Saturday, November 01, 2008

Baby Bump for Jennifer Aniston is a NO Brainer

Just Jared .com ran a series of photos of Jennifer Aniston visiting her formerly estranged Mom in West Hollywood last week  one of which (not this one) showing a supposed baby bump. Her reps have categorically said No Way Jose, but anyone with astrological knowledge could look at her chart wheel and figure it we said earlier, Mlle Kiddie doesn't get into progressions for kids, but here's the chart wheel for anyone who wants to guess whether this star will deliver a July baby. Aniston's rep told Entertainment Tonight: Give me a break she's NOT pregnant.

And just for fun, from her Kiddiegram:

Sun sextile Moon
Jennifer has an inner sense of harmony and emotional balance which enables her to face whatever obstacles she meets in life with assurance. She has the happy ability to accommodate others while still being true to herself
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