Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twin Girls for Sex in the City Star Sarah Jessica

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick are expecting twin girls by summers end. The Sex in the City star and her mate have a six year old son James Wilke. Here is the couple sharing a laugh at a Sundance opening last fall. photo:

The twin girls have a surrogate mom. End of summer could mean Leo or Virgo children.

Since James is a Scorpio with a Moon in Cancer he will have deep
feelings about the arrival of these two little girls. Any first child would feel this, and he'll probably really enjoy having two more kids in his family!

An extended story is out now on People, with a current photo of the happy expectant parents to be! Friends of the happy couple although surprised say that while the news came as a surprise, it was, in a way, also expected. "They love kids and wanted more," says one friend. "They absolutely love being parents." The couple have been married for 11 years.(1997)

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Paris & Now Venice Valentina's Parents MarryTwice

Valentina who was born to her mother Salma  Hyeck in LA on the equinox 2008. Salma married her father French billionaire Francois-Henri  Pinault in Paris on Valentine's day. Saturday, the nineteen month old's parents were married again and held a star-studded and pretty royal wedding reception in Venice at the Teatro La Fenice Opera House. Valentina was the flower girl and Mlle Kiddie is pretty sure in a venue like that, the paparazzi didn't get near enough to take  a private picture of the little Virgo as flower girl.  She has a Venus in Libra. This would have been a great little gift to bring to the little flower girl for her to remember this day. Isabelle The Flower Girl from the beloved Barbar series based upon a favorite French fictional character. Her step sister Matilde now about seven and step brother Francois now about eleven, can read it to her in French.

Valentina is a cusp baby. Some children born on September are Libra, some are Virgo, depending on the time the sun moves into the sign of Libra that year. 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Color Me Happy: Ruby Painting With Her Dad

Tobey Maguire was snapped recently with his daughter Ruby at Color Me Mine in Beverly Hills California. The paint -your- own -ceramics franchise looks like a fun place to get creative. Ruby Sweetheart Maguire was born November 10, 2006. Her Mom , American jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer (born July 27 1977)) and actor Dad (June 27, 1975 ) are expecting a baby, ( reportedly a boy from stories of the couple seen shopping for "blue" baby accessories) in April.

Maybe Ruby was making a little baby cup for her "baby-to-be" brother or sister. Here's a guesstimate chart wheel for Ruby. If she is born late in the day her Moon will be in the sign of Leo and not Cancer. The child has quite a stellium of planets in the sign of Scorpio so private is her middle name.

Her Dad is a Cancer so if her Moon is in Cancer, it looks like they could understand each other very well. If she's got a Moon in Leo, well her
Mom's a Leo, so either parental Moon is a great connection for her as she continues to color her world happy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby Seal News

At his concert in Madison Square Gardens on Thursday. singer Seal(2/19/63 London) ended the rumors about his Gemini supermodel wife Heidi Klum being pregnant with their third child. He made the announcement from the stage, The news was confirmed again the next day on Heidi's web site.

“I am expecting a baby. Leni, Henry and Johan as well as Seal and I are thrilled.” The 35 year old Project Runway host announced.

The new addition will join big sister Leni, 4 (with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore), and big named brothers Henry Gunter Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel, 3, and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, 2. It seems like yesterday when Joann the youngest baby Seal, until his sibling arrives, was born. Klum is about three months pregnant.

Here is Johan's Kiddiegram Report and Star Wheel for Celebrity Kids

Are you a parent born on February 19, 1963? If you were born very early in the am, your Sun Sign is in Aquarius. If you are born later in the day, the Sun goes into Pisces. We do not have a birth time for Seal so can't see if he's an Aquarian or a Pisces although Astrotheme has him pegged as a Pisces . To receive a grown up Kiddiegram contact Mademoiselle Kiddie before June 30, 2009 with your birth data and we'll do your gram, and thrown in printed Deluxe Kiddiegrams for your kids.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Suri Turns Three With Belle

Suri Cruise turns three this Saturday. Her parents hosted a princess themed birthday party for a small number of family and friends on Thursday.

The guests enjoyed a cake featuring Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.

Suri is a little Aries with a Moon in Sagittarius. Here is her Kiddiegram or "gram"

Mlle Kiddie notes that tres belle Suri was born with her Sun trine the Moon:

Suri is usually in harmony with herself and therefore she has the confidence and assurance to meet whatever obstacles she faces in life. Her home life and family relationships give her a positive feeling about herself which overflows into all other aspects of her life.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mommyhood VS Candyland: Tori & Candy Spelling

Dueling books have been published within a month of each other. Tori (Victoria "Tori" Davey ) Spelling's Mommywood out today is up against her Mom Carole "Candy" Gene Marer (September 20, 1945 Los Angeles County) version of Candyland which came out in March.

Tori (May 16, 1973, Los Angeles 1:13am) is a Taurus with a Moon in Scorpio. Tori, according to Astrotheme has an Aquarius rising. So she's super independent (Aquarius rising) super intense (Moon in Scorpio) and her Taurus Sun won't budge an inch (or sticks to her guns). Her Mom has a Sun in Virgo with a Mercury in Virgo and a Moon in Pisces. Mademoiselle Kiddie does not have a birth time for Candy.

At stake is not just the money or the dispute it's the grand kids. Candy has two grandchildren through Tori, Liam Aaron McDermott (born March 13, 2007) and Stella Doreen McDermott (born June 9, 2008). She and Tori have been estranged for years (although they briefly united when Liam was born) and Candy has never met baby Stella.

Here's Stella's Kiddiegram, birth time courtesy of

Stella's Star Signs for Celebrity Kids Chart Wheel and Kiddiegram Report

Sadly, from the grand kids perspective they'd really enjoy their grandmother. Stella's Moon is in Virgo so she would enjoy her Candyland grandmother and Liam has a Pisces Sun which would delight in his grandmother's Moon in Pisces.

Missing from the picture is the kids grandfather Aaron (born April 22, 1923 in Dallas Texas )
He was the only one who seems to have been able to deal with these dueling divas.
Mademoiselle Kiddie in Her Kiddie Cafe Mousepad courtesey of the Kiddiegram Boutique.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Way to Bo! First Kids Get First Puppy

And he's a guy. He's a dog that was returned to the bCheck Spellingreeder by his first owners. So he is not a shelter dog, but is being "re-homed" to the Obama family.

Bo a Portuguese Water Dog born in Texas October 9, 2008 is six months old and will be presented officially at the White House on Tuesday. Bo is a gift to Sasha and Malia from Senator and Mrs. Edward Kennedy. The girls have come up with the name Bo. Their cousins have a cat named Bo and their grandfather's nickname was Diddley after the legendary jazz guitarist Bo Diddley.

This photo is a White House photo taken from the White House Blog.
There is also a very cute picture of the girls and their parents on the site that can be downloaded in better resolution. (photos by White House Photographer Pete Souza)

To read more about a Libran First Dog, visit Pet Section. Bo has the same Moon as the only other male in the family.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cage Will Not Leave Bavarian Castle to Sons

Nicolas Cage (January 7, 1964 Long Beach, Ca) has sold one of his castles. The one in Bavaria. It's not that Knowing is not doing well, (it made 60 million it's first weekend) it's that it takes a lot of money to maintain those 28 rooms (ten of them bedrooms). Despite the sale (his Mom was Bavarian) he'll have fond memories of the 500 year old castle.

Cage is a star who has connected his ability to buy and sell castles directly to his fans who have made him a star. In an early April interview he says he is teaching his kids (an eighteen year old and a three year old) to be polite and gracious to the fans that come up to when they are in public.

He explains, in the Post-Chronicle "I let my kids know that the people we meet, and who say 'Hi', they make it possible for us to live our lives and to eat. So we have to be thankful and be positive when we meet them, and that's important for people in my line of work. Let's be happy about these people... be thankful for them.

Cage's kids are almost a generation apart. His Capricorn son Weston Coppola Cage was born December 26, 1990 and shares not only a birthday month but similar planetary energies with his Dad . Libran son Kal-El (born October 3, 2005) was named after Superman. Kal-El like his Dad has a Mars conjunct Sun his stellium in Libra . Cage has a Moon in Libra .
We suspect that Cage and his sons just might just keep hold of Mitford castle in England which he bought in 2007 when filming the sequel to National Treasure. His noblisse oblige attitude is refreshing in this age of celebrities and not kings and queens

It's so refreshing that we are doing his Kiddiegram report. (we don't have the birth times of his son's so can't do theirs). Do you think you have a budding owner of a castle in Europe and yet still accessible to his subjects on your hands? Check out their Kiddiegrams! If you have a Capricorn child with a moon in Libra and a Sagittarius rising and we'll remit your payment and let you choose something from the Kiddiegram store. Just email us your child's chart (you can always calculate for free on Kiddiegram to: Contact Us

Nicolas Cage Kiddiegram and Chart Wheel

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

And Nanny Now Makes Seven: Brooke Burke in The Motherhood

In the spring/summer issue of Mom and Baby Brooke Burke (September 8, 1971 Hartford, Connecticut,) goes on about her life in the motherhood. Her blog is Baboosh Baby. She has two kids with ex-husband Dr. Garth Fisher, daughters Neriah and Sierra Sky.

Neriah was born in the third week of March of 2000-on March 20, 2009 Brooke wrote in her blog that Neriah's ninth birthday gift was a slumber party. Burke mentions that Neriah's birthday was the week before. Sierra Sky was born April 2, 2002.

Brooke also has two children with fiancee David Charvet (b. May 15, 1972) daughter Heaven Rain (January 8, 2007) and son Shaya Braven born March 5, 2008. This photo was taken March 28th at the Nickelodeon's Kid Choice Awards 2009. Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America
Burke has Aries, Capricorn and Pisces children. Shaya is Pisces as is Neriah (the sun went into Aries on March 20th, 2000). She is a Virgo and Charvet is a Taurus, both grounded practical down to earth types.

In the article she notes:

“Having Shaya, I finally had to accept the fact that I can’t do it all myself and I had to learn how to delegate, so I do have people helping me at home with my children. I never had a live-in nanny when I had just three kids. But with four, I physically cannot be everywhere at the same time.”
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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Naked Chef Adds Petal Blossom

The Daily Dish has announced that British celebrity chef, Jaime Oliver (May 27, 1975 Clavering ,Essex ,England) and his wife "Jools" have welcomed their third child Petal Blossom Rainbow to their family. The couple has two other floral themed named daughters, Poppy Honey, 7, and Daisy Boo, 5. Petal was born Friday in London. Her Dad was serving up dishes cooked for the leaders of the G20 nations during their summit in London conference just a couple of days before her arrival. Her parents are already " completely smitten" with Petal.

Petal arrived Friday in the early hours (2:46 am ) of April 3, 2009 in London. Mlle Kiddie of Kiddiegram has calculated Petal's Kiddiegram Star Sign Wheel and Report for the new little celebrity Aries.

Her sister Poppy Honey was born Pisces on a cusp March 18 of 2002 (at 3:18 pm) and Daisy Boo was born April 10th , 2003 at (6:18 pm). Here are their Kiddiegrams:

Poppy Honey's Star Signs for Celebrity Kids Chartwheel and Kiddiegram Report

Daisy Boo's Star Signs for Celebrity Kids Chartwheel and Kiddiegram Report.
Do you have a child born on a cusp of sign? (eg March 18th like Poppy) Unsure whether they are Aries or Pisces? Check out their sun sign on by calculating a free mini-report. If you have a child born on March 18th of this year, we will calculate a gift Kiddiegram if you contact us by June 30, 2009.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Madonna's One in Two Million Bid Rejected

Madonna, shown here visiting a school with son David Banda of Malawi on Monday had her request for adoption of four year old Chifundo James ("Mercy") denied. The judge fearing a precedent that would endanger the Aids Orphans the law was written to protect said no to the adoption. Madonna will be appealing the decision. Gil Kaufman's full story appears on

Madonna's appeal to the nation's Supreme Court will involve waiving the 18 month residency requirement for prospective parents pending adoption. Those requirements were waived for her adoption of her Libran son David Banda in 2006 (Photo: Michelly Rall/ WireImage) The national government has expressed support for the adoption.

"We have close to 2 million orphans in Malawi who need help," Women and Child Welfare Development Minister Anna Kachikho told the AP. "We can't look after all of them as a country. If people like Madonna adopt even one such orphan, it's one mouth less we have to feed."

To see how Fire sign (Leo) Mom Madonna gets along with air-sign son (Libra) David check out their interactive parent-child report on Kiddiegram.s interactive on-line kiosk and check out your parenting style with that of your child at the same time.

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