Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gemini Adriana Lima: Hot Mama To Have A Winter Baby

Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Francesca Lima is expecting a baby with her NBA-player husband Marko Jaric (October 12, 1978 Belgrade, Servia, Yugoslavia) The couple got engaged on her 27th birthday last year and eloped on Valentine's day this year to marry in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Lima is a Gemini born June 12, 1981 in Salvador de Bahi, Brazil.

Lima is due this winter. So Mlle Kiddie's looking at a couple of Mommy maternity tees, the duo could have a Sagittarius Baby. Or maybe a Scorpio. Or maybe a Capricorn child. Mlle Kiddie hopes

for a Francesca (her Mama's middle name) if the baby is a girl.

Are you pregnant now expecting a winter baby? Email Lord Kiddie at Kiddiegram and sign up for a drawing for a Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn Tee. (all we need is an email address) Drawing will be on June 30th and winner can choose their tee. And when your baby is born Mlle Kiddie will do a printed Kiddiegram report for your little Scorpio, Capricorn or Sagittarius child. If your child turns out to be an astral twin to Lima and Jaric's child, we will also add a Kiddiecam.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Gemini Almost Astral Twins: Shiloh and Kingston

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was born in Namibia on May 27, 2006. She celebrated her first birthday in Prague her second birthday in Cannes and her third birthday probably in New York where her Mom may still be filming and/or she may be visiting her paternal grandparents.

Her almost astral twin, Kingston Rossdale was born in Los Angeles, May 26, 2006, and most likely celebrated his first and second birthdays in California but this birthday week he was on stage with his Mom in Utah. Where the crowd gave him a rousing Happy Birthday Kingston song as his Mom cradled him in her arms on the stage.

Shiloh's chart wheel and Kiddie (Gram)

Birth data Source (for Shiloh) : Astrotheme

Thier Kiddiegram or "grams." can be viewed from these links above and below. Born in the same week but different time zones and places of birth the "almost" astral twins share similar planetary pictures, their chart wheels and thus personality pattern will differ.

Kingston's Gram. His Kiddie Star Wheel

If you have a child born on May 26th or May 27th that is an astral twin of either Kingston
or Shiloh, contact Lord Kiddie and hewill send you a gift Kiddiegram via email that is
graphically enhanced in Mademoiselle Kiddie's Star Bureau. Just email him your child's
date, place, year and time (am or pm) of birth. Be sure and let her know if she'll be doing
a report for a little girl or a little boy Gemini!

Libra Mom: A Mini-Film for Everyday Product, Shampoo.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas are two Libran parents who have kept their kids out of the public eye. Both parents share the same birthday (September 25) although a few years apart.

Their two Star Kiddies, six year old Aries daughter Carys and eight year old Leo son Dylan have probably never seen their Mom shampoo her hair. (Previous Posts: Michael Douglas In Awe of Kids Talents)

And now a seven minute mini "film" advert for Lux Shampoo called "The Alchemist"will begin airing in Japan and China (already on the internet) with a story line that features their Mom in the part of a lab technician who steals a "life enhancing elixir" on the You Tube mini-film to see the story. Although the screenplay was filmed in English it will appear with subtitles and an edited version will appear in some cinemas.

Sometimes kids are embarrassed about what their parents do but Mademoiselle Kiddie thinks these two Kiddie Star Kids with suns in fire signs and fire moons in Sagittarius will like seeing their Mom in this really lux setting. Maybe they can even kiddiecam their Mom in this pioneering venture.

Unilever has used celebrity Moms like Brooke Shields and Jennifer Connelly in their Japanese TV ad campaign along with actress Penelope Cruz.

On September 25th, Lord Kiddie will draw from our list of everyone who enters our monthly Lucky Draw list starting today to give away a free "Fall Equinox" Kiddiecam Flip Camcorder, so simple to use that you just take a video and "flip" out the ingenious connection to your computer to upload, no cords! So elegant and fun. If you would like to enter, sign up for the Lucky Draw and you may win a printed Kiddiegram report or a free electronic report and you will automatically be in the running for this adorable little Kiddiecam, our Flip camcorder with your choice of zodiac designs. You can see the Kiddiecam in the drawings above! As one nine year old said of their family's Kiddiecam, "it's the coolest thing ever" Let your kids make their own seven minute movie of you shampooing your hair! Sign up on the link for Lucky Draw above, or go to Testimonials on

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aries Child: When Batman Is Your Dad

Aquarian Terminator Salvation star (January 30, 1974) Christian Bale met his Serbian -American wife Sandra "Sibi "Blazic (b. April 14, 1971) when he starred with Winnona Ryder in Little Women. At that point Sibi with a degree in Business Adminstration and a career as a model and movie director was Ryder's personal assistant.

In contrast to many celebrity couples, they live a low maintenance life style.

Although Blazic has been a model and appeared in Kevyn Aucoin's makeup book Face Forward the couple live in a one bedroom home, don't drive flashy cars, and Bale maintains "I do everything myself, I go to the supermarket myself, the hardware store." Bale's co-star on Terminator Salvation said it even looked like Bale doesn't even own a cell phone.

Their little Aries daughter Emmaline was born March 27th in 2005. She shares the same
Sun sign as her Mom. When your Dad is Batman, it helps to have a Sun, Venus, Mercury and North Node, in Aries.

Mlle Kiddie has found some of the birth information on Wikipedia but has produced a "guesstimate" chart as she does not have this little Aries powerhouse's birth time. If she was born before noon, her Moon is in Libra, if she was born after noon, her moon will be in the sign of Scorpio as this chart shows.

To find out the precise sign of your child's moon, on a day that the Moon sign changes, go to Kiddiegram's easy Mini-Chart spot and calculate a little report, you will need to have the exact time of your child's birth handy (am or pm).

If your child is born March 27, 2005, he or she is an astral twin of Emmaline.

Contact Mademoiselle Kiddie with a copy of your child's birth certificate (will remain private) and choose a little gift for your Aries son or daughter from our Kiddie Cafe Boutique.

If you don't have a birth certificate handy, and just email us your child's birth data without a verifying document, we'll be happy to send on a graphically enhanced PDF version of their Kiddiegram report.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aries Child:Elizabeth Hurley Gave Up Film Carreer For Him

Elizabeth Hurley quit her film career for her six year old son Damian, whose father was billionaire Steve Bling whose paternity was ascertained four months after Damian's birth in London. Hurley has since married Indian businessman Arun Nyar.

Hugh Grant her former fiancee is Damian's godfather.
Astrodata Bank is the source of this child's birth data.
Damian Charles Hurley: Kiddie Star Wheel and Kiddiegram .

Hurley was born June 10, 1965, this Gemini Mom would have a great realtionship with her Aries son. Check out the Kiddiegram Parent/Child interactive for an Air Sign Parent with a Fire Sign Child!

If you have a child born on April 4, 2002 or are born on June 10, 1965
Mlle Kiddie is interested in doing your astral twin charts! with Damian and/or his Mom.

Contact us, and receive a free adult Astrogram or Kiddiegram report sent priority mail to you when you share your birth data. This offer will not expire, but please mention the date of this post when answering!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sagittarius Dad ; Maddox and Pax do Star Trek

Last Saturday, Sagittarius Dad, Brad Pitt took sons Maddox and Pax to a Long Island movie theatre to see a 10:30 am showing of Star Trek before jetting off to Cannes.
Pictures of the boys with their Dad are on Just Jared.
Pitt arrived in Cannes on Saturday and on Tuesday he and partner Angelina Jolie gave a sit down dinner for sixty. The diners included the cast and crew of Pitt's movie premiering at Cannes. The group enjoyed pasta with crayfish,linguine with truffles and spaghetti with clams and pasta with sausage and garlic.

Wednesday was the premiere of the film, Inglorious Bastards.
Perhaps it's his free wheeling, travel loving Sag sun coupled with his efficient Moon in Capricorn that allows him to see Star Trek and then turn right around quite literally Trek to the Star studded city of Cannes .

Leo son, Maddox (August 4, 2001) and Sagittarius son Pax (Nov 29, 2003) are lucky to have a Dad who wanted to make sure that they saw Star Trek with him and not the nannies that must work very hard to help these film stars manage their brood. Both boys have Moon's in Aquarius.

If you have children that are astral twins of Maddox or Pax, let Mademoiselle Kiddie know and she will send you a printed Kiddiegram Report for your child. Contact her through Kiddiegram. This order will never expire, but you will need to tell us the date of the post.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Capricorn Mel Gibson: Expecting Eighth Kiddie

Mel Gibson has seven children with wife Robyn . The oldest, a daughter Hannah was born in 1980. He also has six sons, the youngest is ten. Twins Edward and Christian were born in 1982, William in 1985 and Louis in 1988, Milo was born in 1990 and Thomas in 1999 .

His wife filed for divorce April 13 of this year after three years of separation. Their youngest son turned 10 on April 14th.

It was announced yesterday that his girlfriend is in her second trimester, and that they are expecting a child together. Gibson has told his family the news. Malibu neighbors are saying that his kids are not talking with him. Most of Gibson's kids are now adults but Thomas is still at home.

(photo credit of Tom and Gibson Noel Valesquez: Getty Images)

Gibson is a grandfather of two. His daughter has two children.

His girlfriend Russian singer Oksana Gregorieva has a twelve year old son Alexander Peter Dalton (August 7, 1997) with former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton.

Since we don't have precise enough birth data or place of birth for any of the kids in Gibson's life, we are doing a Kiddiegram report for Gibson. Birth Data from Astrotheme

Here's Mel Gibson's Kiddiegram Report and Chart Wheel.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cancer Kiddie: Surfer Dad Matthew McConaughey

As one can see from this early first photo of Levi McConaughey, his parents are at home on a beach. Levi is a little water baby, born under the summer sun sign of Cancer. Levi at ten months hasn't begun to walk, but his Dad already has a customized surf board designed for him to ride the waves, as soon as he can walk. A source notes:

"He figures if he keeps it up Levi will be ready to ride the waves in a couple of years and eventually earn a living off of it."

Levi's Kiddie Star Wheel and Kiddiegram Star Sign Report.

Earlier Posts: Beach Baby; Matthew McConaughey's Firstborn

Do you have a child born on July 7, 2008? If your child is an astral Kiddie Star twin of Levi (born on the same day on the same year) Lord Kiddie would like to know.

Contact Us and we'll do a Kiddie Star Sign Kiddiegram report or send you a little Cancer Kiddie Tee for your child for the Tee please attach a copy of your child's birth certificate, which of course will stay private and is for confirmation purposes only.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Libra Michael Douglas Dazzled By His Kids Talent

Libra actor Michael Douglas is dazzled by his kid's talents. People's celebrity baby  blog shares  his comments about his kids to host Jay Leno. His six year old daughter  dances the cha-cha-cha and his ten year old son  sings Elvis songs. The American actor's  Wikipedia entry notes that he shares the same birthday as his Welsh wife Catherine Zeta-Jones who  is 25 years his junior (b 1969).

Their children are both fire signs.  Dylan Michael, a Leo was born August 8, 2000 at 5:52 pm and his sister Carys Zeta, an Aries cusp child was  born April 20, 2003. The star also  has another son Cameron (December 13, 1978) with his first wife  Diandra Luker who he was married to for 23 years before she divorced him in 2000. Jones and Douglas were married November 18, 2000.

Dylan was born at the Cedars Sinai Medical Centre near Beverly Hills, CA. Carys was born early Easter morning in New Jersey(Ridgewood) at 4:50 am

Here are these talented Kiddie Star's 'grams" Both children have Pluto conjunct their Moons in Sagittarius. Double Fire Sign Kids!

Dylan Michael Douglas  Kiddie Star Wheel  Report: Click Here

Carys Zeta Douglas Kiddie Star Wheel and Kiddiegram Report: Click Here

Do you have a child that has a Moon conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius? forn on August 8, 2000 or April 20, 2003 If you do, Mlle Kiddie will send you a gift Kiddiegram  via PDF
 with  enhanced graphics. Offer will expire June 30, 2009.

 Feel free to send this on to a friend. You can contact us by email.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taurus Child: Wolverine Star's Son To Turn Nine

Libra Hugh Jackson (October 12, 1968 Sydney, Australia) and his wife Deborra Lee Furness adopted children Oscar Maximillian (Born May 15, 2000) and Ava Eliot (born July 10, 2005) They currently live in Manhattan, NY. The couple is said to be interested in adding to their multi-racial family.

The Wolverine star has said of adoption: 

"Adoption is  about taking a baby into your home and heart. It's the best thing we've ever done.

 Mlle Kiddie doesn't know where this Kiddie Star  was born or at what time, so can only check that Oscar's Sun is in Taurus (conjunct Jupiter and Saturn) and his Moon is in Libra. Since Jackman is a  Libra this Moon/Sun connection is a very nice aspect to have  between father and son. Oscar turns nine years old this Friday.

Happy Ninth Birthday Oscar! from the desk of Mademoiselle Kiddie.

If you have a child with a Sun in Taurus and a Moon in Libra contact Mlle Kiddie and she will mail you a postcard for a gift Kiddiegram report for your child. Just send the link to your child's mini-report and chart wheel which will tell you their sun and moon signs. This report can be calculated for free online in real time. She gets mail at both net and com.

Photo Credit: Carlos Costas/Pacific Coast News

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Scorpio Child: Spider Man Dad a Taurus Baby Boy

Ruby Sweetheart McGuire, the Scorpio daughter of Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer Meyer, has a new baby brother who was born yesterday (May 8).

Photo Credit: Anthony,

Do you have a child that was born on May 8th any year or a child that might be the astral twin of Ruby, born November 10, 2006? If you do contact Kiddiegram and we will mail you a postcard for a gift Kiddiegram. Report which you can use for yourself or give as a gift. Just email us a copy of your child's free mini report on our site.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Taurus Baby: Backstreet Boy Has Baby Boy

James Hoke Dorough was expected in June but arrived a month early, notes. His parents, Backstreet boy Howie Dorough ( August 22, 1973 Orlando Florida) and his wife Leigh named their son after the baby's paternal grandfather Hoke who died of cancer last year.

On the Backstreet Boys official site the announcement added

Both Mommy and baby are doing great and Howie D is an ecstatic new daddy. They’d like to thank everyone for their well wishes!!

Howie and Leigh met in late 2000 when she was hired by the band's management to manage their website. They married in 2007.

Mlle Kiddie has created James's Kiddie Star information:

James Hoke Dorough's Kiddiegram and Kiddie Star Chart

Mademoiselle Kiddie shares this little nugget from James "gram"

Venus in the Seventh House
This child will never lack love, affection, friends, or companions. He has an appealing warmth that melts hearts. He will often play the role of mediator, peacemaker or harmonizer. He especially delights in seeing love expressed between his parents and other adult couples in his life.

Do you have a child with Venus in the seventh house or like James, Venus in Aries? If you do, contact Kiddiegram.

To find out what house and sign your child's Venus is in, your can create a Kiddiegram. A Kiddiegram is a fun guide to your child's personality based on the precise time of his or her birth.
Mlle Kiddie will send you a gift of your choice from our Kiddiegram Boutique. If you can read a chart you do not need to purchase a Kiddiegram. Just email us your child's chart wheel. This order will expire June 30, 2009.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Libra Child: No Mercy Yet for Madonna's Son David

Three year old David Banda Ritchie, Madonna and Guy Ritchie's son adopted from Malawi still does not have a sister from Malawi . The decision of Madonna's appeal the High Court has been postponed indefinitely.

The appeal puts the spotlight on the 850,000 to 1.2 million orphans said to be now in the impoverish African country because of the HIV-Aids epidemic that have left so many children without parents. Mercy's mother died
at eighteen in complications from her birth (Mercy's birthday is not yet known)
With Madonna now in New York, perhaps Mercy will be part of the yearly lottery of almost 18,000 international adoptions in the US and little Libran David will have a "Malawi" sister by his birthday September 24th.

(Image Credit: for Mercy Fame Pictures).

Do you have Libra child? or do you suspect from their charm, beauty or diplomatic skill set that your child might have a Moon or Rising Sign in Libra? along with their Sun? Check it out at Kiddiegrams "Your Child's Sign" If you calculate your child's mini-report and find that you have won a Trifecta ( quite literally a "perfecta" a Sun Moon and Libra rising) email us their mini-report and you can choose any product from the Kiddiegram Boutique. Offer will never expire.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pisces Child: Nahla and Halle Confront The Paps

The Barefoot Cafe is about block from Cedars Sinai where many stars give birth to their celebrity kids. Oscar-winning Berry gave birth to her first child Nahla Ariela Aubry at Cedars Sinai Medical Center one Sunday in March over a year ago.

Leo Sun Sign, Halle Berry confronted the paparazzi over the weekend in front of the cafe. She's very protective of her Pisces daughter Nahla. And looks very much like a mother lion defending her cub in the photo below.

More relaxed photos of the mother daughter duo can be found at glambabybumps.

It turns out Mlle Kiddie does not have a precise time of birth for Halle (August 14, 1966, Cleveland Heights, Ohio) so can only say that she may have a Moon in Cancer if she's born before noon. If Berry was born in the afternoon or evening she would have a Moon in Leo.

Nahla's Kiddie Star Wheel /Nahla's Star Signs Kiddiegram

Nahla has a Moon in Cancer....As Mademoiselle Kiddie notes:

Nahla has an especially close emotional and psychic tie to her mother, and she feels very strongly whatever her mother is feeling, whether Mother is outwardly expressing herself or not. Nahla's intuitive perception and sensitivity is very pronounced, particularly to those closest to her. In later life, she is apt to become overly dependent on friends, spouses, or her own children, unless she has had a very warm and solid relationship with her mother.

If you have a Pisces child born on the same date and year as Nahla in March contact Kiddiegram by June 30, 2009 and we'll send a Pisces Coffee or Tea Mug out to you from the Kiddiegram Boutique. Well of course you will email a copy of the birth certificate! or mail Lord Kiddie a photo copy to win this AstroTwin award . If you prefer NOT to send a certificate we can mail you a Deluxe Kiddiegram report. Contact Us.

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Leo and Gemini Kids: Touring Rock Star Parents

Gwen Stefani is has been in "baby mode" as she put it, but she and No Doubt hit the  Today show (videos here) to launch their  summer comeback concert last Friday. Her husband Gavin Rossdale (October 30,1965)  who began his tour in April will be bunking this summer with two year old Kingston, a Gemini who is traveling with his  Scorpio Dad while six month Zuma, a little Leo will be with his Mom. 

Check out the boys Kiddiegrams or 'Grams" and their Kiddie Star Celebrity Kids Chart Wheels below.
Kingston's Chart Wheel: Kingston's  "Gram"
Zuma's Chart Wheel: Zuma's "Gram"

If you have a child who is born on either Gavin or Zuma's birthday contact Mademoiselle Kiddie at Kiddiegram and give us the date, time (am or pm) place of birth and tell us if your Kiddie Star is a boy or girl, and Mlle Kiddie will send you a pdf file with very cool graphics or your child's complete Kiddiegram 'Gram"
The on-line versions, don't show these graphic enhancements!
So don't be shy, the offer will not expire. Send it to a friend if you know that their child is born on one of these rock babies birthdays!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Taurus Child: Heidi Klum's Leni Turns Five

Helene "Leni" Boshoven Klum, Heidi Klum's daughter with Italian mogul Flavio Briatore turns five next Tuesday. Her Gemini Mom, Heidi now married to Seal is expecting her fourth child in late autumn. Briatore is not involved in Leni's life, and Klum has stated emphatically that "Seal is Leni's father". Leni has two brothers Henry and Johan.

Although many Internet sources note that Leni was born on May 4th, notes that she was born in the early hours of May 5th, and since that source has an actual birth time of 3:21 am

Mademoiselle Kiddie has used this to calculate Leni's Celebrity Star Kiddie Chart Wheel and Kiddiegram Report or "Gram" as many customers call their Kiddie Grams!

Do you have a Kiddie Star born on May 5th? of any year? If you order a Deluxe Kiddiegram by May 23rd, we'll send you a gift set of Taurus Kiddie Notecards from our Kiddiegram Boutique with your order.

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