Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mayim Bialik's Road Trip to Mars

Mom of two, Mayim Bialik (Blossom, Big Bang Theory), recently shared some experiences from what she calls the "Family Road Trip From Hell" on In one amusing anecdote which she refers to as "The Pasta/Ketchup Incident," she describes the "holy fit" her son, 3-1/2 year-old Fred, threw when he couldn't have ketchup on his noodles. 

While it's not at all unusual for a 3-1/2 year-old to throw a fit, it just so happens that Fred was born when the sign of Virgo was rising, making Virgo the sign of his Ascendant, and during the period of time that the family was on the road trip, Mars was traveling over the same space that marks Fred's Ascendant, giving potential to have it triggered (or shall we say, detonated?!) 

Mars is a planet of will, action, and aggression, and its presence encourages us to go after what we want, pushing at boundaries and exercising our sense of power. For a 3-1/2 year old, it's not about strategy, but immediacy: I want!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pisces Signature Star Child: Nahla Aubry!

Nahla Ariela, daughter of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, is our featured Pisces "Star Child." The Kiddiegram reports are the heart and soul of Kiddiegram, because they were created out of a desire to help you understand and nurture your precious one. A Kiddiegram is truly a "user's manual for parents.

With four planets in gentle Pisces and Mars and Moon in tender-hearted Cancer, Nahla is probably one of the sweetest children anyone who knows her comes in contact with. She is very aware of the feelings of others, and can feel just as bad as another does if she accidentally hurts someone's feelings. She is a nurturer at heart and probably has a load of baby dolls to prove it, as many children with Cancer energy enjoy playing a nurturing role like mom, or even a nurse or doctor. She is also likely to be very protective of those she loves, just like a mama bear.

It's common for children with predominant water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and/or Pisces) to feel and act shy, but Nahla's south node is in demonstrative Leo, in the expressive third house. She may like more attention than expected, although she may have a love/hate relationship with it. Her communicative and curious Gemini Rising is also an open kind of energy like Leo, wanting to reach out to the world around her. With four planets in the 10th house of career and vocation, she is likely to develop a growing desire to find a meaningful place in the world. Since Neptune and Pisces have an affinity for each other, as she finds that place in the world, she'll be opening up to her life lesson, with Neptune close to her north node. More on Neptune from her Kiddiegram:
Neptune in Aquarius
     Nahla harbors great hopes for world unity and universal brother- and sisterhood. She is marked by an inner impulse toward collective awakening and a strongly futuristic, visionary, evolutionary "dream"...
Neptune in the Ninth House
     Nahla is very much likely to be a spiritual seeker all her life and she may travel widely as part of her quest for the grail of wisdom. She will enjoy studying and dreaming about faraway places, the more exotic and unreachable the better.
     Even as a child, she instinctively understands the interconnectedness of all life and has very high ideals.

~Read more about Pisces and find out who

Image of Halle Berry is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Michel Boutefeu

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Liam McDermott's Wise Words

Tori Spelling's eldest, Liam (4), is apparently a "wise little dude" according to mom. She updated her website, ediTORIal with a post on Liam's "prophetic" thoughts on aging:
"When you get old you become a grandpa, your balls sag, you die, and then you get buried up."
Not only is he wise, but very succinct! He seems to like to get to the point and doesn't beat around the bush in delivering his opinions. Last year, mom Tori blogged: 
"Liam just said ‘I hate paparazzi. Next time I see one, I’m gonna spill soda on him, call him a bitch, and then maybe I’ll kick him in the wiener.’ Disclaimer: I have no idea where Liam heard the word “bitch”… but large men with cameras, beware!”
Liam has Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th house of philosophy. Sagittarius is known for it's wisdom and it's direct and sometimes indelicate way of delivering that wisdom! Liam's practical Capricorn Moon and down-to-earth Virgo south node are going to have him more interested in getting to the point than finessing the message, that's for sure. Trust Liam for the straight-up scoop!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Debra Messing's Roman Acting

Debra Messing in 2009
Debra Messing's son Roman might already be set to take over mom's legacy! In an interview at Breezy Mama, Debra says:
"He was Peter Pan last week at school. It was terrifying for me. And he was brilliant." She also joked, "I told him when he was about two weeks old that I’d already decided that he was going to be an architect. But that’s fine for now… it’s a hobby, but it’s not what Mama chose for him though."
It seems to land equally on both sides of the fence, whether acting moms and dads are open to their kids following in their footsteps. Courtney Cox has mentioned she's "not nuts about it" when it comes to her daughter, Coco, performing (though she admits Coco has a talent for accents!) Paris Jackson's guardian and grandmother, as well as their Uncle Marlon, say they are happy with Paris pursuing acting as long as she gets an education.

Roman certainly will have an ability to devote himself to whatever he's drawn to, be it acting, architecture, or anything else, with a passionate Aries Sun and a strong-willed Scorpio Moon. However, Venus and Mars both lie in Gemini, so it'll have to be something that continually keeps his interest, as Gemini prefers change and challenge over routine. As he's only 7-1/2, I guess well have to wait and see!

Image of Debra Messing is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Credit: David Shankbone

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Venus, Be My Valentine

Venus is known as the planet of love and romance, so she's naturally the star on holidays like Valentine's Day. Venus is the planet in our chart that wants to reach out to others, in love and friendship, and the sign she's in in someone's natal chart can tell us just how we like to do that. Babies born between February 8th and March 4th this year will be born while Venus is in the sign of Aries, where she's traveling right now.

Venus in Aries likes to make friends in a very direct way. If they like you, they won't beat around the bush! In their group of friends, they are likely to be the one in charge, since they know what they like and aren't shy about it. They can be very spontaneous and outgoing.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is among many celebri-tots with Venus in Aries. She's likely to be a very energetic friend, and also quite talkative, with her Sun, Moon, and Mercury in friendly Gemini!

Other celebri-tots with Venus in Aries:

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Robert Downey Jr.'s Junior

Aries Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan welcomed their new son, Exton Elias, on Tuesday morning in Los Angeles. 

Exton is not a twin, but many things in his chart reveal more than one personality (metaphorically speaking, of course!). To mention a few: first, he was born with the south node in Gemini which lends curiosity, a strong intellect, and good verbal skills, but a lesser well-known quality of Gemini comes from the symbol that represents it: the twins. Gemini is a sign that has a strong element of duality. 

This duality ripples through Exton's chart. His Aquarius Sun and Mercury are hidden away in the private 12th house. The Sun represents our core "power source," it is central to our sense of self and cohesiveness. In the 12th house, Exton will be most comfortable recharging himself with solitude, or more likely, retreating into his mind and imagination in the mental air sign of Aquarius.

But Exton was born with an engaging Leo moon, as it was building toward the full moon phase. The full moon, occurring when the moon is farthest away from the sun as depicted in an astrological chart, is fully illuminated and therefore bright and visible for all to see. These souls are often moved to extend themselves out into the world, whether it's socially, professionally, creatively, etc. 

Exton Elias, Aquarius

While Exton probably will not be overly gregarious in his personality characteristics, he will likely have quite a magnetic presence. The most striking thing about his chart is the planet Neptune, which is parked right on his Ascendant. The Ascendant is not just how we approach the world, it is also the impression that the world gets of us and therefore, how it responds to us. Neptune has a kind of mystery and fantasy about it that draws us to it. If you're wearing it on your sleeve, the world is drawn to you! But there is always that enigmatic quality to these people that leaves us wondering what's really going on behind-the-scenes.

Magnetic and captivating celebrities with Neptune close to the Ascendant: Marilyn Monroe, Bjork, Paul McCartney, Paris Hilton, and Suri Cruise.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Maddie Spears

Soon to be 21-year-old Jamie Lynn, younger sister of Britney Spears, gives a lengthy interview in this month's issue of Glamour magazine, discussing her journey since having her now 3-1/2 year-old daughter, Maddie and what's she's learned as a mother. In it, she mentions how much Maddie loves "Aunt Britney's" songs, saying: "She just loves the whole dress-up thing that goes with it. She loves dancing and singing and all of that. I definitely think music is in her genes."

It may be no surprise that a daughter born into a musical family would show musical interest and talent. Nor is it a surprise that a 3-1/2 year old girl loves to dress up and dance! But Maddie comes by these interests in her own right, as can be seen in her chart.
Maddie has a Leo Ascendant. The Ascendant is largely responsible for how we express ourselves from day to day in our world, how we "greet" life. Leo gets recharged every time it can express itself through play - it's meant to shine and it loves to perform. Maddie's Leo Ascendant is triple the strength, though, because the south node and the planet Mars are both also in Leo, in the first house (close by the Ascendant). She's no doubt already very expressive, as her mom has noticed, and that can be expected to continue as she grows.

With a Capricorn Moon, she may have an unexpected shy or downplayed side to her that gets hidden behind her Leonine need to make a good showing, but for now, her expressiveness and playfulness is no doubt thoroughly genuine and enjoyed by all who know her.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Willow Smith Whips Her ... Scalp?

Willow Smith, the 11-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith who is known for her song "Whip My Hair" is now sporting a new, sleek look:

Willow Smith's Shaved Head * Posted on her WhoSay account
Willow may be young but seems to have been born with a strong sense of style, having already been seen in several show-stopping ensembles on various red carpets, with this look perhaps the edgiest so far. 

It is common to find a prominent, recurring theme in a natal chart. In Willow's chart, there is a predominant Scorpio theme. Not only is her Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, but her Venus (a planet that has much to do with our style, what we find beautiful, and how we express our own beauty) is conjunct Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio. No matter how her style evolves, it will likely always have the continuing thread of Scorpio's edginess and extremity. 

It's not just about challenging or shocking others, however, but about expressing something intense and raw. While that sounds quite serious, Venus and Pluto are in the sign of Sagittarius, so there's a bit of an adventurous, "why not try it once?" attitude prevalent in her style as well. Her Sagittarius influence also explains the playfulness in her color schemes.

What will she do next?!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Parenting With Astrology: A Child's Wisdom

Amy Herring has been a professional astrologer for 15 years and a proud mother for 6 of those years. She has joyfully accepted Mlle. Kiddie’s gracious offer to share her thoughts once a month here at Kiddie Star Signs. To find out more about Amy and her personal readings for parents and children, visit her website at

Money and fame don’t solve every problem. Celebrity moms have their hopes and worries for their children too. However, Mlle. Kiddie would like to offer ‘everyday’ moms a chance to see astrology put into action to answer their parenting questions. After all, famous or not, you’re the world to your kids! If you’ve got a question about your child that you’d like Amy to answer, send your questions any time to

Julie writes:
Hi Amy,
My daughter, Brooke, has always seemed as if she is an old soul and wise beyond her young age.  I would love to get some insight into her chart.

Wise Daughter, 5 years old

Amy answers:
This is a great question as it opens up an important factor to consider in astrology, as well as shows the appreciation you clearly have for your daughter! 

First, your morning two-cent cup of philosophy:
While an astrology chart can tell you an almost infinite number of things about its owner, one thing most astrologers do not believe it can tell you is the level of consciousness of that soul. When something or someone begins, the chart is cast to show what the heavenly conditions where at the time of that beginning. Therefore, a natal chart can give insight into the life that has just begun, but the soul that is "wearing" it will make its own choices with the help of those chart energies, and will manifest different parts of each sign combination, etc. 

I look at wisdom as one of those things that emanates from the consciousness of the soul itself. Each sign has its own skills and philosophy so the wisdom of the soul itself can shine out of any natal chart it's working through.

So instead of looking for where your daughter's wisdom comes from, a question I am not sure anyone can definitively answer, I'm going to highlight what I think might be the style in which she displays that wisdom.

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, the south node's influence can be quite strong, especially in children. With a Virgo, 6th house south node, Brooke has access to the wisdom of the practical. She innately knows what makes sense when it comes to the everyday realities of earthly life. Considering the things that are relevant to someone her age, she may know the wisdom of following rules to avoid accidents, for example. Virgos also tend to "know too much for their own good," so to speak, sometimes worrying too much about things that could go wrong because they are not impulsive and tend to be pretty in touch with the reality of cause and effect. In this, they can limit themselves, but Brooke's chart shows she has a plan to open herself up to new experiences and learn how to trust her instincts.

Other indicators of her wisdom may be her Gemini Moon. She has a good eye for observation and may enjoy sharing her observations with you in an articulate way. Her Moon is also connected favorably with Mercury, the planet of the mind, and Neptune, a planet of insight and imagination. She's learning to cultivate the natural wisdom of "knowing" - not just by what she can observe, but also what she senses, and putting those two learning styles together. 

As wise as you feel she is now, she's apt to become even wiser (not just smarter) as she grows. Her north node is in Pisces next to Uranus in her 12th house - all indicators that as she learns to trust herself and walk her own path, she will have access to wisdom unseen and undefinable!

Thanks for your question :)

Would you like some input on how to understand and nurture your child in the most effective way for their unique needs? Amy offers readings for parents and children; find out more at her website. If you would like to submit a question for her monthly blog here, email her anytime!