Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jada and Willow Voice of the Hippo: Bag Huge Profits

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Voices in major animated movies are very lucrative. Virgo Carmen Diaz has made millions as the voice of Princess Fiona in the Shrek films. So double Virgo (Sun and Moon) Jada Pinkett Smith, as Gloria the Hefty Hippo of Madagascar has her Scorpio daughter Willow voicing the young Gloria as well. It's a family affair when it comes
to the family business, and Mademoiselle Kiddie has
written about the Will Smith Family Talent Agency in earlier posts. In this case, it's a huge as in Hippo stream of royalties. (cf earlier posts : on Jaden's Mom Jada and Will Smith Family Franchise)

Here is a little bit from Willow's Kiddiegram:

Sun conjunct Mercury (in Scorpio)

Willow enjoys and needs to communicate, and she is apt to be an avid talker from an early age. Expect a continual stream of questions, comments, and conversation on every topic. You may need to encourage her to listen more, as she tends to be the more active, vocal participant in a discussion. She appreciates a lively, mentally stimulating environment with plenty to do and think about. Puzzles, word games, and books may be her favorite play things.

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