Monday, November 10, 2008

Back to Serenity Britney Spears & Jayden Leave Hospital

Britney Spears was home for a visit to Kentwood, Louisiana Sunday. had the story from her website that her younger son Jayden was rushed to the hospital for 24 hours. This picture from e! shows that his visit to the emergency room for a bad reaction to something he ingested had a happy ending. He left the hospital with his Mom and went back to her family's "Serenity" compound last night.

Since this is a baby step astrology blog, talking about simple aspects
in an anecdotal fashion that will help people understand celebrity children's charts and their interactions and cosmic connections with their famous parents charts, Mlle Kiddie doesn't go into transits. And since difficult ties (difficulties) are to be understood and lived, let's see how Jayden's Kiddiegram chart wheel notes traits that helped him to cope with a sudden hospitalization. at the age of two (having already gone through tumultuous first year during his parents divorce and his mother's "horrible years" (cf earlier post Britney's Sons and Grandfather's Custody)

Luckily Mlle Kiddie notes that he has Saturn trine Pluto
As he meets obstacles and difficulties, one ally that Jayden has is his ability to continually withstand pressure. He has surprising tenacity and toughness and can persevere through hard times. As he grows, he will develop an unusual degree of inner self-reliance also.

Jayden's Kiddie Star Sign Chart Wheel. Britney's Chart Wheel

To get an idea about and anecdotal story about a child with Saturn aspects, check out oldies but goodies from a year ago, posted yesterday, talking about her son and a Saturn experience with a stop sign. and also a very touching exchange with his friend's phone messages about her grandmother. Here's Britney's Kiddiegram

earlier posts: ( Britney's Sons and Grandfather's Custody, Piece of Cake Britney's Birthday Bash for the Boys) (K-Fed Gets The Kids)
Do you know what sign your child's Saturn is in, and what house it is in and aspects to it?
What's a Kiddiegram? Get Your Gram!)
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