Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three No Longer A Crowd: Parker Broderick Clan

First photo of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick twin daughters was taken by Robin Layton (source BBC uk). The first photo was taken in the family's New York apartment.

The twin girls are joined by their
six year old brother James who turns seven in October.

The recently expanded family will
be visiting relatives in Ireland this summer.

James was born with a sun in Scorpio and his sisters were born under the sun sign Cancer, their Mom and Dad are born under the sun sign Aries.

Shine notes about a Scorpio child with Aries parents:

When a Scorpio child is born to an Aries parent, these two family members strike a union in perfect balance. In an almost uncanny way, they resemble one another, both physically and in mannerisms.

How about Aries parents with sun sign in Cancer children? Shine adds:

" Within the family unit, Aries leads the way toward new and better things, while Cancer keeps the emotional ties strong"

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Capricorn Mom: A Beautiful Baby Girl Paloma

"Ugly Betty" star Ana Ortiz (January 25, 1971) was expecting a baby on Thursday June 25. The little Cancer Sun Sign child arrived just two days after her due date.

Her name is Paloma Louise Lebanzon.

Paloma is born with her sun in the sign of Cancer, her Moon is in the sign of Virgo in the tenth house. It conjuncts Saturn, underlining her
Mom's Capricorn sun.

Mlle Kiddie has this to say about a
child born with Moon in the tenth house :

Moon in the Tenth House

Paloma tend s to idealize her mother and to model herself after her in significant ways. Under this powerful influence, she may follow in her mother's footsteps in her career and in other life choices.

Paloma is apt to be in the public eye even while she is still young. It's important for her to know that it's okay to be a kid.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Virgo Dad: Who Are Those Masked Children?

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson was a Virgo Dad with a Moon in Pisces. His three children Aquarius son Prince , Aries daughter Paris Michael and Michael Jackson II ("Blanket") have lived a Howard Hughes type of existence, traveling from continent to continent often masked, and having adventures like going shopping in the middle of the night. Here they were snapped in a Las Vegas bookstore in the middle of one of their very normal nocturnal magical adventures.

Prince (Michael Joseph Jackson Jr) born February 13, 1997 and
Paris ( Michael Katherine Jackson) born April 3, 1998 are siblings. Their Mom, dermatologist nurse Deborah Rowe was married to Jackson and when they divorced she assigned custody to Jackson while she retained parental rights.

Michael Jackson II known to many as Blanket because of an incident in Berlin years ago, was born in February or March 2002 the surrogate Mom has never been identified. Currently the kids are with Jackson's Mom, Katherine, the family matriarch (the picture to the left from Today, was taken about a year ago) The MSNBC story on What Will Happen To Michael Jackson's Kids here.

"They are rarely seen in public, and when they are, it is usually with their faces masked or veiled. It is not clear who their biological father is, but they are Michael Jackson’s legal children. The question facing Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., known as Prince Michael, 12; Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11; and Prince Michael II (more commonly known as Blanket), 7, now is: Who will raise them to adulthood?" (MSNBC Parenting and Family)

Although many may question the paternity of these kids, there is no doubt that Jackson was their legal Dad and that his sudden death will affect them forever.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Gemini Baby: Lance Armstrong's Son's Crib Rocks

Lance Armstrong's first child
with Anne Henson is about
three weeks old. He made
his debut on the planet with
a tweet on his Dad's twitter page
@lancearmstrong saying:
"Wassup, world? My name is Max Armstrong and I just arrived.
Yesterday this photo on a Yfrog link from a tweet appeared with this caption:
@maxarmstrong1 says his crib rocks. So much so he's asleep
So in typical Gemini fashion, this Twitter baby has his own twitter page so Lord Kiddie @kiddiegram will be following him on Twitter (for those without a twitter account go to: www.twitter.com/maxarmstrong1) (www.twitter.com/kiddiegram)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker: Scorpio Son Gets Surrogate Sisters

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick have announced the birth of their surrogate twin daughters Monday June 22, 2009 in Ohio.

The couple's publicists announced the birth Tuesday June 23 and released a statement from the Sex in The City star and her '"The Producers" mate Broderick:

“Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are delighted to announce the healthy arrival of their two daughters at 3:58 PM on June 22 in Ohio,” the rep said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

“Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick weighed 5 lbs, 11 oz and Tabitha Hodge Broderick weighed 6 pounds. Both Hodge and Elwell are family names on Parker’s side. The babies are doing beautifully and the entire family is over the moon.”

"The babies are doing beautifully and the entire family is over the moon."

The little Cancer Sun Sign girls already have an older brother James who is six years old and who was born under another water sign, Scorpio.

Mademoiselle Kiddie finds it very interesting and charming that the family is " over the moon ", because the Moon rules the sun sign of Cancer and James' Moon is in Cancer so he will get along and understand his surrogate siblings very well. A very nice combination for an only child who suddenly has to cope with two sisters! who will at least be as sensitive as he, and perhaps will allow this private child to show more of his feeling to them as they grow up together.

The parents of these three water element kids are both Aries, Broderick may have a moon in Virgo or in Libra, Sarah Jessica has a moon in Capricorn, so to check out the fire sign parent with water sign kids, go to Kiddiegram 's Parent and Child Guide Interactive to see how these pioneering Aries parents can best deal with their kids!

Birthday Twin!

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Feel free to forward this blog offer to a friend who has just had a child. Our offer will not expire for a year. (June 22, 2010)

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Libra Partners Plant Tree With Sons Sacha and Samuel

The Huffington Post has a story and other pictures of actor Liev Schreiber
and his partner Naomi Watts in Israel.

Liev and his son Sacha (Alexander Pete, born July of 2007) are planting
the tree while Naomi reads a blessing
while holding their son Samuel who
was born last December.

The Libran partners are participating in a reforestation project in Galilee

To see the specific Kiddie Star Sign information on their children cf:
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Leo Mom: Daughter Flies From Malawi to Madonna

Madonna, shown here holding
adopted daughter Chifundo "Mercy" James in Malawi the year she adopted her son David Banda in 2006.

Mercy, now four, is traveling from Malawi to Madonna on a private jet, with a nurse, a nanny and an aide.
(Source of image and news the Daily New's story by staff writer John Launger)

Madonna is very involved in a charity Raising Malawi that helps the two
million Aids orphans not traveling
to London for a new life in luxury
as the daughter of a pop star.

You can Donate.

Like any good Leo in the limelight, the intense adoption drama has played out for months in the press. Astro.com has a great description of a Leo Mom. Intense pride in her pride!

Are You Madonna's Birthday Twin?

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pisces Twins: On Movie Set With Mom J Lo

Leo Mom Jennifer Lopez is bringing her Pisces twins to work with her on her new movie "The Backup Plan" filming in Pasadena, California.

Babyrazzi has pictures of Max and shares J Lo's delight in being able to
manage babies and work by bringing the twins with her to the set.

“I was like, “Oh my God, they’re with me, I’m making a movie, they’re here!”

If you have a child born on the same day (February 23) as Max and Emme in the same year (2008)

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Fraternal Twins for Jennifer Lopez

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gemini Dad: Ashlee Makes Birthday Video With Bronx

Gemini Dad, Pete Wentz turned thirty June 5th and his wife surprised him with "creative" home video of her playing with their son Bronx.

Then, Bronx's Libra Mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (October 3, 1984) turned around and gave his Dad the camera she made the video on as a gift.

Wentz told Just Jared:

“My wife gave me a pretty creative video, then she gave me the camera she made the video with which was cool"

Image Source: Visit Celeb Tots to see more photos of Bronx and read the story of the celebrity kids turning out for the Heroes Foundation Fundraiser.

Bronx will turn one on November 20th. That makes him a little Scorpio. although he's on the cusp. Click Here to see his Kiddie Star Signs Chart Wheel.

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Sagittarius Star Julianne Moore and her Cameo Kids

Check Spelling

Nice interview in the Scotsman with Julianne Moore who graces the July issue of the UK Vogue. The prolific actress lives in the West Village in New York and has cut back on work to raise her two children with director husband Bert Freundlich who she married in 2003.

She arranges her work around her kids, by keeping work near home, or by working during their summer vacation so they can visit her on location.

And she mentions that both of her children had cameo's in the last movie she did with her husband, Trust The Man so that they could get an understanding of their parent's work.

Moore talks about the glacial pace of living with kids. Which is startling as her kids are pretty active fire signs, Liv (7 ) is an Aries and Caleb (11) a Sagittarius child, but still Moore voices a basic Sagittarius response to anything that curtails their freedom!

"Children's pace is glacial, and you can't change that. Literally, just walking down the street with them, I thought I was going to tear my hair out, but that's where they are. It's not difficult to take care of a child; it's difficult to do anything else while taking care of a child.

Besides acting the star has also just written the second book in her Strawberry series, the adventures of a freckleface redhead titled Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Libra Son New Sister: Malawi Has Mercy On Madonna

After initially being denied the right to adopt four year Chifundo "Mercy" James, the child she met at an orphanage in Malawi after adopting her son David Banda at another orphanage in central Malawi in 2006, the Supreme Court reversed its earlier decision and ruled in the singers favor today. Malawi took Mercy on Madonna and allowed her to become Mercy's new mother. Mercy's birth mother died at the age of eighteen shortly after giving birth. She has never seen her father. Her mother's family blessed the adoption of the little girl who has been in an orphanage most of her life. Madonna had promised her little Libra son a sister from Malawi.

Mercy will be joining Madonna and her family, Lourdes (her daughter with Carlos Leon) and Rocco (her son with Guy Ritchie) and Malawi son David Banta. Madonna's representative released a statement from Madonna:

"I am extremely grateful for the Supreme Court's ruling on my application to adopt Mercy James. I am ecstatic..My family and I look forward to sharing our lives with her.

The lower court rejected the superstar's bid to adopt Mercy in early April.

Madonna became interested in the plight of Malawi's two million orphans when working on the documentary "I Am Because We Are". She also founded a charity organization that raises money for these parent less children, Raising Malawi.

Her work on behalf ofMalawi's children, in fact, was part
of the reason the Supreme Court reversed it's original
decision denying Madonna the right to adopt Mercy.

David Banta will turn four September 24. He was born in 2005. This birthday he will have the sister from his country
to celebrate with him.

And Mercy will have another sister Lourdes, who she has
already met, who is twelve and a brother Rocco who is eight.
Lourdes will turn 13 October 14, and Rocco will turn nine August 11. 2009.

The court in it's reverse ruling cited a new interpretations of laws of a world as seen as "global village". Madonna's non-residency is now seen in a new light. More specifics in the AP story.

Madonna's lawyer is now arranging Mercy's passport and awaiting news of Madonna's travel plans for her new daughter. Perhaps we will have news of Mercy's birthday when her passport is issued.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Virgo Sons: Mom Britney Finds Good Guy, Her Agent

Sean and Preston Federline, the two and three year old Virgo sons of Sagittarius singer Britney Spears have a new guy that they already knew, in their life, her agent, Jason Trawick.

The story Mlle Kiddie was first alerted to on ABC News (with this photo from May 30 or 31st 2009 ) is that tabloid tarnished star has found a mature stable guy, that she already had a solid professional relationship with Jason that had developed into a solid platonic friendship before the couple became romantically linked.

"He's a really nice guy, very warm, very calm."

The boys recently vacationed at the end of May in the Bahamas with their Mom and Jason. When they were in London together he did normal things like taking the boys out for ice-cream. And in a refreshing twist from the normal tabloid twists,her Dad likes him and he's a good friend of her brother. It's said that Britney has always kinda had a crush on him.

The Chicago Sun Times columnist Bill Zwecker (Mlle Kiddie has one of her offices in Chicago and has always been a longtime fan, she remembers he even might be born on Christmas one of her favorite holidays) has the story, as our link to the original story on ABC News seems to be having trouble.

Do you have a child who is a birthday twin of Sean of Jayden? Sean Preston was born September 14, 2005 and his younger brother Jayden James was born a couple of day before his brother on September 12, 2006. Contact us and we'll send you a gift code to do a Kiddiegram on our site. If your child is born on the exact day and year (an astral twin) Mademoiselle Kiddie will be happy to do a graphically enhanced Kiddiegram and send it to you by email. Easy to contact us either through Kiddiegram Contact Link or @mllekiddie on Twitter.

Jayden's Kiddie Star Sign Chart Wheel Sean's Kiddie Star Sign Chart Wheel

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taurus and Aries Kids: Oscar Mom's Workout

USA Today has a piece yesterday on Gwenyth Paltrow's trainer, Tracy Anderson. The Oscar star has just finished filming the Iron Man sequel.(image credit:By Todd Plitt, USA TODAY ) The glam trainer also trains Gwenyth's pal Madonna.

Libra's are often born beautiful and the star is making sure she stays fit by working out six days a week for an hour and a half or two hours a day that she stays in shape. For those who want to train with Tracy in their homes she has
released the Tracy Anderson Method on three DVD's.

And for life on the home front, Paltrow has two children, Apple, who just turned five and three year old Moses. A "grounded, calm, funny" Taurus daughter and a "kick and karate-chop and spit and tumble" Aries son as the proud Mom described them in UK Glamour interview awhile back. This Libra Mom certainly has the astrological lingo down pat.

"Apple is an open person. She's Taurus; grounded, calm, funny. Moses is Aries, he's the most sweet, sensitive thing but then he'll kick and karate-chop and spit and tumble. He's a real boy." (source PopSugar.com)

Apple was born May 14. 2004 in London at one am . Her brother Moses was born on April 8, 2006 in New York 9:00 am. ( data CelebAstroBlogy)

Do you have a child who is the birthday twin of Apple (May 14, 2004) or Moses (April 8, 2006)? Let Mlle Kiddie do a graphically enhanced gift Kiddiegram report for your child if they

are an exact birthday twin (same birth date and year). But Birthday are our Business and if you answer by June 22,2009 Mlle Kiddie will do a gift report for a child that simply shares the same special birthday day. Mlle Kiddie just did a Kiddiegram for a charming child born in London who shared the same birthday as Reese Witherspoon's son Deacon. It's easy to email us by going to Contact at Kiddiegram.com

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Virgo Child and Brother: Oscar Mom Was Cool Once

Reese Witherspoon told Fox News in a recent
interview that her kids nine year old Ava and six year old Deacon are embarrassed by her.

My children are embarrassed at me all the time. They're like ‘mom your being really stupid’,"Witherspoon told us in a recent interview. "When ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ came out Ava told me I'm the coolest mom in the third grade. I said ‘can you put it on a piece of paper and sign it for me please’. I was cool once."

The uber-famous actress had her first child at 23. This is most likely the child who is most embarrassed by her, she has a Moon, Sun and Mercury in the sign of Virgo! and her attitude probably affects her younger brother.
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Image Credit of Witherspoon: Reuters
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Child: Libra Nia Vardalos A Mom

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" star Nia Vardalos is opening up about her adoption of a three year old girl who is now four. The moving story of the process appeared in a special Mothers Day essay on People.com with this picture provided by the actress to People.

Mademoiselle Kiddie knows only that the pre-schooler arrived with just fourteen hours notice, when she was three: that she is now four and that the star became a Mom overnight.

Nia and her husband Ian Gomez opened up because their daughter was adopted through the help of the American Foster Family Agency and they want to let others know about the Agency and it's work so that it's work can be supported.

Trying to adopt had been a long and frustrating process. But, when we connected with an American Foster Family Agency, it happened very quickly. One night, the phone rang – the social worker told me we'd been "matched" with a 3-year-old girl.

The actress went on:
She arrived without an instruction manual. I didn't know if she had a sleep schedule, food allergies – there wasn't even a note pinned to her shirt. She just walked in and looked up at me, like "got lunch?"

If you have an adoptive child born on Nia's birthday (September 24) and you would like to have an informational manual that she kiddied about not having when their daughter walked into their home! Contact Us with your child's birth data (time am or pm, place of birth, year of birth ) and Lord Kiddie will send you a graphically enhanced Kiddiegram. And of course just as these parents are protecting their adoptive child's privacy Mademoiselle Kiddie's Star Bureau files are always private.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Second Gemini Twitter Baby: Lance Armstrong's Second Son

Cyclist Lance Armstrong has announced the birth of his son Max last evening.

The AP announced the tweet:

"Wassup, world? My name is Max Armstrong and I just arrived. My Mommy is healthy and so am I"

The tweet was posted 11:15 EDT  June 4, 2009 And this picture was posted on yFrog.com. To follow the process of the 'tweets" that followed, go to www.twitter.com/lancearmstrong all you twitterers.

Born on June 4, 2009 maybe  on the East coast(it depends on Armstrong's twitter settings as well as the readers settings) Mademoiselle Kiddie will be researching a bit more details before posting a chart wheel for this Gemini twitter baby. 

Armstrong has three children with his ex-wife, so Max already has three siblings, Luke age 9 (born  October 1999) and seven year old twins Grace and Isabella born November 2001.

If your child  is an astral twin (born same day and year) of MAX Armstrong (June 4, 2009) contact Kiddiegram and send your child's birth details (time, am or pm, place of birth, and date and year) and we will send you a graphically enhanced Kiddiegram report from Mademoiselle Kiddie's Star Bureau! Contact Lord Kiddie. This offer will never expire!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gemini Baby Boy: Twitter Birth For Baby Phat CEO

First Twitter Baby?

Taurus Mom Kimora Lee Simmons, CEO of Baby Phat Fashion kept her fans posted via tweets on the delivery of her baby . Even a twitpic was sent! Kimora was born May 3, 1975 in St. Louis, Missouri. Her Venus is in the sign of Gemini.

""It's time!! No turning back! At hospital in labor right now!!," followed shortly after by, "Having contractions now! Ooo- wee! It's like WHOA! Love & Light, KLS.""

Her son with Djmon Hounson was born Saturday morning . Mlle Kiddie waited to post about this "twitter birth" for the tweet that will tell us the little Gemini baby's name and also the tweet that will let us know the approximate or precise time of his birth. She's just learned his name: Kenzo and that he already has his own twitter account http://twitter.com/BabyPhatt: with at the time of this post 17, 904 followers.

Kimora has two daughters with hip hop mogul Russell Simmons Ming Lee (9) and Aoki Lee (7) who can be seen on their Mom's blog. The couple was divorced in January of 2009.

If your child is an astral twin of Kenzo (same birthday and year) and you are a Taurus sun sign, contact Lord Kiddie and send clarifying documentation (always kept private in Mlle Kiddie's Star Bureau files) and you will receive a Gemini gift of your choice from the Kiddiegram Boutique. a baby bib? a ceramic travel mug or perhaps notecards. It's your choice.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Double Virgo Jennifer Hudson: Expecting A Dreambaby

sunday, May 31, 2009 in downtown Chicago family and long time friends celebrated with Jennifer Hudson at a baby shower for her baby with fiancee, actor, wrestler in training, Harvard law grad David Otunga.

The Dreamgirl is a double Virgo (Hudson's Sun and Moon are both in the sign of Virgo) Mademoiselle Kiddie does not have a precise time of birth, but this combo alone tells us that she'll be an Oscar type Mom!

The Chicago Sun Times notes that Hudson is seven months pregnant, which puts the baby to be arrival in late July or August. The couple seems to be on target for a Leo child. The colors of the shower were "mostly yellow" as the sex of the baby has not been revealed.

The Oscar winning singer's baby, whether Dream Boy or Dream Girl will have a Mom who will excel at bedtime lullabies!

If you are expecting a Leo baby, sign up for Kiddiegram's Lucky Lotto draw and if your baby is born on the same day as Jennifer Hudson's we'll send you a set of adorable notecards
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