Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dreams From My Mother. Barack Obama's Mom 's Star Signs

Barack Obama will be the new kid in on the block in zip code 20500
(yesterday's election post:It's In the Stars ). Here he is with his Mom.
Did she every realize that her son would grow up to become President of the United States? Stanley Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942 Fort Leavenworth, Kansas) was a Sagittarius Sun (exact conjunction to her Mercury and conjunct Venus) with a Moon in Leo. Her North Node in Leo was at 29 degrees, very near her son's North Node in Leo at 27 degrees 54 seconds Regulus (Persian for Heart of the Lion) is the fixed star which is a star associated with royalty. The Regulus connection shows that in a sense his ascent was somewhat destined. It was in the stars! to those who track Regulus in star charts.
With Obama's Venus in the fourth house in Cancer, he was raised in a very loving environment. He pays tribute to his Mom and his grandparents in his book Dreams From My Father.

And here's what Mlle Kiddie found out about President Elect Barack Obama's North Node in Leo conjunct Regulus:
North Node in Leo
The qualities Barack needs in order to succeed in this endeavor are belief in himself and the willingness to following his own heart, rather than concerning himself with what his peers want or think about him A healthy dose of "selfishness" is in his own, and ultimately everyone else's, best interests.
North Node in the Seventh House
Barack's life path has very much to do with developing both a sensitive awareness of other people and the capacity to cooperate. He's learning to temper competitive or selfish impulses with a concern for the others around him Friendships and close partnerships are therefore of paramount importance to him all his life, and he may develop an unusual gift for bringing people together.
His destiny is really about "us" rather than "me", about finding a balance between independence and harmonizing with significant others in his life. Understanding this, you as his parent or caring elder may encourage him to value his connections to people and to work on resolving conflicts with others when they arise.
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