Monday, August 30, 2010

Jagger & Poet: Soleil's Sunshine

Soleil Moon Frye has said that as a child she was "super shy" and didn't come out of her shell until around her 3rd birthday. However, she says that her kids, Poet (5) and Jagger (2) are very expressive. In the August 30th issue of People, she says:
"Jagger is a total comedian, and Poet loves to dance and sing. While Poet is doing ballet, Jagger is cracking jokes. They drive each other crazy. They're so different, but they're also best friends."

Jason Goldberg, Jagger, Soleil, Poet

With her south node and moon in Leo, Jagger is definitely a ham and Poet was born with grace! With her south node in Libra and Venus close by, she is an utter charmer. Venus is the goddess of grace and beauty, including the arts. Poet's desire to express her love of art through performance is reflected in Jupiter also thrown in with Venus and the South Node. Jupiter is expansive and expressive, opening up whatever it touches.

This energy is all contained in her 4th house, which is the house of Home and Family, and our inner sanctuary, where we feel safe and protected, so Poet will feel most comfortable performing for her family. She may be more shy out in public because of her Cancer Ascendant. The Ascendant represents how we present ourselves out in the world and Cancer tends to keep things to themselves until they feel more comfortable.

Poet just had her 5th birthday last Tuesday, August 24th, and celebrated with a "Grease" themed party and carnival at her house! Check out some fun pics here, and here. Happy birthday Poet!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Valentina Keeps It Real

At the wise and worldly age of 2-1/2, Valentina Pinault does not believe in Santa Claus.

Mom Salma says,

"No matter what I say to her, she just doesn't buy it, and she's 2 1/2. I refuse to give it up. I say, 'There is a Santa Claus,' and she says, 'Okay, Mommy. In pretend world, right?' She really doesn't believe. There's nothing I can say to make her believe in Santa Claus."

It may surprise mom, but it's no surprise to Mlle. Kiddie! This kiddo was born with such a level head, she's going to be schooling her mom on the ways of the world before long.

Her south node, Sun, and Saturn all lie in the sign of Virgo, which is a no-nonsense, "just the facts, ma'am" kind of sign. She notices and pays attention to the details and tries to determine how likely something is based on those facts. On top of all of that, her moon lies in the sign of Capricorn, also an earthy, no-nonsense sign. She feels more comfortable (moon) in the realm of the practical and sensible, finding a sturdiness and reliability in it that nurtures her.

The thing that tips the scales entirely, though, is Saturn in Virgo, right next to her south node. The planet Saturn deals with all things in the realm of the real: the yes and no's, is or isn'ts of the world. With Saturn guiding us, we mature by learning how to create and make things real and the limits of what we can and can't do. Valentina was born an inherent sense of the natural laws in life. She's less likely than most kids to believe that a bearded man flies through the air and delivers toys to the entire world in one night.

Her north node lies in Pisces, which is about embracing the fantastical, the mysteries of life, and the imagination. Over time, she'll learn how she can still keep her feet on the ground but dream with the best of them. Mlle. Kiddie encourages mom Salma to keep trying to show Valentina the whimsical side of life, but perhaps with fewer lies, however well-intended. Valentina can smell those a mile away!

photo courtesy of Fotofama

Friday, August 20, 2010

Leelee's Lewi Prayers

8-month-old cutie Louisanna Ray (Lewi for short) appears with her mother, Leelee Sobieski, in the latest issue of People magazine. Leelee reveals that when she was pregnant, she prayed for “a lovable and loving, mysterious daughter that I can be fascinated by.”

Were her prayers answered?

Lovable and loving? Check!

Lewi entered this world with a Cancer south node, so she is likely to be very loving and nurturing, and wants hands on nurturing herself. Cancer loves to be cuddled and coddled, with warm blankies, cookies, and lots of kisses--the whole nine yards! She will be experimenting all throughout her life with becoming more independent and adventurous, with that Sagittarius Sun and Capricorn Moon.

Mysterious? Check!

Lewi has her Capricorn moon close together with Pluto in her chart. Capricorn moon people tend to keep their feelings in check and to themselves as a general rule, since they tend to take care of themselves. Lewi will be growing into her Capricorn moon as she learns the balance between independence (Capricorn moon) and interdependence (Cancer south node), but with her moon so close to Pluto, she's likely to have a deep and turbulent heart underneath a cool exterior, so as she grows, Leelee might find herself in the middle of emotional outbursts that seem to come from nowhere! Mysterious, indeed.

With mom Leelee’s wealth of Gemini planets, she enjoys playfulness and curiosity (being very curious herself, especially about her daughter!) and will help coax Lewi's Sagittarian need for adventure and play.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Halle Blueberries' Clever Kiddo

In the September issue of Vogue, Halle Berry shares a story about her little one, Nahla:
I said, 'What's your mommy's name?' And she looked at me like, You idiot. Why are you asking me what your name is? I asked her again: 'Nahla? What is Mommy's name?' She thought about it for a second, and finally she said, 'Halle Blueberries!' Blueberries are her favorite fruit." Berry laughs, "I'm just glad she didn't say 'Halle Blackberry.'"
Kids certainly say the darndest things! At age 2 and change, Nahla is young enough that she probably didn't mean to make a joke! But Nahla is probably going to be full of clever things to say as she gets older. She has Gemini Rising. The Rising sign represents our general view of the world and how we approach it. Gemini is a sign known for its curiosity and quick wit.

With Gemini Rising, that gives Mercury, it's ruling planet, extra strength in Nahla's chart. Her Mercury is in Pisces, conjunct Venus. Pisces is a sign with a rich imagination and Venus gives Nahla's mind a very creative angle. With Mercury so close to Nahla's Midheaven, which is the definitive edge of the 10th house and often an indication of a career direction, perhaps she'll make a living being clever and creative with her mind!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Off to School for Finn and Hazel!

Phinnaeus and Hazel, the 5-1/2 year old twins of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, are getting ready to head off to school this fall. Mom Julia calls it "bittersweet" and thinks that her youngest, 3-year-old Henry, is more excited than they are! So how are they likely to fair in school?

Hazel's chart is shown here, born at 1:21 am, but Finn's chart is basically identical at 1:22 am.

From an academic standpoint, Finn and Hazel have Virgo Rising, so they approach the world with a desire to do their best and may, on one hand, enjoy the checks and measures of their progress that a structured school environment can offer. Someone with significant Virgo energy feels most comfortable when they know what's expected of them so they have a better chance at meeting those expectations and feeling like they've done something 'right'.

They also will have a natural ability to apply themselves deeply to whatever they are working on, as long as it engages their interest. This comes primarily from the three planets (including the south node) in Scorpio in the 2nd house. Scorpio sees things through, almost to a point of obsession, and the 2nd house is all about applying oneself and seeing results. Confidence could be an issue, but with Jupiter in their 1st house they are likely to have a positive outlook to sustain them.

Their teachers may find them quite controversial and outspoken in their opinions. With a Gemini Moon in the 9th house, they are broad thinkers and like to ask questions, not just go with the program entirely. They also have their Sagittarius Sun in the 3rd house, so they love to experiment with their thinking and they have a very expansive point of view. They may experience personal clashes between their desire to think for themselves and think bigger (Sagittarius/Gemini, 3rd/9th house), yet produce school assignments that earn good grades and meet expectations set for them (Virgo).

Mercury conjunct Pluto (also in Sagittarius, 3rd house) will reveal their intelligence and their ability for deep understanding of a variety of topics, but also a tendency to cling hard to their own opinions. They'll really love teachers that allow them the freedom to use their minds but has something to teach them. Teachers with no imagination or flexibility may find Hazel and Finn trying to take over!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Courtney Cox says daughter Coco is dramatic

"She's very confident and funny. She's so dramatic already. She laughs hard. She pouts hard. She cries hard. She loves hard. If she can't find something, it's the end of the world."

So says mom Courtney Cox of 5-year-old daughter Coco, who Courtney says wouldn't surprise her if she ended up an actress. Coco may be getting a taste of it soon. Mom and Dad, David, have signed up to star in Scream 4 and Coco may make a brief appearance.

What's behind Coco the Drama Princess? A Scorpio South Node in the 5th House. The South Node is often where we can find our comfort zone behaviors, and therefore sometimes where we have a natural talent.

Scorpio is a rather dramatic sign, feeling everything intensely. 'Crying hard and loving hard' come with the territory with Scorpio, which dives deeply into life's experiences and doesn't hold back, even if it feels overwhelming. The 5th house is a very creative house--it's all about living in the present and expressing the self without holding back. So Coco can throw herself deeply (Scorpio) into whatever she's expressing in the moment (5th house) easily, sometimes too easily.

Will she grow up to be an actress? It's not as likely as it may seem at this early age. We tend to grow beyond our south node tendencies as we get older and grow into the rest of our chart, however, the south node is present throughout our lives. Coco has her moon in Taurus, so she's likely to mellow out as she gets older and leave the drama behind. The acting? Maybe, maybe not!

So for now, bring on Scream 4!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddox!

It was Maddox Jolie-Pitt's 9th birthday yesterday!

Maddox is a Leo Sun, and Mercury, the planet of the mind, the voice, and communication, sits right on top of his Sun. His mom has called him "an intellectual," and quite capable of becoming a writer, and it is no surprise, since any planet that is that close to the Sun gets absorbed into it. Since the Sun is a central part of who we are and our basic identity, planets close to the Sun feed into that identity in a strong way. Leo is all about creative self-expression, and learning to appreciate and open up to what's inside of us that wants to express itself, even if it's goofy or not perfect. Leo enjoys having this natural creativity applauded, and his parents may find that he especially beams when his intellectual accomplishments, poetry, writing, or anything 'Mercurial' that he does are praised.

Maddox has a south node in Capricorn, which can indicate a tendency toward behaviors that are more about necessity, getting things done, and self-reliance. He probably knows how to take care of himself and will make a good older brother, taking care of the needs of those younger and more vulnerable than him. Yet, he has come to embrace a Cancerian energy, with his north node in Cancer. Being adopted into a loving family is perfect for this little soul, because Cancer is a sign of family, and the nurturing and shelter that family, however it's defined, can provide. He is learning about the bonds of love, not just duty and not just depending only on himself, but on a loving clan who can support him.

It's a good thing it's a large family too! Jupiter sits right there on top of his north node, and Jupiter is all about expanding and abundance. Venus is also sandwiched between his north node and Jupiter, in Cancer, so he's learning how to Love (Venus) Big (Jupiter) and allow himself to bond and share himself with his loved ones.

He's got an Aquarius Moon not too far from Uranus, though, which emphasizes individuality and healthy emotional detachment, so he's also learning that it's ok to be himself and do what's right for himself, even if others don't understand it. He'll need support and freedom from his parents to blossom in this.

Happy 9th Birthday, Maddox!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Parenting with Astrology: Competitiveness

Amy Herring has been a professional astrologer for 15 years and a proud mother for 5 of those years. She has joyfully accepted Mlle. Kiddie’s gracious offer to share her thoughts once a month here at Kiddie Star Signs. To find out more about Amy and her personal readings for parents and children, visit her website at

Money and fame don’t solve every problem. Celebrity moms have their hopes and worries for their children too. However, I’d like to offer ‘everyday’ moms a chance to see astrology put into action to answer their parenting questions. After all, famous or not, you’re the world to your kids! If you’ve got a question about your child that you’d like Amy to answer, send your questions to

Kayla writes:
My son Taylor seems to have a stronger competitive streak than I've seen in other kids. He goes ballistic when he doesn't win, crying and whining. When he does win, he likes to 'rub it in,' and he often feels the need to point out when someone else is doing poorly in a game (mostly, it seems, to differentiate that he is not doing as poorly). He also tends to make a competition out of a lot of things, not just games. Where does this come from?

This is an issue that Taylor was born with as it's wrapped up with nodes, particularly in the planets that are involved with his nodes. With the south node in his first house, he's entered this life feeling like he needs to look out for himself, and possibly finding it difficult to trust others or work in partnership with others, since Venus, the planet of relationship in the house of relationship is opposed his south node, which is a stressful aspect.

His Moon is in Virgo and is forming a square
(also a stressful aspect) to his north and south nodes. A Virgo Moon has a strong emotional desire to feel like they are their best, which can often easily get mistranslated to having to be The Best, not just their best. Virgo has an inherent understanding of flaws and a natural critical eye, so it's all too good at seeing what is wrong with everything, starting with themselves. In the context of his south node (the above paragraph), he's operating on a subconscious level of thinking of everything in terms of me (first house south node) vs. them (venus in the 7th house of relationship). His measurement of whether or not he succeeds or is the best he can be is often in comparison of others' abilities then, not his own.

In the 10th house, there is a desire to stand out to the world as being the best, so again, it's not just his personal best, but it's the measurement of the world that counts, and measurable successes in the world.

On the other side of his chart is another square to his nodes, Mars, and Uranus. Uranus is directly opposed his Moon, in the sign of Pisces and the 4th house. This is a very 'just be yourself, trust yourself, and forgive yourself,' kind of signature. So he has two opposing desires in himself that he fights against: the desire to just relax into who he is, and the desire to stretch beyond who he is, and both of these desires are always measured against what other people are doing and thinking.

Mars is also close by, but in Aquarius in the 3rd house, which has a similar desire as Uranus, but is more particularly aimed at his voice, his intelligence, and his opinions (3rd house), and his ability to be comfortable with looking at things a little differently (Aquarius) than others might see them. However, since there's a focus and a comparison on other people, he might have a built in desire but insecurity regarding what he sees, learns, and believes, vs. what other people see and believe. This is further demonstrated by the fact that Mercury, the planet of our voice, intelligence, and opinions, is opposite his south node along with Venus, so it's not just other people, but what other people think that causes him the greatest stress.

This goes a bit beyond a simple "I want others to like me and think I'm good" idea, however. This is more about how a mistrust and a difficulty in cooperation with others interacts in a challenging way with his inherent and already challenging inner war: be the best, perfect, and successful at everything you do, but just be yourself too. When he is not his best (Virgo Moon), he is very hurt and possibly quite ashamed, especially if others are watching or measuring him (even others that are kind and non-judgmental), so he'll be likely to defend himself from feeling vulnerable and 'wrong' with anger (Mars).

This is something he'll be working out throughout his life, but of course it's sharper and more extreme in childhood, before he's learned many coping mechanisms for the jumble of feelings that come up inside of him when he loses at anything. Here are a couple of ideas to focus on, to teach him to understand his feelings, and to cope.

Be sure to listen to him. When he is expressing frustration, the best way for him to get it out is to talk about it. Don't cut him off or just tell him to get over it; that may be more likely to foster the mistrust vs. build him up or help him cope.

Play cooperative games and activities often.
Find games and other activities that have a teamwork component built into them, where it's everyone working toward a goal together, and everyone can bring their own unique abilities to the table with everyone sharing in the success. These can be challenging situations for him because he'll still want to approach the situation as competitive, but it can help him to see life situations where competition isn't needed and even gets in the way.

Don't avoid competitive situations.
It can be tempting to avoid situations where his temper will rise, but these are prime situations where you can help him learn how to redirect himself, by allowing him to learn to cope with what to do his feelings if he loses and how to try again (Virgo can have a vulnerability to not wanting to try if they can't do it right the first time).

Give him examples
from your own life or heroes he may look up to that didn't always get it right (like pro-sports players that weren't always good at the game, or inventors who got it 'wrong' a lot first, etc.).

Hopefully these suggestions are helpful. Thanks for your question!

Would you like some input on how to understand and nurture your child in the most effective way for their unique needs? Amy offers readings for parents and children; find out more at her website.