Wednesday, December 09, 2020

November's Celebrity Baby: Willa Gray Atkins


To Read Willa's Story
Willa celebrated her fifth birthday! This little Scorpio Born Nov 1,  2015 in Uganda
 has a stellium of planets  and points in Virgo. Her 
Mars, Venus,  and Jupiter along with her North Node and
Part of Fortune are in that sign. Her Moon is in Cancer. Why is Mlle Kiddie

not surprised that her Mom is a Scorpio too! (Nov 8) and they share a birthday week.
They both share water moons, Willa has a Moon in Cancer and her nurturing Mom
and American nurse has a Moon in Pisces. Scorpio is also a water sign, so this combination just shouts,
 Still Waters Run Deep! What a special bond, and what a proud father, Thomas Rhett must be
with Willa, and two other daughters  Ada and Lennon who have Willa as their big sister!