Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Willow Smith Can Date When She's 40?!

Will Smith
Libra Will Smith has been touring to promote the third Men in Black film, along with his wife, Jada, and daughter Willow. In a recent interview with People, Will expressed some trepidation about his daughter dating:
"When Willow does bring a boy home, I'm going to screen him and find out everything about him. And that's going to happen when she's 40, when she's allowed to go on dates!"
He's almost not kidding! With his Scorpio Moon, he is a fiercely protective parent. While every parent worries about their child's dating future at some point, Will may have probably already noticed that Willow can be drawn to the deep, mysterious, broody type, with her Scorpio Sun nature. Venus often has a great deal to do with the kind of people we are attracted to, and it's in the lighthearted sign of Sagittarius, so she might typically be attracted to larger-than-life, playful, optimistic type characters; however, Pluto being so close to Venus alters that perspective a little. Instead of the bright, cheerful side of Sagittarius, Pluto might tone it down a little, taking her into the Scorpio realm again. She might go for those dark, philosophical types. Bring on the boys in goatees and turtlenecks!

Willow's got a pretty good head on her shoulders, though, and Will's no doubt seen that as well. With her south node and Moon in the prudent sign of Capricorn, she doesn't reveal herself right away, seeming more like an open book than she really is. She's also got Mars in Virgo, a sign which also tends toward carefulness rather than carelessness. She'll no doubt have to fend 'em off with a stick, as the saying goes. Open-hearted Jupiter is parked right on her open-minded Gemini Ascendant, which no doubt is what attracts so many people to her--she radiates fun! 

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gemini Signature Star Child: Coco Riley Arquette

Courteney Cox
Coco, daughter of Courteney Cox and David Arquette, is our featured Gemini "Star Child." The Kiddiegram reports are the heart and soul of Kiddiegram, because they were created out of a desire to help you understand and nurture your precious one in the unique ways they need. A Kiddiegram is truly a "user's manual for parents.

David Arquette
Coco not only has her sun in the sign of Gemini, but also Mercury and Venus. It's typically known that Geminis are often knowledgeable (even if they only know a little about a whole lot) and have a love for learning and talking, and talking, and has talking been mentioned, too?! But with Mercury (the planet of thinking, learning, and oh yes, talking) in this sign so close to her Sun, she gets double the effect (or would that be quadruple, since Gemini is already the sign of the twins)? With Venus there as well, she can definitely turn on the charm when she wants to, utilizing Gemini's flexibility to get along with just about anyone, at least for a short period of time. It's a good thing her down-to-earth Taurus moon can keep her grounded. Gemini is often wanting to go in all directions at once, drawn to whatever catches it's attention at the moment, but Taurus wants to just sit still and let the world come to it!

Gemini usually likes to keep things lighthearted, but Coco has brooding Pluto opposite her Sun's position, which lends a certain hard-edged wisdom and insight to what she already easily observes around her. Coco is definitely intellectually shrewd. More on this aspect from Coco's Kiddiegram:

Sun opposite Pluto
      Coco Riley is very willful in a quiet, subtle way and she has a very private, hidden, secretive side that she shares with very few people. She wants to be in control of her own life and she is inclined to resist or even undermine anyone in a position of authority. Becoming a significant or powerful person in her own right is important to her, so she is likely to push away from or struggle with anyone who has power over her. Try not to force your own will upon her unnecessarily, as she is likely to resent it fiercely.

     Coco Riley is a complex person and she may have strong inner drives or ambitions that even she does not totally understand. She tends to go to extremes and be a bit of a fanatic, in her own way.

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Previous Gemini Signature Star Children: 

*No birth time is publicly known for Coco, so her Kiddiegram report only reflects information that can be determined from birth date alone.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother Moon: Liv Tyler's Natural Nurture

May is for moms; please enjoy this May spotlight on the astrology of our favorite Hollywood moms! 
Actress Liv Tyler
Cancer Liv Tyler is mom to only son, 7-year-old Sagittarius Milo. There's plenty more to Cancer than playing mom, but Cancer is often called the mothering sign out of a desire to provide nurture, shelter, and loyalty to loved ones, so naturally their own children are perfect candidates to receive their nurturing nature. Not only is Liv's Sun in Cancer and therefore a central part of her identity, but her rising sign is also Cancer, indicating that her outlook is also shaped by this desire to give love and nurture, and protect herself and her loved ones. Cancer rising, when expressed healthily, is a very loving, kind, and gentle energy that radiates. Sometimes Cancer loves so much and so fiercely that they can be over-protective. They can also get so wrapped up in what or who they are loving, that they forget about themselves or forgo their own needs too often.

But lest we think Liv a classic smother-mother, it's important to recognize that she knows the value of independence for herself and her children due to her Capricorn moon. The moon is very significant when it comes to someone's nurturing style, and what kinds of behaviors they might think are loving and nurturing. In Capricorn, Liv will naturally want Milo to learn how to take care of things himself and won't want to coddle him too much as it can create unhealthy dependency. Milo and Liv are fortunate in that they both have Capricorn moons, which is an easy point of compatibility between them. They're both more likely to have the same ideas about how they interpret nurturing behaviors.

While all parents typically go through some sort of internal tug-of-war with themselves about what is too much or what is not enough on the love and discipline scales, this classic seesaw effect is very prominent in Liv's chart. One of her primary concerns in parenting is probably just this: how much to assist and provide and love, and how much to hold back and let her child do it himself. This tension in her is probably one of the things that makes her a great and thoughtful mom!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother Moon: Beyonce, Baby!

May is for moms; please enjoy this May spotlight on the astrology of our favorite Hollywood moms! 

Virgo Beyoncé Knowles is new mom to Blue Ivy, her Capricorn baby girl born just this year in January. A Virgo mom, like most moms, always tries to do her best, but can often be quite anxious about possibly doing something wrong and can let their imagination about frightful consequences run away with them! A good support system can help calm Virgo worries, and so can a "just-in-case" system of supplies and phone numbers!

Beyoncé's moon is in Scorpio, so she'll prefer deep bonding with anyone in her most intimate circle, but with Uranus close to her Moon, she often needs more space in relationships with others and can be elusive to get to know. As she bonds deeply with her daughter, she'll no doubt experience the joys and fears of what it means to be closer and more affected by someone in your life than ever before.With her south node in Aquarius, she's more comfortable standing back and observing, but her Mars and north node in Leo are all about leaping into life with both feet. Obviously the Leo creativity shows in Beyoncé's career, but there is a playfulness and silliness to Leo which Baby Blue will bring out in spades!

Image of Beyoncé and Blue is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Beyoncé


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother Moon: Charlize Theron

May is for moms so please enjoy this spotlight on the astrology of our favorite Hollywood moms!

Charlize Theron surprised many when she adopted her baby boy Jackson in March, then 4 months old. Charlize is a double Leo, born around a new moon when both the sun and moon were traveling through the charismatic sign of Leo. 

In a recent interview with MTV, Charlize said 'she wasn't going to judge herself too much right now,' a realization that came with the aid of a humorous children's book for adults. Where Leos really shine is their ability to not take themselves or life too seriously, to laugh at life and themselves, not out of humility or embarrassment, but out of self-appreciation and healthy self-regard, something that allows others around them to more easily feel appreciative of themselves and a great example for little Jackson. She'll no doubt also embody that great Leo playfulness. If you don't think of Leo as playful, just imagine a cat playing with a string: mischievously pouncing from around a corner and rolling around on the floor; that's one thing a Leo mom might really love to do with their young kids!

As an über Leo mom, one might expect that she might be a bit of a diva mom, but her south node in laid-back Taurus makes her more comfortable outside of diva-type drama. A Leo mom will definitely rule the roost though, so no sass!

Image of Charlize Theron is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Credit: Gage Skidmore

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother Moon: Jennifer Garner Does it All!

Mother's Day is approaching (May 13th) so please enjoy this May spotlight on the astrology of our favorite Hollywood moms!

Whenever Jennifer Garner is spotted out and about, it's typically with at least one of her three children in tow! Whether it's karate class, dance class, a birthday party or a mom and daughter mani-pedis, Jennifer has proven herself to be a "world-class mom" according to her husband Ben Affleck (and Mlle. Kiddie thinks she's pretty great too!)

multitasking mom
If it seems like Jennifer Garner has to have cloned herself to keep up with three kids and all their activities, you can thank her whopping four planets in Gemini, the sign of the twins, for the mountain of multitasking she seems to accomplish for her three kids Violet, Serafina, and Samuel. Gemini always has something going on (make that two or three somethings) and is often good at juggling their lives. They like to keep it interesting by pursuing many interests and activities, and are always having new ideas. Mars, the planet of action, is one of the four planets in Gemini in Jennifer's chart, so keeping on-the-go is second nature to her. Gemini tends to get restless if it sits still for too long. That's not to say that a mom of three kids couldn't use a nap, to say the least!

The moon specifically correlates with our nurturing style, and Jennifer's Gemini moon reveals she's likely to want to nurture her children especially by listening to what they have to say and offering advice or asking questions that can help them express what they want and need. Helping her kids learn to work through their problems by reasoning them through is one probable way she'll help them gain independence.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Parenting with Astrology: Dramatic Sensitivity

Amy Herring has been a professional astrologer for 15 years and a proud mother for 7 of those years. She has joyfully accepted Mlle. Kiddie’s gracious offer to share her thoughts once a month here at Kiddie Star Signs. To find out more about Amy and her personal readings for parents and children, visit her website at http://heavenlytruth.com.

Money and fame don’t solve every problem. Celebrity moms have their hopes and worries for their children too. However, Mlle. Kiddie would like to offer ‘everyday’ moms a chance to see astrology put into action to answer their parenting questions. After all, famous or not, you’re the world to your kids! If you’ve got a question about your child that you’d like Amy to answer, send your questions any time to amy@heavenlytruth.com.

Helen writes:
My daughter Elizabeth is very emotionally sensitive. When she has her feelings hurt, she often takes a long time to bounce back, sulks, and cries sometimes for an extended period, seemingly unable to pull herself out of her mood. I want to be sensitive to her feelings but I often feel impatient or bewildered when it's so intense. I am hoping to get more insight into where this comes from.
9-year-old Elizabeth ~ (click to enlarge)

Amy answers:

Immediately I'm drawn to the sun and moon in the twelfth house and the twelfth sign (Pisces) as the primary astrological "source" of sensitivity in Elizabeth's chart. The word sensitivity often has negative connotations in our society and it's important to take a moment to redefine it. While heightened sensitivity presents some challenges such as more frequent ups and downs, it also allows for greater empathy, compassion, and emotional self-exploration. The archetype of Pisces is about absorption, being metaphorically porous in order to experience things on a level that is beyond just the self. She feels on a grand scale and is sensitive not only to her own emotional state but the state of others around her. Learning to manage her emotions without invalidating them or suppressing them outright will be an important life skill. Sometimes something as simple as solitude can help her momentarily remove herself from external stimulus so she can deal with what's going on inside more efficiently.

Elizabeth has virtually no earth element in her chart, so she's not going to be swayed by arguments that are solely based on practicality. Emotions and emotional responses cannot be measured on a scale of convenience, so whenever you can, walking through the emotion and helping her find her way to the other side (as opposed to just fanning the "flames," so to speak) is the challenge. With a strong water and fire elemental orientation, she is going to respond to life by how she feels, which are more likely to dictate her decisions and actions more than what's sensible purely for dispassionate reasons. However, she has a wealth of Aquarius, the element of air, so cultivating objectivity and learning to detach from the emotional impact of some situations will help her, over her lifetime, will help her deal with emotional overwhelm better as she grows older.

The south node's placement in Sagittarius can emphasize an orientation toward big and immediate responses to life, and in the watery 8th house, these reactions come from deep and intense impulses. Moving toward a Gemini north node indicates that it's an important life lesson for her to learn how to mitigate the intensity of the south node (as we all are learning to do), by thinking before acting, not just using proper judgment and restraint, but specifically by learning to evaluate situations from a more balanced perspective - objectively as well as subjectively.

In childhood, we typically see the undiluted strength of the orientation of the south node, because for all of us, even adults, it is a comfort zone. It's not bad but it can be too excess, causing us difficulty in making sense of the world from only one perspective. The north node work is a lifelong process that we reach for to bring more balance to our lives overall and over time. So don't expect this to change overnight! She'll be using this lifetime to learn different skills and a different perspective, without invalidating or shaming her natural inclinations.

Hope that provided some insight. Thanks for your question!

Would you like some input on how to understand and nurture your child in the most effective way for their unique needs? Amy offers readings for parents and children; find out more at her website. If you would like to submit a question for her monthly blog here, email her anytime!

Monday, May 07, 2012

New Arrival for Jessica Simpson: Maxwell Drew

Jessica Simpson and husband-to-be Eric Johnson welcomed their first child on May 1st, Maxwell Drew!*

Mom Jessica and little Maxwell are likely to be not just mother and daughter, but good friends. Venus, the planet of friendship, is in the same sign in the charts of both mom and daughter, the sign of Gemini. Gemini is an active and talkative sign; Mlle. Kiddie can imagine mother-daughter spa dates and gossip sessions in their future! Jessica's Jupiter also lies close to Maxwell's Mars, so she can be a great source of encouragement for her daughter to take action and follow her dreams.

Maxwell's Mars in Virgo is a hard-working placement, but Mars lies in opposition with Neptune, the planet of dreams and vision. When two planets are in opposition, they can represent a tug of war within a person. Since Maxwell is pretty grounded, with a Sun in down-to-earth Taurus and a practical Virgo moon, it'll probably be easier for the sensible side of her to win out over the visionary side, so mom's encouraging influence through Jupiter and nurturing Cancer sun shows that Jessica will have some important things to offer her daughter (although Maxwell will probably show her a thing or two as well!)

*birth time is approximate. Interpretation dependent on exact birth time has been omitted.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ramona's Kid Sister: Gloria Ray

Ramona Sarsgaard became a big sister on April 19th! Gloria Ray was born to Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard.

Born on the last day of Aries, Mlle. Kiddie can't be sure if Gloria is officially an Aries or a Taurus, as the sun changed signs at about noon. Whatever the case, she's got Aries covered, with three planets in this sign, including the moon. With a quick-acting Aries moon and quick thinking Gemini south node, she's likely to be into everything!

She's also likely to be a creative thinker, with the planet of thought, Mercury, so close to Uranus, the planet of invention. He parents will soon see that she will put an unusual spin on situations she's seeing and trying to make sense of. She'll have her own ideas about the explanations for things in the world around her. This Mercury and Uranus team is the very definition of "think outside the box." In Aries, she's likely to pick up on ideas really quickly, and have an sharp instinct for finding an answer, even if she can't explain how she got to it!

Big sister Ramona has three planets in Libra, so the differences between these two may become apparent early on, since Aries and Libra are opposing signs and create friction between each other. However, the bond can be quite strong in situations like these as well. 

Congrats to the Sarsgaard family!