Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pete Wentz Gives Bronx a Lift

Bronx Mowgli Wentz is only 1 year old and already knows how to travel in style. Nearly every photo of daddy Pete and Bronx recently snapped shows him riding in the 'baby backpack' on daddy's back.

Pete will probably be giving Bronx a lift quite frequently in his life (and no, not just on his back or chauffeuring!) A lot can be revealed through comparing the astrological charts of parents and their children, and Pete's Jupiter is in a trine, a favorable connection, with Bronx's Sun. Allow Mlle Kiddie to translate that into English, s'il vous plait!

Jupiter is a planet that, among other things, represents growth, expansion, and potential. Whenever we take a leap of faith or experience a little luck or opportunity in our lives, it's highly likely that Jupiter had his hand in it. Jupiter is like the encouraging teacher, or coach, in our lives, urging us to give something a try so we can fly. So while Pete may naturally want to see his little boy reach his potential, he is likely to enjoy being actively involved in encouraging (Jupiter) Bronx to build a strong identity (Sun) so he can be anything he wants to be.

Sounds like great parenting to me!

If you'd like to learn more about how parents and children interact astrologically, visit Kiddiegram.net for some free information: Kiddiegram Parent/Child Interactive.

If you're interested in how the planets work in a child's chart, visit Kiddiegram's Squidoo Lens!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jaden Smith: Following in Dad Will's Footsteps

Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. He's only 11 years old and already has a few films under his belt, but his first 2010 movie, a remake of The Karate Kid will star him front and center.

Jaden seems to be on the fast track to an ambitious career. Mlle Kiddie does not know his time of birth but his moon is quite likely to be in Capricorn, for which a symbol is the mountain goat, who aspires to climb to new heights! Saturn, a planet that is about hard work and discipline is in Taurus, and it is trine Jaden's north node in Virgo and sextile his Mars. A north node in Virgo indicates someone who has come with a soul intention of working hard toward self-improvement and wanting to increase their ability to be of service to others because of a skill they have worked to perfect. With Saturn in a comfortable trine to Jaden's north node, that means the part of him that represents his need to work hard in a steady-on Taurus fashion, easily works with the part of him that wants to perfect his skills.

Mars is a planet that can also represent our ambition and desires, and it is in a sextile, also a comfortable energy, with both his north node and Saturn. This celestial threesome in Jaden's chart can take him far if he keeps up the work but doesn't get so ambitious that he bites off more than he can chew. Mars is square Jupiter, a difficult planetary relationship, which can have Jaden overestimating himself and trying to go too fast all at once. But with mom and dad to guide his steps, no doubt he'll be able to accomplish what he desires and hopefully teach him how to maintain a steady jog toward his goals.

From Jaden's Kiddiegram:

Mars square Jupiter
     Smith has an abundance of energy and vitality, and an enterprising spirit. Sometimes, in his exuberance and eagerness to do something or see something happen, he gets carried away and bites off more than he can chew.
Mars sextile Saturn
     Smith has good concentration and the ability to persist until he reaches his goals. He is cautious about asserting his will or taking a new direction; but once he commits himself to a course of action, he works quietly and steadily.

Click here to see the new Karate Kid 2010 trailer:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let it Snow! Hugh Jackman and Son Oscar Play in the Snow

Hugh Jackman and his son Oscar are pictured here playing in the snow storm that recently hit New York City. Hugh is is a Libra with a playful Gemini Moon, so he probably likes to play with and tease his son lightheartedly, since he's a kid at heart himself!

Even though Hugh adopted Oscar, it is very common to see connections between the charts of parents and children. Hugh has a Libra Sun and Oscar a Libra Moon. Hugh has a Gemini Moon and Oscar has both Mercury and Mars in Gemini. Looks like they were meant to be family!

Mercury represents the part of us that is curious, and Mars represents, in part, what we like to do to keep ourselves physically active. In Gemini, Oscar probably has a quick mind and quick reflexes to match, so I'm sure he would be able to pelt his dad, who has Mars in deliberate Virgo, with snowballs at twice his dad's speed!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leelee Sobieski and Adam Kimmel welcome Baby Girl

And the Hollywood Baby Boom continues! Her name yet unrevealed, Mlle Kiddie takes a 'celestial' look at Baby Girl Sobieski:

Reports say that she was born "late Wednesday evening" in New York which means that she will have a Leo or more likely a Virgo Ascendant, along with her Sagittarius Sun and Capricorn Moon. Her Capricorn Moon's expression is greatly modified by Pluto being so close to it, and it is in a square (90 degrees apart) relationship with Saturn, all of which indicates a rather serious tone to this little girl's personality.

Leelee, an 'extra strength' Gemini, might find her daughter's serious demeanor somewhat bewildering. Gemini likes to play, poke, question, tease, and definitely talk, often in a light-hearted way, depending on the rest of the chart, and her daughter is more likely to use communication not as play but with an agenda, always speaking with a purpose, with a goal. This girl, regardless of whether she has Leo or Virgo rising, clearly came into the world with an agenda: to develop a sense of capability, accomplishment and pride in herself. With a trine from ambitious Mars to her expansive Sagittarius Sun, she'll always be driven by a sense of urgency, movement, and desire to grow, but then it's amplified greatly by her Capricorn Moon. Here's one of many things that her Kiddiegram report has to say about Capricorn Moon:

Conscientious and mature even in youth, Sobieski can be relied upon to keep her commitments. Sometimes her "obligations" weigh heavily upon her, however, and life seems like serious business indeed, so try not to expect too much or burden her with more responsibility than is really necessary.She often judges herself harshly and seems to need to prove her worth by achieving some task or goal she sets for herself. It is very important for her to know that you love and value her for herself, and not only for her accomplishments.

With Saturn and Pluto pressing on her Moon, she carries a deep desire to feel worthy and safe. No doubt her mother, Leelee, will be able to help her with her ambitious desires to grow as fast as she can, because Leelee is also rather ambitious (her Sun, Moon, and Mars are all conjunct each other), but hopefully she can also teach this little girl to breathe, have fun, and learn to lighten her load when she gets too weighed down with life.

Congratulations to the new family!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Congrats to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick: Welcome Mason Dash Disick

Presenting Mason Dash Disick!
Mason was born Monday morning and as far as Mlle Kiddie can discern from her many sources, his birth time is about 8 am, but possibly earlier. Unless he was born before 4 am, though, he has not only the Sun but also the Moon in Sagittarius! From Mason's Kiddiegram Report:
Ever eager to explore his world, he heartily dislikes being restricted or held back in any way, and he does not readily understand what "off limits" means. He has a strong sense of adventure and usually responds well to new situations and people, especially if they appear to promise something new and exciting. He is flexible, adapts well to change, and is open to trying new things (like unusual foods) more than most children. (He may, in fact, have some rather sophisticated or exotic tastes.)  Unless he is getting sick or there is something really troubling him, he will not be a very clinging, dependent, needy child. In fact, you might wish he needed you more or was more of a cuddler. He has a sort of breezy independence, even at a young age.

With Venus also in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo, this kid is sure to have a lot of energy to burn. Mercury in deliberate Capricorn may help him reign in his mind so he can harness all that energy into some well thought out plans. For the most part, it looks like Mason came into this world to see what he's made of! Sagittarians really like to try new things and experiment by experiencing. No stone should be unturned by the time he reaches old age.

Mlle Kiddie will continue to search for a more accurate birth time. Mason's Rising sign will make a great deal of difference in how he channels this bucking horse of a chart into the world as it does for anyone. Congrats to the couple!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome Hank Baskett IV

Congratulations to Kendra and Hank who welcomed their new baby boy early Friday morning!

Little Hank looks like he's going to be a doll of a little boy. With his Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, he is sure to enjoy exploring his new world with enthusiasm,  and even with his cautious Virgo Rising, which represents how he appears to others and how he approaches the world around him, he will develop an enthusiasm for leaping into life. Mars in Leo will certainly have him king of his castle right away! King Hank.

His charming Libra moon will be how he most easily connects with his new family, especially at a young age. Mlle Kiddie says this about Hank's Libra Moon, from Hank's Kiddiegram:

Most of the time he has a cooperative attitude and agreeable manners, and he is an easy child to guide. He is reasonable and has an innate sense of fairness. He takes naturally to such concepts as "taking turns" and sharing. He is a very sociable creature, is a charming host, and loves to have friends come to visit. A harmonious and friendly atmosphere is very important to Hank, and he will do all he can to avoid conflict and to be a peacemaker.

If you have a child born on December 11th, Contact Kiddiegram with birth details and Mlle Kiddie will send you a graphically enhanced Kiddiegram by email.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tom Brady's Leo Son Jack Has A Sagittarius (Step) Brother

Two year old John Edward Thomas Moynahan, shown here on the cover of OK
magazine with his Virgo Mom Bridget Moynahan five weeks after he was born
has a new brother. With His Sun Venus and Saturn in Leo "Jack" will undoubtedly
not willingly give up center stage to his Leo Dad Tom Brady's new son born the night of December 8, 2009 and as yet still not named.

However Mlle Kiddie notes that Jack's has a  Sagittarius Moon conjunct Jupiter  

His Kiddiegram notes:

Moon Conjunct Jupiter
Jack is good-natured, tolerant, open-hearted, and generous, which makes him very
well liked. He knows how to make others feel comfortable , accepted, and welcome, and he is ready to share whatever he has.

What's even better is that his new little brother has a Sun in Sagittarius so they have the potential to get along very well. Despite having different Mom's they actually share quite a bit, a generous loving Leo Dad
who instinctively understands a fire sign sons.

If you have a child born on August 22, 2007 Contact Kiddiegram
with birth details and Mlle Kiddie will send you a graphically enhanced Kiddiegram by email.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Alexa Ray Joel: What Made Her Attempt to Take Her Life?

Alexa Ray Joel, the daughter of Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel, is believed to have attempted suicide yesterday. She is currently in stable condition and should recover. Alexa is also a singer/songwriter like her father and has recently (according to her MySpace page) been feeling very frustrated about meeting men. Obviously we are limited in our knowledge about her other internal and personal experiences that she's been going through, but even knowing just these two things about her current life's happenings is revealed in the transits that are hitting her chart right now.

Alexa's Venus and Neptune are conjunct each other, very tightly. Venus is the planet of partnership, and with Neptune so close to it, Alexa likely wrestles with seeing those she relates to (in friendship or romantically) in a clear light. Even in practical and realistic Capricorn, she naturally sees the ideal in others, their spirit and their potential, and with her Libra ascendant, she can probably be very good at inspiring others to see themselves as she sees them, to see their potential and their spiritual selves. However, people do not always live up to their potential; they are always wrestling with their own demons and fears, and Alexa may have a hard time coping with the crash that can happen when those she is in relationship with fall off the pedestal she may (unknowingly) put them on. This can result in frequent disappointments as she learns to manage seeing the best in someone without allowing her naivete to set her up for disillusionment.

About the time when Alexa would have likely taken the pills (a couple of hours before noon, Mlle Kiddie deduces) Saturn was almost exactly squaring her Venus and Neptune, which has been building for a few weeks, just as Pluto, also building for the last few months, was conjunct Venus and Neptune. These aspects are both still in effect in her chart. Mlle Kiddie believes that we all have free will, so there are no definite outcomes that can be predicted; so while it could not be rigidly 'predicted' that Alexa would make the choice to take pills, we can see the nature of the difficulties and the feelings that prompted the feeling of hopelessness Alexa must have been (is) feeling.

When Saturn contacts our chart, it is trying to teach us to take responsibility for some area of our life, often by confronting our own or life's limits and, hopefully, realistically assessing what we can do if we are willing to work harder than we may feel like. Saturn is a very useful planet and represents many great things, but in a square, it is easier to focus on feeling more oppressed, limited, or hopeless, and difficult to see the ways that we can work with our current situation since we often feel painted into a corner. With Saturn squaring her Venus and Neptune, she may have been wallowing quite deeply in feeling hopeless about relationships, perhaps feeling very alone.

At the same time, Pluto is pressing on Venus and Neptune. When Pluto contacts our chart, it asks us to do psychotherapy on ourselves, to look at something that maybe is frightening or unpleasant about ourselves our the situations in our lives in order to see the truths we need to know about to be able to get ourselves out of our fears and defense mechanisms that keep us stuck in patterns in our lives that are not working. In the case of Alexa, Pluto is asking her to dig deeply into her relationship patterns and hopes - possibly impossibly high hopes that keep her from obtaining the love she wants. But because we need to do that by seeing truths we may not want to see, it can be a difficult and upsetting process when we confront ourselves, and running away is a strong instinct!

What the heavens seem to be indicating Alexa needs to do now is deal with and accept some of the realities of her own habits, misconceptions, and wounding in relationships - both the relationships she's had personally as well as the lessons she's learned since early childhood about relationship dynamics, and do the work to liberate herself from some of those wounds by talking them through, confronting them, and finding a way to go forward in a more authentic way. She can benefit especially now, from seeing how she may hold herself back from love or connection that she longs for, in ways she might never have expected that she does.

Her progressed moon has just moved into Cancer, indicating a time when it will be emotionally nurturing to her to have family around her now, as well as dig deeply into her own family patterns and her personal history to gain clues about her present life as well as heal hurts from the past.

Mlle Kiddie wishes Alexa love and peace in her recovery.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Capricorn Dad Nicholas Cage Named UN GoodWill Ambassador

Acclaimed actor  and Capricorn Dad Nicholas Cage has been named the UN's Goodwill Ambassador for global justice. Cage has given two million dollars to a fund that helps rehabilitate child soldiers, one of the causes he will champion in his new role. Cage has a Sun in the same sign as his  Mars and Mercury  in the first house which makes him a natural for being a spokesman for the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime.

"The Lord of War has become a messenger of peace " noted the director of this office when announcing the appointment.

Cage has two sons a generation apart; Kal-El who turned four years old on October 3 (2005) amd Weston Coppola who turns 19 December 26th (1990). Mlle Kiddie does not have the times of their births so is doing a Kiddiegram for their Dad.

Kiddiegram Report and Chart for Nicholas Cage

If you have a child with a Sun, Mercury and Mars
in the first house, contact Kiddiegram with the chart wheel calculated on the Kiddiegram site and
Lord Kiddie will have Mademoiselle Kiddie  send you a $10 Starbucks gift  card from the Kiddie Cafe.

Offer will expire on Cage's birthday January 7, 2010.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Welcome Lyla Rose: Lunar Parenting

Amy Herring has been a professional astrologer for 15 years and a proud mother for 4 of those years. She has joyfully accepted Mlle. Kiddie’s gracious offer to share her thoughts once a month here at Kiddie Star Signs. To find out more about Amy and her personal readings for parents and children, visit her website at http://heavenlytruth.com.

Lisa Loeb had her first little one, a girl they named Lyla Rose, on Sunday morning.

When analyzing the natal chart of a newborn child, it's best to keep it simple and focus on the sun and especially the moon. In anyone's chart, the moon represents what we need to feel nurtured and safe, something that's clearly important to all of us but obviously of paramount importance in an infant's life. Were Lisa to come into my office with this little one and ask how best to love and care for her daughter at this early age, I'd point to the obvious things that any infant needs, and then I'd look to the position of the moon for further clarification about what might be more important to Lyla and how to build a relationship of trust with her. Unfortunately I don't have Lyla's time of birth, but unless she was born in the very wee hours of the morning, she is likely to have a Taurus Moon.

A Taurus Moon baby is going to response exceptionally well to a predictable routine, above and beyond the norm. Taurus is a fixed sign. The quality of 'fixed' accentuates a need for a sense of stability and predictability. Not just the same bedtime, but also the same blankets, the same songs, the same foods, will give little Lyla a sense that she knows what's coming and can feel relaxed and safe. This doesn't mean Lyla will benefit from rigidity, only a sense of routine (think about how much we all cling to our morning routines!) Taurus can actually be quite an easy going energy, and Lyla will probably have quite a mellow personality.

Once she starts to get older, much of her Sagittarius will start to shine through, which have her being a bit more adventurous. She'll still need that sense of stability and routine all throughout her childhood, but her Sagittarius Sun indicates she'll need to shake it up plenty, so that she doesn't feel trapped or bored. With her Mercury, a planet of communication, also in Sagittarius and in a comfortable trine to Mars in Leo, she's probably going to be rather talkative at a young age and with Uranus squaring her Mercury, she'll be learning how to voice her opinions clearly and loudly, which mom should encourage, along with several loving lessons along the way about thinking before speaking. Sagittarius and Leo are both fire signs, which carry a direct and spontaneous energy, and Uranus adds to that spontaneous mix by adding shock and surprise. She'll certainly keep her parents entertained with intellectual zingers from an early age!