, let yourself loose thing that can set a Virgo free to worry less about being perfect and live in the moment, as children do.

Despite some challenging chart connections between mom and daughter, Pink and Willow share a harmonious connection between their Jupiters and Venuses, so they'll always be able to connect on playfulness and friendship.

Image of Pink is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Credit: Corbuzon

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Valentina Knows Best

Salma Hayek
Selma Hayek stars in Savages this weekend, and she is, of course, adamant that her 4-year-old daughter, Valentina, will not be seeing the "drug cartel drama" (good parenting, ha!) But in a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Salma says:
"Actually, this was the only movie that she was not on the set. I usually bring her on the set and she always likes to sit right next to the monitor and she bosses everyone around."
Future director, eh? Mlle. Kiddie is not surprised. Valentina has the Sun, south node, and Saturn all in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is a sign of many talents, and one of them is being well-organized, practical, and yes, bossy. Virgos often think they know best, and the trouble is (for those around them), they're usually right! 
Valentina also has the moon in Capricorn, which is known as the sign of the manager, among other things, a sign meant to be in charge because they are practical like Virgo, but can also see the bigger picture, good at managing projects with lots of components. They get things done! She would whip everyone on a movie set into shape in no time flat!

Image of Salma Hayek licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Attribution: Georges Biard

Birthday Duo: Jaden & Maya

Maya (Ethan Hawke & Uma Thurman) and Jaden (Will Smith and Jada-Pinkett Smith) are both celebrating their 14th birthday today, making them effectively astro-twins! Since they were born on the same day of the same year, their charts will look very similar.*

Jaden (and Maya) share a birth chart*

Maya and Jaden were born with the Sun and Mars in the sign of Cancer, a loving and heart-felt sign. They both have younger siblings and are likely to be quite protective of them. Mercury in Leo reveals them both to have creative minds with a desire to express themselves creatively verbally or intellectually; Leo loves to perform, whether it's in the privacy of their living room or on a grand stage. Mlle. Kiddie understands that they both enjoy singing, Maya having recently performed at Caffe Vivaldi, singing while her father played guitar, and it's well-known that Jaden has some talent in that department as well! These kids are both soul poets, having a sensitive and gentle Pisces south node. 

Mlle. Kiddie wishes them both a happy birthday!

*A noon chart has been cast for Maya since her birth time is not publicly known. No information dependent on an accurate birth time has been offered to avoid error.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Jason Lee's Sunny Son Sonny

Jason Lee welcomed a new son, appropriately named Sonny, on June 16th, which makes three for the My Name is Earl actor. Jason is a Taurus, a great match with new baby Sonny who has a Taurus Moon and Taurus Ascendant. This easy-going father-son duo will probably love hanging out together and just chilling or bonding over a shared love of baby naps!

Sonny is likely to be pretty active, though, with three planets and his south node in playful Gemini, especially when he gets older and is more mobile. Gemini kids don't like to sit still for long if there's an explore to be had or something nearby to take apart! Mischief is typically Gemini's middle name, but it'll all be good-natured and innocent fun for Sunny with Jupiter close to his south node. With Jupiter strong in Sonny's chart, it brings a youthful innocence and a 'sunny' disposition that he will carry with him even into adulthood. Looks like dad has a new playmate!

Image of Jason Lee is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Sagindie

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Chris Hemsworth's "Snow White" Rose

Chris Hemsworth (Snow White and the Huntsman, The Avengers) celebrated his first father's day last month with his daughter India Rose, born May 11th.*

No doubt she'll be a sweetie and the 'apple' of this huntsman daddy's eye, but almost of nearly everyone she meets! India was born with the Sun in easy-going Taurus, and she's got jovial Jupiter right next to it. Jupiter lends generosity, bigness of spirit, and has an overall delightful influence on anyone's personality. People will like to be around India as she's likely to have an air of laid-back acceptance and openness.

She also has a playful Gemini south node, so she'll be quick, playful, and curious. With Venus also in Gemini, she'll be a quick-talker and charmer. She'll definitely have daddy wrapped around her finger!

*India's birth time is not publicly known, so a noon chart has been cast. No interpretation reliant on birth time has been offered.

Image of Chris Hemsworth is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Eva Rinaldi

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Parenting with Astrology: High Expectations

Amy Herring has been a professional astrologer for 15 years and a proud mother for 7 of those years. She has joyfully accepted Mlle. Kiddie’s gracious offer to share her thoughts once a month here at Kiddie Star Signs. To find out more about Amy and her personal readings for parents and children, visit her website at

Money and fame don’t solve every problem. Celebrity moms have their hopes and worries for their children too. However, Mlle. Kiddie would like to offer ‘everyday’ moms a chance to see astrology put into action to answer their parenting questions. After all, famous or not, you’re the world to your kids! If you’ve got a question about your child that you’d like Amy to answer, send your questions any time to
Joanne writes:
Elijah is very driven and excels in everything he sets his mind to. He is super hardworking and thrives best when he is at the top of his game. He sets very high expectations for himself and I am also very driven and at times catch myself setting high expectations for him.

I am a bit concerned that all this pressure to do well and exceed expectations might be too much for him. He has never complained or expressed that things are hard for him but I do know he keeps a lot in and he definitely won't share if he thinks it will disappoint me or my hubby. Does Elijah have the personality type to be successful in this type of environment? Can he really handle it?
Elijah 8 years old ~ click to enlarge

Amy answers:

Elijah's south node lies in Scorpio, so he'll bring intensity and tenacity to anything he does, putting his whole being into it (for better or worse), and is probably where he gets a great deal of his drive. With an Aries moon, he's got a competitive streak as well, wanting to be first, best, highest. This part of him is not really about achievement or goals as much as it is the thrill and instinct of pushing oneself to an edge and beyond. The main issue I'd watch for there is if he's doing anything dangerous or hurtful to himself, or if any competitiveness gets out of hand where it's so important to be first and best that he's driving himself too far or alienating others. There is no prediction that he will do that, only that this is the nature of the things you'd want to keep an eye on.

Elsewhere in his chart lies Mars and Mercury, in the sign of Leo. Mars and Mercury play an important role in his chart for a number of reasons, one of which is that they are part of helping him learn a larger soul lesson in this life. With a Scorpio south node, there is a vulnerability to being so consumed or driven by something that we lose ourselves, our perspective, and/or our sense of humor. Mars and Mercury in Leo are about him learning to play for creativity's sake, for enjoyment, and for self-expression. He will be learning, over this lifetime, that whatever he pursues has to be because of his love for it and enjoyment of it, not out of duty or competitiveness or anything else, and his best clue will be if he's having fun or not. 

Fun is different than satisfaction or accomplishment. This is not meant to be the typical lecture that we may give to children who are upset that they are losing a game, where we try to appease them by saying "it doesn't matter if you win or lose, just that you have fun," it's that participating in a wide variety of experiences, and experimenting, and having fun doing it, and playing freely for playing's sake, are ways that he's learning to let go of some of the overkill of his Scorpio south node intensity and move toward embracing his north node in Taurus, which is about a calm, easy-going naturalness, to balance out some of that intensity and give him perspective in life in general, not just about whatever he's immediately consumed with. Scorpio can be an all-or-nothing kind of energy, and can lose sense of the bigger picture and other things that are important, as their focus can be too narrowed to only their desire.

He has his lifetime to learn these things! But in the meantime, what you can do is keep your eye on competitiveness or intensity that gets out of hand, that is too consuming. Engaging in a variety of activities that are not goal-oriented or contest-oriented can be good for him, although don't force it, because otherwise it's not play, it's only a different kind of work. Encourage him to try other activities as well. He's got a Gemini Ascendant, so approaching life by putting a toe into lots of different experiences can be good for him as he's naturally very curious.

His Cancer Sun is very close to Saturn, which can also represent drive and accomplishment, but in this case, may also contain another layer of how challenging it can be for him to acknowledge his vulnerabilities and soft insides. The close-mouthed trait you mentioned in your question may in part be due to this, and part because he's more of an experiencing person rather than an analytical, objective person. He doesn't think about his feelings, he just acts from them, so describing them to you is a step he probably often skips! These planets are in the second house, the house of worth and value, so there may be a hint of insecurity that he runs past with all his other boisterous and outgoing personality traits. Knowing he is well-loved, safe, and special goes a long way for any child, but especially for a Cancer one and is the best medicine, if this is an issue for him at all. Don't belittle achievement, but take care to keep it separate - only as a pleasant outcome to the really important thing, which is enjoyment of and dedication to whatever he's doing.

Thanks for your question!

Signature Cancer Star Child: Sunday Rose

Sunday Rose, first daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, is our featured Cancer Signature Star Child. The Kiddiegram reports are the heart and soul of Kiddiegram, because they were created out of a desire to help you understand and nurture your precious one. A Kiddiegram is truly a "user's manual!"

Sunday is a sweet little Cancer Sun and probably very loving. Cancer has a strong desire to nurture and care for those they love, and this goes quadruple for little Sunday, because she also has three planets in service-oriented Virgo, so it'll be important to her that she feels helpful. She's probably happiest when she's helping do little tasks for mom and dad and feeling like a capable little girl. She's also likely to be pretty determined. Action-oriented Mars has paired-up with hard-working Saturn in her natal chart, and in Virgo, she's learning the value of applying herself and not giving up. That can be challenging with so much Virgo, as she may have a hard time when she fails at something she's trying hard to master. She'll have high expectations of herself, so mom and dad will have to carefully help her muster the courage to try again.

More from her Kiddiegram:
Mars conjunct Saturn

      It is important to encourage Sunday Rose to go after what she wants and not to place heavy, burdensome expectations upon her. If her will is blocked consistently, she is likely to store up much anger and resentment.

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Previous Cancer Signature Star Children:
Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

Image of Nicole Kidman is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Eva Rinaldi
Image of Keith Urban is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Credit: paddynapper
Sunday's birth time is not publicly known. A noon chart has been cast. No information reliant on accurate time of birth has been provided in her Kiddiegram report