Friday, November 28, 2008

John Travolta's Inner Canine: John TraBOLTa

Mademoiselle Kiddie of suggests that Cusp Aquarian John Travolta's Mars in Sagittarius in the Fifth House gave him the impetus to connect to his inner canine  to play a little dog in the hit animated film Bolt.
Mars in Sagittarius

     John is very exuberant, high-spirited, full of energy and vitality. He sometimes lacks staying-power and concentration, however. He will stand up for himself and his beliefs when challenged, though he does not really like to fight at all.
Mars in the Fifth House
     John loves rough, high-action, and high-energy games and entertainments.  He plays hard and plays to win. However, he won't work hard at a project that lacks an element of playfulness and fun.  He has a rambunctious, daring, reckless streak.
Travolta's Kiddie Star Chart,  Travolta's Kiddiegram 
birth data from VegaAttractions   Four great interviews with Travolta on Bolt found on
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