Friday, November 07, 2008

American Girls: Sasha and Malia Obama

With her Cancer Sun trine her Scorpio Moon, Malia Obama as Mlle Kiddie notes from her partial Kiddiegram (based on July 4, 1998 Chicago, IL) has the inner harmony symbolized in the mandala that is her birth chart to deal with the sudden change that has catapulted her into the public arena. Because the Sun generally represents the Dad and the Moon the Mother in a child's chart, we note the auspicious union of these two parental influences working in concert.

Sun trine Moon
Malia is usually in harmony with herself and therefore she has the confidence and assurance to meet whatever obstacles she faces in life. Her home life and family relationships give her a positive feeling about herself which overflows into all other aspects of her life

Her younger sister Natasha, known as "Sasha" (June 10, 2001 Chicago, IL) has wonderful Jupiter aspects.Her Gemini Sun conjuncts Jupiter and this Gemini Jupiter trines Uranus:
Jupiter trine Uranus (Strength: 3.86)
Sasha is apt to be very "lucky" especially when she trusts her instincts and intuition. She has an excellent sense of timing and an uncanny knack of showing up at the right place and the right time. Because she is enthusiastic and open-minded, she attracts opportunities to go places (both literally and figuratively) that more conservative family members will never see. Dancing, music, and other exuberant, joyful activities will be important to her for all of her life

The American Girl flagship store is a fixture on Chicago's Michigan Avenue. The Trib already has written a "new American Girl story" about these two young Chicagoans who will be moving soon to zip code 20500 (cf earlier po sts on their Dad: It's in the Stars 11/04/08 and Dreams From My Mother11/05/08)

Malia and Sasha Obama find their lives turned upside down when their father becomes president and moves the family into the White House. Their new home is a fully staffed mansion with a swimming pool, movie theater and bowling alley, but will the sisters ever feel comfortable inside the ornately decorated 135-room house? With their mother's help, the First Daughters must learn to adjust so their father can concentrate on helping the country!

Source of birth data for Sasha birth data source for Malia Ann
Photo and Story Source Chicago Tribune What is a Kiddiegram? Get Your Gram!
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