Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taurus Grandmother Taurus Mother Neverland Kids

Katherine Jackson was born May 4, 1930 in Alabama. The grandmother of Michael Jackson's three children, she was awarded custody the world learned yesterday. The birth mother of the two oldest children Paris Michael 11 and Prince Michael 12, Debbie Rowe, born May 14, 1958 received visitation rights.

Taurus is a zodiac sign associated with the earth and material security.

The children's best interests and not money entered into the decision.

The children will be growing up Jackson.

Although not all details have been worked out, Rowe got visits and not more cash. Nothing is more determined than a Taurus and it seems both mother and grandmother were on the same page. The reality is that the children (shown here in 2002) have female figures that are both born under a sign ruled by Venus.

The situation given Katherine's age is not surprising. Psychologists chosen by both women will determine the visitation schedule as the children begin to be reintroduced to their birth mother. Her Moon is in Aries conjunct Venus.

Taurus sun signs are generally affectionate and patient. Of course other factors
enter the mix (moon and rising signs to say nothing of aspects between planets) but they can give a stability that may be just what these children will thrive best with having lost a father, that in his daughter Paris' words was "the best daddy in the world".

The children have been with their grandmother at the Jackson family compound in Encino since their pop singer Dad died, and have been taken care of by Katherine as well as their Aunt Rebbie. Earlier speculation that their Aunt Janet (another Taurus) would be raising them was wrong.

Taurus seems to be in the cards for these kids. (Taurus Greetings Card from Cafe Press)

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lovely Libra Lourdes Leon Request to Madonna

Lourdes"Lola" Leon will turn 13, October 14th. But this lovely Libra, with a Sun in Libra, conjunct her Mercury in Libra conjunct her North Node has been said to spark, if not a reunion, than a civil reconciliation between her Mom and her ex-Guy Ritchie. In the aftermath of their bitter divorce, the pair were always wrangling and bickering and Lourdes had told them in typical Libra fashion that she just wanted them to get along.

Her Mom responded by a new song where she alludes to Ritchie as her eternal love in a new track where she sings about a couple that loved, fought and then loved again.

The couple had been married eight years and have a son Rocco and an adopted son David Banda.
Madonna recently adopted a little girl from Malawi.

Lourdes Birth Data from Astrotheme.

Lourdes Maria Ciccone-Leon Kiddie Star Signs Chart Wheel and Kiddiegram

North Node in Libra
The qualities Lourdes needs in order to succeed in this endeavor are harmony, balance, and learning to appreciate opposing viewpoints. Encourage h
er not to go to extremes, but to find middle ground.

North Node in the Seventh House

Lourdes's life path has very much to do with developing both a sensitive awareness of other people and the capacity to cooperate. She's learning to temper competitive or selfish impulses with a concern for the others around her. Friendships and close partnerships are therefore of paramount importance to her all her life, and she may develop an unusual gift for bringing people together.

Her destiny is really about "us" rather than "me", about finding a balance between independence and harmonizing with significant others in her life. Understanding this, you as her parent or caring elder may encourage her to value her connections to people and to work on resolving conflicts with others when they arise.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sun is in Happy, Jolie-Pitt Brood Have Happy Meals

has the scoop and the pictures, the entire Jolie-Pitt family including the elusive reclusive twins, pictured at a drive through at a California drive in. The Sag and Gemini parents ordered Happy Meals for their brood
and iced coffees for themselves. A happy day for all the kids.
From the smile on their Mom's face it looks like astrologically it was a great day...the kids parents' composite Sun was in Happy and their Moon was in Chill Out. The rising signs? Together.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kelis Has A New Knight "He's Kinda Perfect btw:"

The singer Kelis (August 21, 1979) gave birth to a son Knight Jones July 22. She was in labor for three days but her Leo son was born around nine pm on Tuesday. Although her ex Nas (September 14, 1974 ) announced it first the divorced Mom shared a tweet on her twitter page @iamkelis early am the next morning.

"okay I did it 7.8 pounds of the greatest stuff on earth"

Both parents are asking for full custody of the boy. Since Knight's
Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct Pluto and is in the fourth house Mlle Kiddie is guessing, he'll be with his mother. She's a Leo with a very powerful stellium of planets in Leo. Knight has a Virgo rising, and his Dad is a Virgo with a Venus also in Virgo. His moon, depending on what time he was born is in Leo or Virgo. Mlle Kiddie suspects Leo as he announced the birth on a video posted on hiphop : "Yo, yo, my son is born today. So shout-out to my son Knight"

Mlle Kiddie has done Knight's Kiddiegram and Chart Wheel (http://tinyurl.knightjones).

Pluto in the Fourth House

Knight is apt to have a very intense relationship with one or both of his parent.s It may be stormy and difficult, or it may simply be an unusually close, strong attachment of which he's very much aware. Knight is affected by the emotional undercurrents, secrets, or power dynamics in his home. Healing or clearing away some old family business will be a part of his life task.

Do you have a child born on July 22? Contact Kiddiegram and we'll send you a gift code to calculate their "gram" . If you have a child born on July 22, 2009 and send us a copy
of the birth certificate (well of course the info will stay private in Mlle Kiddie's star bureau) we'll send you a Kiddiegram and include a little Leo bib.

To order a Leo Bib To order a Kiddiegram.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Leo Mom Jennifer Lopez Turns 40

Jennifer Lopez turns 40 today.

Her Astrotheme chart wheel is here.

Her husband Marc Anthony just bought a small stake in the Miami Dolphins and they will be buying a home there.

"Jennifer lovs Miami"

Virgo Dad, Antony said in a recent radio interview.

The couple were presented with two Miami Dolphin Jerseys, one read Lopez and the other Anthony. When asked if he'd be seen wearing a number 16 Jersey, he said no, he' d be in the air conditioned owner's sky-box.

(picture Getty Images, picture source

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Leo Note Cards From The Kiddie Gram Boutique

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aries Parents Parker and Broderick To Live Apart

The Irish Examiner's Breaking News. ie has announced that Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, have announced that they will be living apart.

The parents of newborn twins ( born to a surrogate mother last month) will reside in Manhattan and Brooklyn respectively. Aries Dad Broderick will stay in their townhouse and Aries Mom Parker and the kids will be living in the new neighborhood in Brooklyn in a five million dollar home where they can play in the park away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

James, their six and a half year old son has already lived this way for all of his life so it will be a big adjustment for him as well. The picture from shows him scooting to school with his Dad.

Astrologers will note that the total solar eclipse today at 7:35 pm Pacific will be at 29 and 1/2 degrees of Cancer. conjuncts this child's Moon. Everyone interested in the study of eclipses will find April Elliot Kent's eclipse reports a must have.

Although Mlle Kiddie notes that the child might have a Moon in Leo if born after noon, she believes that James has a Moon in Cancer.

( Also an additional caveat if Broderick is born before noon he could be Pisces and in fact if born even earlier in the day could have a Moon in Virgo. Guesstimate chart wheels are just that, even when calculated by! ).

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Scout La Rue Willis

Named after a character in To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout La Rue Willis turns 18 today.

She was born July 20, 1991. Her divorced parents
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore threw a 1920's themed birthday bash for their Cancer daughter on Friday night. With their mates along but of course.

This poster from All by T. C. Chiu is called Flapper II and if Mlle Kiddie had Scout's address she would email her a birthday greeting using this image. It's a very fun site to send e-cards.

Mlle Kiddie at the moment, only has a guesstimate chart wheel available for Scout. She is a double water sign, she has a Sun in Cancer and a Moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto.
Her star signature says it all, her Mom is a Scorpio and her Pisces Dad (Pluto) is one of Hollywood's most powerful actors.

Mlle has to research where she was born. Her sister Rumer was born in Kentucky.

If you have a son or daughter that is an birthday astral twin of Scout , contact Lord Kiddie if your child is born on July 20, 1991 for a gift Kiddiegram report for you and an grownup Astrogram report for the birthday twin!

You can also Tweet Lord Kiddie @kiddiegram

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taurus Aunt Janet Jackson May Be Mom To Three

Taurus Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson's sister has played an important role in the lives of her brother's three children in the last few weeks. It appears that the children have asked that their Aunt be given the role of being their Mom. Her Sun sign is in the loving, stable sign of Taurus and her Moon in Aries is conjunct her Venus which conjuncts her niece Paris's Sun in Aries. More importantly, her north node is conjunct her Sun in a stellium with Mars and Mercury which indicates that there is a chance that her destiny might be to be a nurturing parent. Her Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer another indicator of emotional nurturing.

She has recently separated from her long time boyfriend and so it seems that she might indeed be in an emotional place to be a supportive, single Mom for the children who have been shielded from the public for so many years . The children are now 12, 11 and 7. ( has the story)

"A source close to the family said: 'Janet's the family backbone. She's busy caring for the kids,
while trying to cope with her own loss. As everyone knows she and Michael were very close.'

Even without exact birth times, Mlle Kiddie notes that the ties between Janet and her neice are very strongs. As AstrologyCafe notes in a stellar explanation about overlays between charts:

"when we look at interchart aspects, we learn much about how two people in a relationship interact and what kind of impact they have on one another"

This impact seems karmic and destined.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gemini Dad & Disney Star Unable to Be A Disneyland Dad

Gemini Dad Johnny Depp bemoans the fact that he's unable to take his kids to Disneyland because of his fame. He has two kids with French actress Vanessa Paradis. The parents share a Sun Moon connection. Depp has a Moon in the sign of Capricorn and Paradis has a Sun in the same sign. The couple have a private 45 acre Bahamian island In a recent mesmerizing Vanity Fair story by Douglas Brinkley we learn that their kids Lily and Jack have beaches on the island named after them.
Lily-Rose Melody Depp was born May 27, 1999 in Paris. her brother John "Jack" Christopher Depp III was born in France as well on April 9, 2002 in a hospital near Paris. This photo was taken by paparazzi when their Mom took them to Disneyland. Photo Source and Story of How It Was Taken at

Depp is playing The Mad Hatter in Disney's new Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton. Maybe if the movie does well, Disney will close the park for part of a day so Depp can visit with his kids.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gemini Mom Angelina Jolie Back To Flying

Big News Network has this story about mother of six Angelina Jolie. She's back to flying her private plane which she bought in 2005 for one and a half million pounds. A few children later she's back to her flying lessons. She took her girls Zahara and Shiloh flying on Friday for almost a half hour in California. Pictures of the girls and their flying Mom on Just Jared.

Well, she is an air-sign, with a lot of Gemini, so no surprise
that she likes to fly away! Hard to believe that twins
Vivienne and Knox celebrate their first birthday today.

Photo source of Jolie on wing of her
Cirrus SR-22 single engine plane.
from Daily

earlier post: A Nice Day In Nice: The Second Coming Has Arrived On the birth of the double water twin last year . Vivienne and Knox were born
with their Sun Sign in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Their Moon sign is in Scorpio. While Angie was flying, Brad was seen on his motorcycle. With six kids, it's clear that these dare-devils parents have great backup help!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Aries Daughter, Paris Jackson May Continue Farewell

The Huffington Post has beautiful photos of Michael Jackson's three children at his memorial. Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II are shown holding copies of the memorial program. Jackson's youngest son is clutching a Michael Jackson doll.

Paris stunned the world by saying her emotional goodbye
to her "Daddy" in front of millions of viewers around the world. Mlle Kiddie wishes she could send all of the kids this beautiful book to read when they are older. The Loss That Is Forever: The Lifelong Impact of The Early Death of a Father or A Mother. by Maxine Harris.

South Africa's has a story that Paris 'is keen to record an additional farewell on a track" for her father and has discussed her desires with her musical aunts, uncles and grandparents who wish to protect her privacy. Although we don't have an exact time of birth for Paris, she has quite a stellium of planets in Aries, and her moon is in Cancer. She was overwhelmed with the from the sudden awareness of her"Daddy's"fame and her exposure to the star-studded performances at the memorial touched her so that her pioneering Aries energy may be propelling her to follow in her father's footsteps.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gossip Girl's Scorpio Mom of Two Opens Up

Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford had a little Gemini daughter Helena Grace June 8, 2009 in Los Angeles. She talks about her life as a single Mom with her two and a half year old Libra son Hermes and her new baby girl in the July 7 th Life & Style.

For more exclusive baby pictures of the new baby girl and the life-changing choices Rutherford made when she was just three months pregnant, pick up this week's issue of Life & Style.

Rutherford is a water sign Mom, with two air sign kids. To see how she might best relate to her kids take a peek at Kiddiegram's interactive parent and child reading for a Scorpio Mom with Libra and Gemini Kids.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Like Father, Like Son Tobey Macguire's Son

Tobey Macguire's son who had been nicknamed "Spiderbaby" pending the announcement of his name has been named after his Dad. Born May 8th, Macguire's Taurus son has been named: Otis Tobias Maguire. The name Tobias is the birth name of Tobey and a formal version of the same name.
well of course it would take eight weeks to reveal his name, the child has a Moon in Scorpio!

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If you have a child born on May 8, 2009 and they are a birthday twin of Otis Tobias Contact Kiddiegam and we will send you a set of Taurus gift cards for invitations to their first birthday next May! Just contact Lord Kiddie and send a copy of your child's birth certificate and a mailing address and Mlle Kiddie will get a set of note cards out to you! Offer will not expire, so send on to a friend.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Leo Rumer Willis: Demi Moore Double New Zip Code

Rumer Glenn Willis was born August 16, 1988 in Paducah, KY zip code 42001, 42002 or 42003 . She is appearing in a cameo role in a more famous zip code this fall,Hollywood's 90210. She'll play the part of a "punky cute lesbian" and who knows, the brief cameo could become a recurring part.

The Leo child of actor parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, she appears in this picture from shewired to look very much like her Mom.
Her sun is in Leo and her Moon, not surprisingly is in Libra. Her Moon is trine her Jupiter notes Mlle Kiddie referring to her partial Kiddiegram report.

Moon trine Jupiter

Rumer has a buoyant, cheerful disposition, and having her around tends to bring others up. She is very generous and open, in a natural, easy-going sort of way, and she attracts many benefits and opportunities in life simply because of her friendliness. However, she is also inclined to let luck take care of her, and she may not push herself hard enough to develop her potential.

Do you have a child who is a birthday twin of Rumer? (August 16, 1988) contact Kiddiegram to claim a printed Kiddiegram report for your child.