Sunday, November 30, 2008

Britney's Ringmaster of her Circus

Sagittarian Britney Spears turns 27 Tuesday. Her new album Circus is a three ring success and even though she hasn't gone through her Saturn return yet! she's got insights into the two types of people in the world. Those who entertain and those who observe.

Mademoiselle of observes that her Moon in Aquarius in the fifth house serves her well in her life under the big top.

Moon in the Fifth House
Britney likes to dramatize her feelings, and she has a "hammy" side that enjoys performing for an appreciative audience. She hides little and, given encouragement, will dominate any scene with her emotional theatrics and charm.
She can be cheered or lifted out of a sour mood with games and other diversions, and no matter what her age, she will always have a playful, childlike side

Spears two sons Jayden and Sean undoubtedly help her to connect to her playful, childlike side. And her Moon in Aquarius blesses her with the ability to be a detached ringmaster of her life as Circus, transforming the three ring circus of life lived as a tabloid magnet to a confident life where she's learning to be more in control of the Big Top.
Britney Spears Chart Wheel Her Kiddiegram
Her Sons: Jayden (Wheel/Kiddiegram) and Sean (Wheel/ Kiddiegram)
Latest Post Back to Serenity earlier posts ( Britney's Sons and Grandfather's Custody, Piece of Cake Britney's Birthday Bash for the Boys) ( K-Fed Gets The Kids)

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Double Duty Gravy for A-Rod with C-Rod and Madonna

Ever in the limelight, Leo Alex Rodriquez shared Thanksgiving twice, he spent time with his soon to be ex Cynthia (C-Rod) and his girls. He also spent time with "pal" Madonna and her children.

Four year old Natasha Rodriguez is a cusp Scorpio child with a Moon in Aquarius. Her eighth month old sister Ella is another cusp child with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio. Cynthia nee Scurtis Rodriguez is a Capricorn . She and Alex met at Body and Soul Gym in Coconut Grove Florida . The masters in psychology he saw on the StairMaster was also an athlete (volleyball) so Mademoiselle Kiddie of suspects this is parental constellation that despite the divorce will keep the eye on the ball, their kids and will always share Thanksgiving.

The sisters share a very special nodal connection. Ella's North Node is in Aquarius conjunct her Neptune. Her sister Natasha's Moon is in Aquarius conjunct Neptune. On top of that the sisters share a very special Sun Moon connection in the sign of Scorpio. God bless the child that has such sibling solace. They will have the intense connection of a real emotional bond in Scorpio and the detached spiritual connection of their Aquarius connection touched by Neptune. Surrounded by glamour, the illusions and fantasy realities of fame at an early age, these sisters will probably be very sensitive to their Moon in Pisces Dad. Moon in Pisces folk are (depending on aspects to that Moon) usually a wonderful energy to be around.

Mademoiselle Kiddie of has checked Rodriguez's chart in her Star Bureau and sees that he has a Moon trine Saturn. He likes an organized environment, so maybe doing two Thanksgivings is something that is indeed "gravy" to him. He met soon to be ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis

six years before he proposed to her on her thirtieth birthday. (December 28, 1972) Born into a well to do Greek family, she grew up in tony Coconut Grove where they later met. Cynthia has a very exuberant chart. AlthoughItalic her sun sign is in serious Capricorn, her Jupiter is in Capricorn conjunct her North Node which gives her a Sagittarius flair which harmonizes with her freedom loving, independent optimistic planets (Venus, Mercury and Neptune) in Sagittarius. Her Moon depending on the time of day she was born could be in Libra or Scorpio. Mademoiselle Kiddie suspects, given her daughter's Scorpio connection, that it could be in the sign of Scorpio if she was born later in the day. Check out Cafe Astrology's descriptions ofa Moon in Libra and a Moon in Scorpio to see which sign you feel her moon is situated.

Mademoiselle Kiddie can be found at her Star Bureau at About Us.

Friday, November 28, 2008

John Travolta's Inner Canine: John TraBOLTa

Mademoiselle Kiddie of suggests that Cusp Aquarian John Travolta's Mars in Sagittarius in the Fifth House gave him the impetus to connect to his inner canine  to play a little dog in the hit animated film Bolt.
Mars in Sagittarius

     John is very exuberant, high-spirited, full of energy and vitality. He sometimes lacks staying-power and concentration, however. He will stand up for himself and his beliefs when challenged, though he does not really like to fight at all.
Mars in the Fifth House
     John loves rough, high-action, and high-energy games and entertainments.  He plays hard and plays to win. However, he won't work hard at a project that lacks an element of playfulness and fun.  He has a rambunctious, daring, reckless streak.
Travolta's Kiddie Star Chart,  Travolta's Kiddiegram 
birth data from VegaAttractions   Four great interviews with Travolta on Bolt found on
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mariah Carey Baby Talk

Recently married to Nick Cannon in May, Mariah Carey and her representatives denied she was pregnant after she parried as any good Aries with a Venus conjunct Mercury would do when challenged to a champagne truth or dare by Ellen De Generes.

When Ellen suggested that she had heard Carey was pregnant and suggested a toast to her and reached for a bottle of bubbly and two flutes. Mariah told her it was too fattening, and when confronted said she wasn't PG. When Ellen retorted that they could just toast to the fact that she wasn't pregnant, the Moon conjunct Neptune songstress gave the illusion of pretending to drink a glass. Always Be My Baby..............

Mademoiselle Kiddie of has prepared these reports in her Star Bureau.
Carey's Kiddie Star Sign Chart Wheel Her Kiddiegram Report

Cruz Cruises Into Thanksgiving

Born in Madrid, three year old Pisces powered Cruz Beckham was snapped with his Dad "Becks" and brother Romeo leaving the New York apartment of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. The Beckham and Cruise families were going off to an Italian restaurant to celebrate the start of a Thanksgiving weekend in New York. Mademoiselle Kiddie notes that Cruz has a Sun conjunct an exact conjunction of Mercury and Uranus. She's done a Sun on the Ascendant chart for those interested in chart details. Gobble Gobble!
Click on this link of Becks with His Boys to see the shot!
Click here to see Cruz's brother Brooklyn with his Mom.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jada and Willow Voice of the Hippo: Bag Huge Profits

Check Spelling
Voices in major animated movies are very lucrative. Virgo Carmen Diaz has made millions as the voice of Princess Fiona in the Shrek films. So double Virgo (Sun and Moon) Jada Pinkett Smith, as Gloria the Hefty Hippo of Madagascar has her Scorpio daughter Willow voicing the young Gloria as well. It's a family affair when it comes
to the family business, and Mademoiselle Kiddie has
written about the Will Smith Family Talent Agency in earlier posts. In this case, it's a huge as in Hippo stream of royalties. (cf earlier posts : on Jaden's Mom Jada and Will Smith Family Franchise)

Here is a little bit from Willow's Kiddiegram:

Sun conjunct Mercury (in Scorpio)

Willow enjoys and needs to communicate, and she is apt to be an avid talker from an early age. Expect a continual stream of questions, comments, and conversation on every topic. You may need to encourage her to listen more, as she tends to be the more active, vocal participant in a discussion. She appreciates a lively, mentally stimulating environment with plenty to do and think about. Puzzles, word games, and books may be her favorite play things.

photo from Got your Gram? Check out your Kiddiegram at

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Bronx Might Become Park Place

Born November 20th with Sun, Venus and Mars in Scorpio behind the scenes deals may be going on now for first pictures of Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Only a few days old and the "Bronx" may become a hot property in the celebrity pix Monopoly game of who's on first, who came second etc. The Jolie-Pitt twins came in at 14 million with later with understood "good press" accompanying the pictures that accounted for a sold out issue for the joint deal between People and the UK's Hello.
Ashlee-Simpson and Pete Wentz's new son Bronx's first public pictures may net seven figures notes author of Fifteen Minutes of Fame, The You Tube Revolution. Because they are a two celebrity couple the guesstimate is that if the parents choose to take an offer, they could get two million. Some celebrities like Ethan Hawke and his wife, chose to forgo first picture auctions for their child, so not everyone automatically chooses for fifteen minutes of fame. Some stars set up foundations, some probably put this little version of hot property into a college fund for their children. Of course with the staying power of all that Scorpio maybe his Dad is prescient...Wentz has already admitted that "his goal was to make sure his kid would have a moniker that would work as either 'a rock star or a senator." Mademoiselle Kiddie of Kiddiegram, does not yet have Bronx's exact birth time , so she will have to study Bronx's Kiddiegram to see which of these talents are more in evident in his Kiddie Star Sign chart and partial Kiddiegram Report

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Penny For Your Birthday Thoughts: Miley Cyrus on Bolt

Sagittarius Miley Cyrus turns 16 today.

Happy Birthday Miley! This accomplished young woman, has an exact Moon conjunct Pluto in Scorpio and this combo is conjunct Mercury, so she will be around for a very long time. She's the voice of Penny

in the new hit buddy animated film Bolt, Although she's the voice of Penny she relates to the dog, suddenly stripped of his super powers when he realizes in a Forrest Gump moment, that his life in a sitcom is not real...and he still has to save Penny. She notes:

'He has to learn to turn it off, and I definitely feel like that,' she says of balancing fame and being a normal teenager. "
Photo: Gabriel Bouys/ AFP/ Getty Images

Friday, November 21, 2008

Jessica Simpson Has A New Role: An Aunt

International pop star Ashlee Simpson-Wenz and her husband musican Pete Wenz have welcomed a baby boy. Their Scorpio son Bronx Mowgli Wentz was born Thursday(11/20/08) in Los Angeles. With his Water Sun, he'll get along fine with his aunt Jessica who has her Sun in the sign of Cancer. Here's Bronx's Kiddiegram chart. Mademoiselle Kiddie of Kiddiegram points out these two particular aspects from his Kiddie Star Chart Wheel that relate to his Mom (10/3/1984 Waco, Texas) and his Aunt Jessica....who probably should be bu1ying him his first puzzle book right now!

Moon trine Venus

Bronx has a kind, loving nature, and he is likely to have warm, close friendships with people who care for and support him when he needs it. He, also, is a very devoted, nurturing person, and he enjoys doing small, personal acts of kindness for the people he likes. Family is very important to him, also.

Sun conjunct Mercury

Bronx enjoys and needs to communicate, and he is apt to be an avid talker from an early age. Expect a continual stream of questions, comments, and conversation on every topic. You may need to encourage him to listen more, as he tends to be the more active, vocal participant in a discussion. He appreciates a lively, mentally stimulating environment with plenty to do and think about. Puzzles, word games, and books may be his favorite play thing

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sixth Sense Child Star Con Man In Training

Nominated for an Oscar for his role in Sixth Sense, Aries child star Haley Joel Osment has made an impressive debut on Broadway in a
revival of David Mamet's American Buffalo. In it, Haley now twenty plays a young con in training who is sent to get the rare buffalo nickel sold for $90 from a Chicago Junk shop to a coin collector back.

Haley has a Moon conjunct Mars in Aquarius.
He began his career at the age of four. Pluto will be going into the sign of Capricorn for fifteen years! November 26th and will be transiting over his Uranus and then Saturn in Capricorn. Since Lord Kiddie doesn't have Haley's birth time, we've calculated a solar chart wheel. Pluto will have a transformative effect when it goes over these natal planets. This was the child that came to the audition for Sixth Sense wearing a suit jacket and when auditioning for the part of Harry in Harry Potter read the books 13 times. As Michael Lutin said about Pluto in Capricorn
Dress Appropriately! and "This coming period is the challenge to take an idea and to manifest your dream make it real and achieve total mastery " (

And this little tidbit from his Kiddiegram report:
Jupiter Trine Saturn:

As a child, Haley is apt to have an unusual degree of maturity, composure, poise, and conscientousness which make him something of a favorite amongst his elders. One of the ways he seeks to grow is through learning and carrying on a tradition. Useful skills passed on by a parent or grandparent will be highly valued and carried forward by him.

Haley's father is the actor Eugene Osment once his chaperone, his manager, acting coach and
chief fan. Haley's sister is actress Emily Osment
born March 10, 1992 in Los Angeles. Their Mom is teacher Teresa Seifert.Not wanting to take any wooden nickels, Osment is studying at New York University taking a double major in fine arts and Middle Eastern Studies. Currently he is taking a leave of absence from his studies. I would I had bestowed that time in the tongues that I have in fencing, dancing, and bear-baiting: 0, had I but followed the arts! but it doesn't take a sixth sense to see that with the intelligence of a Moon in Aquarius at 0 degrees he will pursue intellectual endeavors when he is able to quit his day job
in training as a con man.

Suri Cruise Puts on Her Star Shades

Hollywood's Top Tots Switch Sunglasses in the Forbes hottest tot list
And the hottest tot? two year old, Suri Cruise, with Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Pluto in her tenth house. Oh okay, she also has Venus and Uranus and Mercury (conjunct her North Node) in the first house. She found her destiny at 2?

As Reuters summarized it, "stylish outfits, stylish hair and stylish parents" have put this Aries child on the top list of hottest celebrity tots. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt who was number one on Forbes 2007Italic list is now number two (with siblings Zahara or "Zizi" and Pax filling out slots three and four. Tiger Wood's and wife Elin Nordegren's daughter Sam Alexis Wood is number five.

"With a growing need to generate magazine sales and Web traffic in a softening economy, media outlets are increasingly turning to stars that are both much-loved and highly reliable" Source

So get out your Kiddie Star Shades!

Suri's Kiddie Star Chart and Kiddiegram

Moon in the Tenth HouseSuri tends to idealize her mother and to model herself after her in significant ways. Under this powerful influence, she may follow in her mother's footsteps in her career and in other life choices.
Suri is apt to be in the public eye even while she is still young. It's important for her to know that it's okay to be a kid. She is vulnerable to being pushed by overly ambitious parents.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Celebrating Meg Ryan's Birthday With Pecan Pie

It's Meg Ryan's birthday and Chicago is celebrating with some pecan pie. Mlle Kiddie is remembering her favorite lines from When Harry Met Sally....
Sally Albright: But I'd like the pie heated and I don't want the ice cream on top, I want it on the side, and I'd like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it, if not then no ice cream just whipped cream but only if it's real; if it's out of the can then nothing. Waitress: Not even the pie? Sally Albright: No, I want the pie, but then not heated
Earlier Posts: Meg Ryan's You Got Mail.

Full Steam Ahead : Mickey Mouse (gasp) Turns 80

Forever young, Mickey Mouse with his Sun in Scorpio and his Moon in Aquarius turns 80 today.

He first appeared on the screen in Steamboat Willie at the Colony Theater in New York, the cartoon was the first that had synchronised sound. He almost was called Mortimer (his Pluto is 0 cap 46) but
Disney's wife Lilly christened him MCheck Spellingickey after seeing the first sketch.

Mlle Kiddie has grabbed these little tidbits of cheese from the mischievous little rodent's chart wheel.

Venus trine Jupiter

Mickey's warmth, openness, and generosity make him very well-liked. He overlooks petty differences and flaws in his friends, and he seems to know how to bring out the best in people. He always welcomes new people into his circle of friends. As far as he is concerned, "the more, the merrier."

Moon square Jupiter

Good-humored, friendly, and cheerful, Mickey has a happy effect on those around him and is likely to have many friends. Emotionally giving and open, he loves to treat his friends. He needs to learn that there can be too much of a good thing. Overeating and other forms of indulgent behavior may be hard for him to control.

To read more about the eighty years of this little Jupiter in Taurus and Uranus in Aries phenomenon click on Story Source and Disney Image.

To calculate your chart wheel and mini-report (Sun, Moon and Ascendant) for free go to

Monday, November 17, 2008

You Got Mail: Meg Ryan's Birthday Week

Scorpio star Mom Meg Ryan, with her tenth house sun and her Neptune in Scorpio exactly conjunct her mid-heaven (and that Neptune conjunct her Mercury) has a Scorpio stellium. Her Venus is in Scorpio in the ninth
house yet she doesn't really seem all that Scorpio and intense. Her effect is Scorpio (just note these stamps issued by the Congo that have her on their postage) but with her Aries Moon and her Mars in Sagittarius, flashes of fire fun and energy give her that extra spark! Meg has two children Taurus son Jack Quaid (with ex-husband Dennis Quaid) and Daisy True, the little girl she adopted from China in January of 2006.
More on these kids Kiddie Star Signs on their Mom's birthday...........
Meanwhile, check out this You Got Mail Girl's Kiddiegram and Wheel.
Birth Info Astrotheme Congo Stamp Set from

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Taurus Star Mom Alba Texting Cash for Charity

Svelte Taurus Mom Jessica Alba talked  about her five month old  Gemini daughter Honor Marie like any new Mom but unusual for a usually detached Moon in Aquarius! during the fifth annual Black Ball  benefit for Keep a Child Alive.
 Mlle Kiddie is not surprised that with her amazing stellium in Taurus in the ninth house, associated with other cultures and travel, that this pix from shows the svelte star while also showing the address to text $5 for the charity  via a cell phone. So Give $5 text Alive to 90999.

Charitable Star Moms using  their celebrity for children's causes are an example of the wonderful power of the Me to We philosophy articulated in the book: Me to We: Finding Meaning in A Material World. 

Alba's Chart Wheel  Her Kiddiegram Report  earlier post on Honor Marie and Alba

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lipstick Jungle Mom Back to Jungle Gyms?

Hard to believe with her stellium of planets in Gemini (Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus) some of them conjunct her North Node that Brooke Shields
TV series Lipstick Jungle next season has been canceled by NBC.
With two daughters, five year old Rowan a little Taurus with a Moon in Scorpio (Shield's Mercury is in Taurus conjunct her daughter's Sun) and Aries Grier (born the same day and in the same hospital as Suri Cruise) it's not like Shields doesn't have a day job. Since the four and a half million fans (NBC only counted viewers in real time not digital later viewers) may have something to say in the mater, we'll hold on to our lipsticks for the moment. It may not be back to the jungle gyms just yet.
LIPSTICK JUNGLE -- Pictured: Brooke Shields as Wendy -- NBC Photo: Andrew Eccles

Brooke Shield's Kiddie Star Sign Chart Wheel Her Kiddiegram

earlier post: on Brooke Shields and Grier and Suri Astro Twins

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Karate Kid:Will Smith's Son Jaden to Strike Crane Pose

The Will Smith family franchise has added a dojo! The remake of Karate
Kid has been announced and Will's son (cf earlier post on the franchise and the co-star of Pursuit of Happyness) Jaden , a child whose Sun Sign is in the sign of Cancer (16 25' degrees) will be on board as the new Karate Kid surely striking a Crane's pose.

So let's look at Jaden's star wheel......Jaden Christopher Syre Smith was born
July 8, 1998 in Los Angeles. This Cancer Sun Sign child has a Moon in Capricorn (05 43') Because Mlle Kiddie doesn't have the exact time of his birth, she's going to concentrate on his Mars aspects. His Mars is in the sign of Cancer (01 38') ( lip smacker photo from photos)

Mars in Cancer
Jaden will rarely initiate a fight or a confrontation, and he is uncomfortable with aggressive competition. He often goes after what he wants in an indirect or subtle way.
Check Spelling
"Karate" (pronounced "Kah-rah-tay") is a Japanese word that means empty hand and refers to a karate student's ability to offer a defense without the use of weapons" (

Sounds like a Mars in Cancer kid is an ideal choice for the second Karate Kid!

Where is your child's Mars?

Mlle Kiddie provides a Free Mini Report talking about your child's sun, moon and rising sign or ascendant, but to understand the personalized points in your child's chart wheel you will want to

Get A (Kiddie)Gram! Got Your Gram?

earlier posts on Jaden's Mom Jada and Will Smith Family Franchise

Sunny Skies for Adam Sandler's Star Girls

Adam and Jackie Sandler have announced the birth of their second child, Sunny Madeline on his website: Sunny
was born November 2. She joins sister Sadie Madison who is now two years old. ( born May 6, 2006 at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles)

Mlle Kiddie notes that Sadie's Jupiter in Scorpio is conjunct her baby sister's Sun in Scorpio. Well that's a blessing! Smooth sibling sailing and sunny skies ahead for these two little star sisters.

JUPITER in the birthchart reveals the child's future aspirations, and how she seeks to grow and improve herself. It also indicates areas of natural confidence, success, or "luck."

Here's a little bit about Sunny's Sister Sadie's Jupiter from her partial Kiddiegram:

Jupiter in Scorpio
Daring activities which have an element of danger or mystery appeal to Sadie. She wants to live fully and passionately and not hold herself back from anything life has to offer. From rock climbing to scuba diving or investigating caves or other out-of-the-way places, she thrives on challenge. She seeks to grow through delving into the mysteries of life.
She's also extremely resourceful and has a "nose" for opportunities. Even when she's a youngster, her shrewd judgment of people and situations will serve her well

photo of the Sandlers 2007 .REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni at premiere of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back to Serenity Britney Spears & Jayden Leave Hospital

Britney Spears was home for a visit to Kentwood, Louisiana Sunday. had the story from her website that her younger son Jayden was rushed to the hospital for 24 hours. This picture from e! shows that his visit to the emergency room for a bad reaction to something he ingested had a happy ending. He left the hospital with his Mom and went back to her family's "Serenity" compound last night.

Since this is a baby step astrology blog, talking about simple aspects
in an anecdotal fashion that will help people understand celebrity children's charts and their interactions and cosmic connections with their famous parents charts, Mlle Kiddie doesn't go into transits. And since difficult ties (difficulties) are to be understood and lived, let's see how Jayden's Kiddiegram chart wheel notes traits that helped him to cope with a sudden hospitalization. at the age of two (having already gone through tumultuous first year during his parents divorce and his mother's "horrible years" (cf earlier post Britney's Sons and Grandfather's Custody)

Luckily Mlle Kiddie notes that he has Saturn trine Pluto
As he meets obstacles and difficulties, one ally that Jayden has is his ability to continually withstand pressure. He has surprising tenacity and toughness and can persevere through hard times. As he grows, he will develop an unusual degree of inner self-reliance also.

Jayden's Kiddie Star Sign Chart Wheel. Britney's Chart Wheel

To get an idea about and anecdotal story about a child with Saturn aspects, check out oldies but goodies from a year ago, posted yesterday, talking about her son and a Saturn experience with a stop sign. and also a very touching exchange with his friend's phone messages about her grandmother. Here's Britney's Kiddiegram

earlier posts: ( Britney's Sons and Grandfather's Custody, Piece of Cake Britney's Birthday Bash for the Boys) (K-Fed Gets The Kids)
Do you know what sign your child's Saturn is in, and what house it is in and aspects to it?
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Master Tigress Angelina Talks Kung Fu Panda and Kids

Angelina Jolie whose voice is Master Tigress on the Kung Fu Panda film just released on DVD says that she is pleased that her kids were pleased she lent her voice to the project and that they all play with the  Master Tigress "Mom" dolls. The reporters peppered her with questions on her kids and she noted that although the twins Knox and Vivienne were still only four months old  that by the time the sequel  Kung Fu Panda movie Pandamonium is out in 2011 the twins will be able to enjoy the movie with their siblings. She noted that their little personalities are starting to shine mostly through their smiling.

Master Tigress Jolie has a Cancer ascendant at 28 degrees. Conjunct the smiling little personality suns of her little Cancer twins with their Suns (20 degrees) conjunct Venus (29 degrees)!

Mlle Kiddie notes that the twins have their Sun in Cancer  in the seventh house.  Which is good when you live in Pandamonium in a house of six kids (as of November 2008 with more always promised)
  Knox and Vivienne are  "people persons" who may have little inclination or taste for solitude.  Finding interesting things to do when  on their own can be challenging.  Companionship and friendship are everything to them and they may not act very decisively unless they know that at least one other person approves of their actions. Because of this, their friends and other significant people in their life can unduly influence them.  One or both may also be a bit of a busybody because they so much want to be actively involved in others' lives.  They will play advisers, peace-makers, go-betweens, or counselors to their  playmates and friends throughout their lives.

Here is their Kiddie Star Signs Chart Wheel
Their Mom's Kiddie Star Sign Chart Wheel 
Master Tigress Angelina Jolie's Kiddiegram Report.

Friday, November 07, 2008

American Girls: Sasha and Malia Obama

With her Cancer Sun trine her Scorpio Moon, Malia Obama as Mlle Kiddie notes from her partial Kiddiegram (based on July 4, 1998 Chicago, IL) has the inner harmony symbolized in the mandala that is her birth chart to deal with the sudden change that has catapulted her into the public arena. Because the Sun generally represents the Dad and the Moon the Mother in a child's chart, we note the auspicious union of these two parental influences working in concert.

Sun trine Moon
Malia is usually in harmony with herself and therefore she has the confidence and assurance to meet whatever obstacles she faces in life. Her home life and family relationships give her a positive feeling about herself which overflows into all other aspects of her life

Her younger sister Natasha, known as "Sasha" (June 10, 2001 Chicago, IL) has wonderful Jupiter aspects.Her Gemini Sun conjuncts Jupiter and this Gemini Jupiter trines Uranus:
Jupiter trine Uranus (Strength: 3.86)
Sasha is apt to be very "lucky" especially when she trusts her instincts and intuition. She has an excellent sense of timing and an uncanny knack of showing up at the right place and the right time. Because she is enthusiastic and open-minded, she attracts opportunities to go places (both literally and figuratively) that more conservative family members will never see. Dancing, music, and other exuberant, joyful activities will be important to her for all of her life

The American Girl flagship store is a fixture on Chicago's Michigan Avenue. The Trib already has written a "new American Girl story" about these two young Chicagoans who will be moving soon to zip code 20500 (cf earlier po sts on their Dad: It's in the Stars 11/04/08 and Dreams From My Mother11/05/08)

Malia and Sasha Obama find their lives turned upside down when their father becomes president and moves the family into the White House. Their new home is a fully staffed mansion with a swimming pool, movie theater and bowling alley, but will the sisters ever feel comfortable inside the ornately decorated 135-room house? With their mother's help, the First Daughters must learn to adjust so their father can concentrate on helping the country!

Source of birth data for Sasha birth data source for Malia Ann
Photo and Story Source Chicago Tribune What is a Kiddiegram? Get Your Gram!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Double Virgo Jada Reprises Happy Hefty Hippo Role

In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith reprises her role as the voice of Gloria the Hippo on the lam with her Zoo pals. The original movie was the first movie of hers her kids could watch. Like the hefty happy hippo, she has a strong personality and a lot of self esteem. Smith noted in an interview with that .Gloria is comfortable in her own skin. "That's what makes Gloria so fabulous. She just loves being Gloria" She's the mother of three ; 8 year old Willow , ten year old Jaden and 15 year old stepson Trey, Smith's son from a previous marriage. Besides her work, the family has three cats, two dogs, and a red tail boa constrictor called Beauty. Mlle Kiddie wrote up the star charts on this family of actors in an earlier post (Pursuit of Happyness: Will Smith's Little Talent Agency)

Where does she get that being comfortable in her own skin? Jada has Sun and Venus conjunct Pluto, her Jupiter and her Neptune are conjunct at zero degrees Sagittarius. Her Sun and Moon are both in the same sign as Virgo. This inner and outer harmony (although a little bit of perfectionist! as her Mercury is in Virgo as well) allows her to be the emotions she feels, so that Gloria persona can dish with the best of them and be as fabulous as she feels.
Sun Conjunct Venus:
Jada is affectionate and sociable, and her friendliness will open doors for her throughout her life. However, she may depend more on her charm and attractiveness, rather than personal effort, to make her way in the world.
She has a natural sense of beauty, art, and style, and she appreciates tastefulness and gracefulness in small, everyday matters. Try to encourage any creative interests she shows, as she is likely to be artistically gifted, though perhaps unmotivated to develop her talent.
Sun Conjunct Pluto:
Jada is very willful and when she wants something, she goes after it wholeheartedly, even fanatically, but she may hide her intentions, as she has a very private side. She tends to go to extremes. She may have an infatuation with power, fame, or personal glory, and she needs to learn to use her own power effectively. Gentle martial arts like aikido would be very good for her.
She is also very fascinated by the mysteries of life and death. She is likely to ask some very searching questions about death at an early age.
What is a Kiddiegram? Get Your Gram!

Powered by Cheetos: The Jolie-Pitt Children

Nothing like hot-tot product placement, particularly the jet-set type. Maman et Bebe noted this visual product placement for the Jolie-Pitt Children, Shiloh and Pax both carrying bags of Cheetos. Kind of a refreshing shot as companies always vie to "place" products with

celebrities and Angelina Jolie, being the Gemini that she is somehow being above the fray about allowing her kids to have crispy crunchy non carrot treats. Perhaps it's because this Moon in Aries Mom (with her Jupiter conjunct Moon conjunct Mars in the ninth house conjunct her MC) being a goodwill ambassador for the UN as advocate for the hungry and homeless children of the world has her focused on more important issues .

Here's what Mlle Kiddie found so intriguing about this humanitarian spokesman and Cancer rising Mom that explains her ability to wander the globe tots in tow..from her Kiddiegram.

Moon in the Ninth House
Restless moods and a longing for the freedom of wide open spaces come over Angelina from time to time. She gets cranky when she feels confined or bored. Long distance travel, which she may or may not experience as a youngster, will satisfy something in her soul as nothing else will. Stories of faraway places, studying the customs of foreign cultures, and especially enjoying exotic cuisine are all ways this yearning for the faraway can be at once fostered and fulfilled.

Star Sign Chart Wheel for Angelina Jolie. Her Kiddiegram source

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dreams From My Mother. Barack Obama's Mom 's Star Signs

Barack Obama will be the new kid in on the block in zip code 20500
(yesterday's election post:It's In the Stars ). Here he is with his Mom.
Did she every realize that her son would grow up to become President of the United States? Stanley Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942 Fort Leavenworth, Kansas) was a Sagittarius Sun (exact conjunction to her Mercury and conjunct Venus) with a Moon in Leo. Her North Node in Leo was at 29 degrees, very near her son's North Node in Leo at 27 degrees 54 seconds Regulus (Persian for Heart of the Lion) is the fixed star which is a star associated with royalty. The Regulus connection shows that in a sense his ascent was somewhat destined. It was in the stars! to those who track Regulus in star charts.
With Obama's Venus in the fourth house in Cancer, he was raised in a very loving environment. He pays tribute to his Mom and his grandparents in his book Dreams From My Father.

And here's what Mlle Kiddie found out about President Elect Barack Obama's North Node in Leo conjunct Regulus:
North Node in Leo
The qualities Barack needs in order to succeed in this endeavor are belief in himself and the willingness to following his own heart, rather than concerning himself with what his peers want or think about him A healthy dose of "selfishness" is in his own, and ultimately everyone else's, best interests.
North Node in the Seventh House
Barack's life path has very much to do with developing both a sensitive awareness of other people and the capacity to cooperate. He's learning to temper competitive or selfish impulses with a concern for the others around him Friendships and close partnerships are therefore of paramount importance to him all his life, and he may develop an unusual gift for bringing people together.
His destiny is really about "us" rather than "me", about finding a balance between independence and harmonizing with significant others in his life. Understanding this, you as his parent or caring elder may encourage him to value his connections to people and to work on resolving conflicts with others when they arise.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's In the Stars:New Kid On The Block in Zip 20500

One of these men will be the New Kid on the Block in Washington's most prestigious zip code when the final votes are in and counted.
One of them will be the new Mr. Prez
John McCain was born in Colon, Panama (August 29, 1936 6:25pm)
Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii (Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm)
Barack Obama's Chart Wheel
John McCain's Chart Wheel
Both candidates are change agents in their parties.McCain has a Moon in Aquarius and Obama has an Aquarius ascendant (rising sign or persona) and his Jupiter is in Aquarius.
Mlle Kiddie of Kiddiegram discusses their Jupiters, the planet of luck below:

Jupiter in the Tenth House (15 degrees Sagittarius)
As a youngster, John will want to learn all he can about how the "real" (adult) world operates, and how to be effective in it. If a parent or grandparent allows this child to watch them work and takes time to explain the hows and whys of what they are doing, he'll be a wonderful little apprentice. John will be blessed with teachers, mentors, and benefactors who will take a special interest in him building his belief and confidence in himself As a result, he'll have grand aspirations and expectations of what he can achieve in the world. Whether he's of humble origins or born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, he'll aim high. Sometimes other children, or even adults, may envy him for this.
It's important for parents and other influential adults in his life not to over inflate this child's sense of importance. Otherwise, when the inevitable defeats and obstacles arise, he won't know how to cope. And he can sometimes be pompous or self-righteous, which will eventually work against him if he doesn't learn to see himself clearly.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House (0 degrees of Aquarius)
Barack doesn't need to be made much of in order to feel good about himself In fact, he's apt to shy away from the limelight, and thus may not receive the credit and personal recognition he deserves. He likes to help people or other creatures that need him but prefers to do it anonymously.
In his class at school, he may want to succeed and excel, but not at the expense of the other children. He doesn't understand vicious competition. His teachers may neglect him because he doesn't push himself forward or toot his own horn, and in the family he may well be the "good" one who is similarly overlooked. People may coax him to be more outgoing or even more self-serving, but he's actually apt to be extraordinarily "lucky" because of his gentleness.
He may also express a pronounced interest in spirituality, his inner life, and such things as angels, saints, dreams, miracles, and other spiritual phenomena.

source of chart info for Candidates.