Monday, November 17, 2008

You Got Mail: Meg Ryan's Birthday Week

Scorpio star Mom Meg Ryan, with her tenth house sun and her Neptune in Scorpio exactly conjunct her mid-heaven (and that Neptune conjunct her Mercury) has a Scorpio stellium. Her Venus is in Scorpio in the ninth
house yet she doesn't really seem all that Scorpio and intense. Her effect is Scorpio (just note these stamps issued by the Congo that have her on their postage) but with her Aries Moon and her Mars in Sagittarius, flashes of fire fun and energy give her that extra spark! Meg has two children Taurus son Jack Quaid (with ex-husband Dennis Quaid) and Daisy True, the little girl she adopted from China in January of 2006.
More on these kids Kiddie Star Signs on their Mom's birthday...........
Meanwhile, check out this You Got Mail Girl's Kiddiegram and Wheel.
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