Thursday, November 06, 2008

Powered by Cheetos: The Jolie-Pitt Children

Nothing like hot-tot product placement, particularly the jet-set type. Maman et Bebe noted this visual product placement for the Jolie-Pitt Children, Shiloh and Pax both carrying bags of Cheetos. Kind of a refreshing shot as companies always vie to "place" products with

celebrities and Angelina Jolie, being the Gemini that she is somehow being above the fray about allowing her kids to have crispy crunchy non carrot treats. Perhaps it's because this Moon in Aries Mom (with her Jupiter conjunct Moon conjunct Mars in the ninth house conjunct her MC) being a goodwill ambassador for the UN as advocate for the hungry and homeless children of the world has her focused on more important issues .

Here's what Mlle Kiddie found so intriguing about this humanitarian spokesman and Cancer rising Mom that explains her ability to wander the globe tots in tow..from her Kiddiegram.

Moon in the Ninth House
Restless moods and a longing for the freedom of wide open spaces come over Angelina from time to time. She gets cranky when she feels confined or bored. Long distance travel, which she may or may not experience as a youngster, will satisfy something in her soul as nothing else will. Stories of faraway places, studying the customs of foreign cultures, and especially enjoying exotic cuisine are all ways this yearning for the faraway can be at once fostered and fulfilled.

Star Sign Chart Wheel for Angelina Jolie. Her Kiddiegram source
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