Monday, December 26, 2016

November CeleBaby Roundup Featuring Wilder Grace

Alison Pill (Midnight in Paris, Scott Pilgrim vs. the Worldand her husband, Joshua Leonard (If I Stay) welcomed daughter Wilder Grace into the world on November 19th.

As a child, Wilder may have a serious side with her Sun in intense Scorpio and Venus in reserved Capricorn, but that playful Leo moon stands out from the bunch. Leo moon kids are born to be little performers, whether they like acting out skits and plays for their parents or just enjoy showing off what they can do, their charisma draws in audiences of family and friends with no trouble at all!

Wilder might become quite the studious philosopher with Mercury and Saturn joining forces in Sagittarius. Although Sagittarius is often known as a playful, happy-go-lucky kind of sign in popular astrology, it is also the embodiment of the adventurer and the seeker. With Saturn lending a serious turn of mind, Wilder may enjoy seeking answers to the big questions through formal study (Dr. Wilder Grace, PhD!).

Mlle. Kiddie also congratulates these Hollywood parents who welcomed little ones in November:

  • Russell Brand and girlfriend Laura Gallacher welcomed a Scorpio baby girl in early November--reports speculate she was born November 6th and that she will be named Mabel.
  • News broke that Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and Kaya Scodelario (Maze Runner) welcomed a son in November--no details are publicly known about name and birth date.
  • Kelsey Grammar (Frazier) and wife Kayte welcomed a Scorpio baby boy, Auden James Ellis, on November 14th.
  • Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis welcomed baby number two, Sagittarius boy Dimitri Portwood, on November 30th. Dimitri is our featured Sagittarius Signature Star Child for 2016!

No birth time has been published for Wilder so a noon chart has been created. No interpretation based on inaccurate or missing data has been offered.

Image of Alison Pill By iDominick -, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link
Image of Joshua Leonard By Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV from Culver City, USA - Joshua Leonard at NBCUniversal’s Winter 2016 Press TCA Tour #NBCU #TCA2016 - DSC_0136, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Monday, December 12, 2016

Sagittarius Signature Star Child: Dimitri Portwood Kutcher

 A new mom and dad for the second time around, Mila Kunis (Black Swan, That '70s Show) and Ashton Kutcher (The Ranch, That '70s Show) welcomed son Dimitri Portwood early in the morning on November 30th.

mom Mila Kunis
Dimitri is not your average Sagittarius! With not just one but four planets in the archer's sign, including the sun and moon, Dimitri will embody the fun-loving, friendly, and enthusiastic qualities that this sign is known for. He'll have a spontaneity inherent in his personality that will be visible early on, especially when this kiddo gets his legs under him and can run around.

dad Ashton Kutcher
All four Sagittarius planets are also contained within the 3rd house, which amplifies quickness, especially of mind (nimble-minded entertainer Jim Carrey also has a wealth of planets in this house). This kid's sense of humor will be out of this world and he'll be quick on the uptake so mom and dad will certainly have a comedian on their hands!

Dimitri isn't without a sense of caution, however; reserved Saturn lies in a close conjunction to his moon so he'll be instinctually tempering his emotional responses to the world at an early age as he learns how to navigate a world that isn't always kind. His Pisces south node is in close quarters with sensitive Neptune, so he'll need an ability to learn caution when necessary, as he was born with a very open, kind, and trusting heart. His sense of humor will certainly come in handy to help him bounce back from hurts!

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Image of Mila Kunis By flickr user Gage Skidmore -, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link
Image of Ashton Kutcher  By David Shankbone - David Shankbone, CC BY 2.0, Link

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Scorpio Signature Star Child: Rufus Emmanuel Lundberg

Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) and his wife, "the coolest" Quinn Lundberg, welcomed baby number two, Rufus Emmanuel, in the wee morning hours of November 7th!

dad Zach G.
Rufus is likely to be a level-headed guy, with Mars in practical Capricorn and his Moon in objective and dispassionate Aquarius. Scorpio loves to dig down to the bottom of things, and loves a mystery (especially if it's a secret) and with his Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house of resources, he'll certainly be resourceful when it comes to getting to the bottom of any mystery!

Scorpio is a sign that often gets pegged as 'moody' but with Jupiter in Libra in his first house, he'll likely come across to others as congenial, friendly, and optimistic. 

More from his Kiddiegram:

Jupiter in Libra:
     Broadminded tolerance and an idealistic concern for fairness, equality, and "everyone getting a chance" are among Rufus's character assets.  One benefit of this is that he simply gets along with people very well; other people--especially teachers and others in the broader social world--like him and want to help him.  He tends to be the peacemaker among his friends, and can be appealed to through his strong sense of fairness and balance. He's very personable and considerate.
Jupiter in 1st house:
     Rufus tends to be fortunate because of the positive first impression he makes on both other children and adults. Instinctively he puts his best foot forward, and comes across as a confident, open person who can afford to be generous to others. 

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Image of Zach By CleftClips from Los Angeles, CA, United States of America - Marc Maron & Zach Galifianakis // Doug Loves Movies @ LA Pod Fest, CC BY 2.0, Link

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

October CeleBaby Round Up Featuring Daisy Josephine Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde (Rush, In Time) gave birth on October 11th to her second child with fiancé Jason Sudeikis, Libra daughter Daisy Josephine!

One of the most striking qualities of Daisy's chart is a t-square between the Sun, Moon, and Uranus. A t-square is formed when two planets (the Sun and Uranus, in Daisy's case) are on opposite sides of the chart from each other, and a third planet (Daisy's Moon) intersects them, forming a "T" across the chart.

A t-square represents a source of dynamic tension in one's personality and usually has a strong theme. Daisy's T-Square theme centers on independence and individualism. She will be very sensitive to anyone trying to tell her what to do so look out, mom and dad! She may lean toward contrary or rebellious behaviors in an effort to remain true to herself and not let herself be manipulated but may also not realize when she's going overboard. 

This is an important part of her personality, however, because Neptune is strong in her chart, aligned tightly with her south node* so she has a tendency to empathize strongly with others and is highly sensitive to the emotional vibe of those around her. She'll need some distance to help her distinguish between her needs and identity and the needs of those around her.

Mlle. Kiddie also congratulates these celebrity parents who welcomed new babies in October:

  • Kerry Washington (The Scandal) and husband Nnamdi Asomugha welcomed their second child, Libra son Caleb Kelechi, at 9:56 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 5, in Los Angeles. Caleb is our Libra Signature Star Child for 2016!
  • Cheyenne Jackson (Glee, 30 Rock) welcomed Libra twins Willow and Ethan with husband Jason Landau (Sunset Junction) on Friday, October 7th.
  • Audra McDonald (Private Practice) and Will Swenson welcomed their Libra daughter, Sally James, on Oct. 19th at 11:16 pm in New York City.
  • Eva Amurri Martino (Mothers and Daughters, Californication) and husband Kyle welcomed their Libra son, Major James, on Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 1:44 pm.
  • Kevin Jonas (Jonas Brothers) and his wife Danielle welcomed their second child, Scorpio girl Valentina Angelina, on Thursday, Oct. 27.

Image of Olivia Wilde By Cristiano Del Riccio - This file was derived from:  Olivia Wilde in 2010 Independent Spirit Awards.jpg, CC BY 2.0, Link
Image of Jason Sudeikis By David Shankbone - Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

No birth time has been publicly published for Daisy; therefore, a noon chart has been created. No incorrect interpretation based on birth time has been offered.

*not pictured

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

September CeleBaby Roundup Featuring Madeline Robbie Schneider

Congratulations to Rob Schneider (Grown Ups, 50 First Dates) and Patricia Azarcoya Schneider who welcomed Virgo daughter Madeline Robbie on September 14th!

Although no specific birth time has been published, we know that Madeline was born in the morning, which assures her an Aquarius moon. In addition, Venus, the planet of relationship, opposes Uranus, and her Mars is in freedom-loving Sagittarius, all indicators that Madeline is likely to be one independent person!

Her Sun and Mercury are in structured Virgo, so Madeline will certainly need some order in her life, but it's one that will probably be by her own definition. She was born with Mercury in retrograde motion, so the way she thinks may not be obvious to others and it may take her a while to figure out where she stands on many topics, although she'll often tend to seem to act spontaneously on instinct. She will probably fluctuate between a need for order and rules to follow and a need to break out and do her own thing, as reflected by a tense square between her Mars in Sagittarius and Sun in Virgo.

The Virgos have it! Mlle. Kiddie also congratulates these Hollywood parents who welcomed little ones in September:

  • News broke in September that Blake Lively (The Age of Adaline) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) had welcomed their second child in New York, but details of the birth, including the date and the baby's sex, are still under wraps.
  • Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls) and husband Dave Nehdar welcomed their first child, Virgo daughter Julia Mimi Bella on September 1st.
  • Alexandra Breckenridge (Walking Dead) and her husband Casey Neil Hooper welcomed their first child, a Virgo baby boy named Jack in the afternoon of September 3rd.
  • Daniela Ruah (NCIS: Los Angeles) and David Olsen welcomed their second child, Virgo daughter Sierra Esther Ruah, on September 4th.
  • Broadway star Annaleigh Ashford and husband Joe Tapper welcomed their first child, a Virgo son named Jack Clark, at 6:36 am on September 8th in Los Angeles.
  • Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and wife Hilaria welcomed a Virgo son, Leonardo Ángel Charles, at 6:51 pm in New York City on September 12th. Leonardo was our Virgo Signature Star Child!
  • Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) welcomed Virgo son Edward Aszard on September 16th in Los Angeles with her husband Dr. Vaughn Rasberry.

Image of Rob Schneider By TSGT DAVID J AHLSCHWEDE, USAF -, Public Domain

No birth time has been published for Madeline so a noon chart has been created. No interpretation based on inaccurate or missing data has been offered.

Libra Signature Star Child: Caleb Kelechi Asomugha

Kerry Washington (Scandal, Ray) and her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha welcomed their new little one, Caleb Kelechi, on October 5th. Caleb is our Libra Signature Star Child!

Caleb's Sun and Jupiter are both in Libra, an artistically-inclined sign, in the 5th house of creativity, a perfect blend for him to express his creative inclinations in whatever form they take. He has a Gemini Ascendant and his Sun forms a harmonious link to it by a trine -- he'll likely have many passions and interests, and will tend to want to pursue them all in a big way, thanks to Jupiter. He may often want to bite off more than he can chew, creatively speaking, and thanks to his enthusiastic moon in Sagittarius and industrious Mars in Capricorn, he may be that kiddo that wants to play five instruments and be in 10 after-school clubs!

Although he will often want to spread himself out in many directions, he will easily recognize the wisdom of limiting your commitments in order to dedicate enough time to them to excel. Caleb has a formidable serious side to him, with Mars in Capricorn and his Moon-Saturn conjunction in the 6th house of work that will help him in this way. His moon in Sagittarius reveals that he is inherently adventurous and expansive but in the 6th house, neighbored by Saturn, he will feel an internal pressure to do this in concrete, measurable ways, favoring achievement as well as possibility. He'll feel most secure (moon) when he has a sense of structure and order in his life and when expectations of him are clearly laid out (Saturn/6th house).

More from Caleb's Kiddiegram:

Moon in 6th house:
     One of this child's basic requirements is order in his environment.  He is emotionally distressed by chaos or disorganization in his surroundings.  His moods and emotions also affect his health, especially his digestion.  Soothing herbal teas or favorite meals comfort him emotionally.   
Moon Conjunct Saturn:
     Quiet, self-contained, and emotionally reserved, Caleb needs to stand apart and watch for awhile before he enters into any social situation. He may be extremely shy, or simply careful about who he trusts and blends with. 
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Image of Kerry Washington By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0

Monday, September 26, 2016

August CeleBaby RoundUp Featuring Esmé Olivia Olsen

Eric Christian Olsen (Sunshine Cleaning, Community) and Sarah Wright Olsen (Marry Me, Parks & Recreation) welcomed their second child together, daughter Esmé Olivia, on August 9th.

Eric Christian Olsen
Esmé has a multi-faceted personality from her expressive and vibrant Leo Sun to her deep and intuitive Scorpio Moon, and her modest and observant Virgo Ascendant. She will especially thrive when she has the freedom to explore and grow, which is a prominent theme symbolized in her chart. Both Mars and Saturn lie in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius but through the activities of the third house, which governs communication and learning, she'll be most adventurous with her ideas and probably quite the insightful philosopher!

Mercury, the planet of communication and learning, lies in it's home sign of Virgo, which also rules her chart through the Virgo Ascendant. Virgo is a sign that is always moving forward and Jupiter, a planet which represents our desire to strive toward our potential, is also in this active sign.

Mlle. Kiddie also sends congratulations to these Hollywood parents:

  • It’s another boy for Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green! The couple welcomed their third child together, Leo son Journey River Green, on Aug. 4. Journey was our featured Leo Signature Star Child!
  • Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones) welcomed her Leo son Monte, with her partner, Guy Pearce (Iron Man 3, Memento) in mid-August in Amsterdam.
  • Terrence Howard (The Empire) and wife Mira Pak announced in August that they have welcomed their second child together, son Hero.
  • Nate Parker (Birth of a Nation) and his wife Sarah DiSanto have welcomed their fourth child, daughter Justice, they announced in August.
  • Paul Scheer (Fresh Off the Boat, Grace and Frankie) and June Diane Raphael (Grace and Frankie) welcomed their second son together in early August.

Image of Eric Christian Olsen by Frantogian - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Virgo Signature Star Child: Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin

Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin, second son and third child for Hilaria & Alec Baldwin, is our Virgo Signature Star Child!

Alec & Hilaria
The houses on the top half of an astrology chart symbolize different ways of participating in the world at large, as opposed to the bottom half of an astrology chart which is often more about one's experience in the immediate, personal environment. Most immediately notable about Leo's chart is the fact that 9 out of 10 planets lie above the horizon (in the top half of the chart), which represents a great desire to see what's out there! He will be attracted to big ideas and movements on a grand scale. He may grow up with an interest in travel, philosophy, or sociology, but especially motivated to connect with others, with a 7th house (the house of relationships) packed full of planets.

Leo may be very socially-minded but not necessarily outgoing or extroverted. With Pisces rising and sensitive Neptune on top of it, he may be easily over-stimulated and even appear shy. Despite a core desire to make meaningful connections with others, he is also very independent, with an individualistic Aquarius moon and Uranus placed prominently in his 1st house of Self with Mars in a favorable alignment.

More on that from his Kiddiegram:
Mars in Sagittarius:
     Leo is very exuberant, high-spirited, full of energy and vitality. He sometimes lacks staying-power and concentration, however. He will stand up for himself and his beliefs when challenged, though he does not really like to fight at all.
Mars in 9th house:
     When it comes to his beliefs and convictions, Leo will stand up for himself.  He can also be self-righteous and preachy, which may be amusing to others when he's young, but not as he gets older.  Having a cause or an ideal to fight for stirs him up and gets him moving as nothing else will.
Mars Trine Uranus:
     Leo is daring, courageous, rambunctious, and full of energy and high spirits, and he can be a bit wild and reckless, also. He is willfully independent and dislikes conforming to schedules and routines. His vitality is strong.

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Ella Rae Wahlberg
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Image of Alec & Hilaria By Joella Marano - Hilaria Thomas; Alec Baldwin, CC BY-SA 2.0

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

July CeleBaby Round Up Featuring Frederick Easton Klein

Chris Klein (American Pie) and his wife Laina Rose Thyfault welcomed Leo baby boy Frederick Easton Klein on July 23rd!

Chris Klein
With three planets in Leo including Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Frederick is sure to be a charmer! All the world will be a stage to this little performer; he'll be sure to light up a room and summon an audience without even having to try. If he should grow up with a desire to be an actor like dad, he'll probably be able to summon the discipline with studious Saturn in an easy trine to Venus--with a little help from his friends, no doubt! With Jupiter in Virgo opposing his Pisces moon, he may struggle with self-confidence at times but will always find friends around to encourage him.

As a baby, he's likely to be a sweet baby with a gentle temperament with his moon in Pisces, as well as a big imagination.

Mlle. Kiddie also sends best wishes to these Hollywood parents who welcomed babies in July:

  • Liv Tyler welcomed her third child on July 8th at 8:48 pm. Lula Rose Gardner is our Cancer Signature Star Child!
  • Son of the late and great David Bowie, Duncan Jones, and his wife Rodene Ronquillo welcomed their Cancer son Stenton David on July 10th.
  • Rachael Harris (Lucifer) and husband, violinist Christian Hebel, welcomed Cancer son Henry Harris on July 19th.
  • Ellie Kemper (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) her husband Michael Koman have welcomed their first child, a baby boy. No further information has been revealed.

Image of Chris Klein By Eva Rinaldi - Chris Klein, CC BY-SA 2.0,
No birth time has been publicly published for Frederick, therefore a noon chart has been created. No incorrect interpretation based on birth time has been offered.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Leo Signature Star Child: Journey River Green

Journey River Green, third child of Megan Fox (Transformers, This is 40) and Brian Austin Green (90210), is our Leo Signature Star Child!

Born while Aries was rising, Journey was born ready for anything! Aries rising children don't hold anything back as they lean full tilt into the world, ready to conquer anything that stands in their way. With impulsive Uranus smack dab on his ascendant in addition and his chart ruler, Mars (the action planet) in enthusiastic and fiery Sagittarius, many of Journey's journeys are likely to be spontaneous and not always well-planned. However, his Mars in Sagittarius will usually ensure he lands on his feet.

As a Leo-5th house Sun, Journey will have a strong expressive and creative streak. He may enjoy acting or performing of some sort like his parents and/or he may enjoy expressing his creative side as a craftsman or artist with a wealth of planets in Virgo, the sign of the skilled craftsperson.

More from Journey's Kiddiegram report:
Mercury in Virgo:
     Journey River Green's mind is clear, critical, and precise, and he pays meticulous attention to details. He dissects each idea presented to him, picking it apart in order to study it. He is also skillful with his hands and may enjoy handicrafts, needlework, and the like.
Mercury in 5th house:
     Journey River Green enjoys puzzles, board games, and word games--intellectually stimulating entertainments with an element of strategy or thinking involved.  Intellectual competitions such as spelling bees or geography bees interest him too.  Any inclination toward creative writing should be encouraged because he also has talent in this area.
Venus in Leo:
     Journey River Green very much wants to be admired, petted, and made much of by his friends, and he is lavish in his affection for others as well. He can be greedy for attention, and he very much dislikes being ignored or seen as just one of the crowd. There is a streak of vanity in him. Positively, he is warm, demonstrative, loyal and generous with people he cares about.
Venus in 5th house:
     If Journey River Green shows any inclination toward art or creative expression, he should be encouraged to develop his gifts in these areas.  He also enjoys activities that require style, grace, and beauty, (e.g., figure skating or dancing).  He may, however, prefer recreations that are less strenuous.

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Previous Leo Signature Star Children:

Gia Zavala Damon
Penelope Athena Richmond
Haven Garner
Zuma Nesta Rock

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Image of Megan Fox By Eva Rinaldi - Megan Fox, CC BY-SA 2.0
Image of Brian Austin Green By MR O from USA - "I can Kill you with my mind", CC BY-SA 2.0

Monday, July 25, 2016

June CeleBaby RoundUp Featuring Iris Mary Redmayne!

Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl; The Theory of Everything) and his wife Hannah welcomed their first child, daughter Iris Mary Redmayne, on June 15th!

Iris is sure to be quick-minded with three planets in Gemini and Venus closely conjunct her Sun will surely have her charming everyone around her with no trouble at all. When she learns to talk, she'll weave some creative tales, that's for sure! 

New dad Eddie Redmayne
No doubt she'll also live up to the Geminian reputation of the dual personality: on one hand, her Gemini planets reveal her to be light-hearted, playful, and curious, and the sextile between Uranus and her Gemini Sun enhances these qualities, as well as amplifying a tendency to want to experiment and try many things at once. However, with Mars (her action planet) in the fixed sign of Scorpio and in retrograde motion, she may be quick to think but slow to act. The fixed signs don't tend to take quick action or embrace change to easily and planets in retrograde tend to need extra time to mull things over or let things settle before expressing. With Jupiter in mindful Virgo as well, she's got a good mix between the quick and deliberate.

Mlle. Kiddie offers heartfelt congratulations to other celeb moms and dads who had babies in June:
  • It's a baby boom for the cast of Parenthood! Sam Jaeger and his wife Amber welcomed their fourth child, a Cancer baby boy they named Calvin Earnest, on June 26th and Erika Christensen and her husband Cole Maness welcomed their first child less than a week earlier! Cancer daughter Shane was born on June 21st.
  • Audrina Patridge (The Hills) and her fiancé Corey Bohan welcomed their first child, Cancer baby girl Kirra Max, on the morning of June 24th.
  • Robin Tunney (The Craft) and fiancé Nicky Marmet welcomed their first child, a Cancer baby boy named Oscar Holly, on June 23rd.
  • Also on June 23rd, singer Alanis Morissette and her husband Mario Treadway welcomed their second child, Cancer daughter Onyx Solace.

  • Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky welcomed their second child, Gemini son Aiden, in the morning on June 18th. Aiden is our featured Gemini Signature Star Child!
  • Jordana Brewster (The Fast and the Furious) and husband Andrew Form welcomed their second baby on June 9th, Gemini son Rowan.
  • Zachery Bryan (Home Improvement) welcomed his third child with wife Carly on June 7th. Gemini daughter Jordana Nicole was born at 10:18 am.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time) and her real-life Prince Charming Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time), welcomed their second child together, Gemini son Hugo Wilson, on June 1st.
  • Wes Chatham (Hunger Games) and Jenn Brown welcomed Gemini son Rhett Jameson at 7:08 pm on June 1st.
  • John Krasinski (The Office) and Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow, Into the Woods) announced that they welcomed their second child, a Gemini daughter named Violet, in mid-June.

Image of Eddie Redmayne by Gordon Correll - Eddie Redmayne, CC BY-SA 2.0
No birth time has been publicly announced for Iris, so a solar chart has been calculated. No interpretation has been offered which is dependent on birth time.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Cancer Signature Star Child: Lula Rose Gardner

Lula Rose, daughter of actress Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings) and David Gardner, is our Cancer Signature Star Child!

Lula has three planets in Cancer, including the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, the planet of love and beauty, which is also in the 7th house of relationship--the makings of a great friend for her two older brothers, Sagittarius Milo and Aquarius brother Sailor (Sailor is an Aquarius - the 'water bearer' - isn't that too perfect?!)

In addition to her Cancer Sun, Lula has a Virgo Moon, a companionable combination that is sure to reveal itself in a loving and giving nature. She may be the baby of the family but as she grows, she'll certainly be the one taking care of her family in all kinds of ways - especially if they're sick or need help with something. 

She'll be learning how to avoid being a pushover as she gets older. With Uranus in a tense square to Venus, she'll have an independent streak and her Mars in fierce Scorpio will not take kindly to people crossing her! 

More from her Kiddiegram:

Venus Square Uranus:
     Lula Rose Gardner is independent and rather unpredictable in her choice of friends. She is likely to have a number of on again-off again, changeable, fluctuating, or unusual friendships. She needs a lot of freedom and does not like to be limited or restrained by her friends, and she can suddenly turn cool toward a person if they try to possess her.
Mars in Scorpio:
     Lula Rose Gardner is very strong-willed, in a rather quiet way. When she wants something, the intensity of her desire and determination is formidable. Though she will not seek out confrontation, she will fight fiercely if she sees no other way.

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Quinlin Dempsey Stiller
Sunday Rose Urban
Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt
Bingham Hawn Bellamy

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Image of Liv Tyler is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Credit: lichtmaedel2

Monday, June 27, 2016

May CeleBaby RoundUp Featuring Story Goldberg

Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster, Sabrina the Teenage Witch) says her family is complete after she and her husband Jason Goldberg welcomed their fourth child on May 16th. “We started with our Poet and now our Story feels complete,” says the mom of four: Poet Sienna, Jagger Joseph Blue, Lyric Sonny Roads, and now Story!

With three planets in gentle Taurus and both his moon and Ascendant in graceful Libra, Story will certainly be the family's sweetheart! Taurus children tend to have a down-to-earth, peaceful and comfortable way about them that others find easy to be around, and with his Libra moon and rising, he'll get along easily with others, always finding a way to fit wherever he is and whomever he is with.

Libra is known as the peacemaker because it prefers harmony and excels at getting others to work together. Story will have this talent in spades especially because Venus is the strongest planet in his chart. Venus (planet of relating) is in one of its two home signs, Taurus, and in the 7th house of relationship. Not only that, but it rules his chart as Libra, Venus' other home sign, is Story's rising sign so it rules his chart. With Mercury retrograde in laid-back and often quiet Taurus, however, Story may not have many stories to tell but he'll certainly by the sweet happy ending to this family!

Mlle. Kiddie also congratulates these "star" parents on their bundles of joy:

  • Eddie Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop, Shrek) welcomed baby girl Izzy Oona on May 3rd with girlfriend Paige Butcher.
  • Nadia Bjorlin (Days of Our Lives) and husband Grant Turnbull welcomed their first child, baby boy Torin Mathias, at 7:03 am on May 4th.
  • Costars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys (The Americans) are now coparents as well!  They welcomed their first child together in May.

  • Ashley Jones (Bold and the Beautiful) and Joel Henricks welcomed their son Hayden Joel on May 24th at 7:06 pm.
  • Marisa Ramirez (Blue Bloods) welcomed Violet Rae on May 29th.
  • Sally and Ronnie Wood (guitarist for the Rolling Stones) welcomed twin daughters, Gracie Jane and Alice Rose on May 30th at 10:30 pm.
  • Jackson Rathbone (Twilight) and his wife Sheila Hafsadi welcomed their second child on May 31st at 8:38 am, daughter Presley Bowie.
  • Jena Malone (Hunger Games) and Ethan DeLorenzo welcomed a baby over the last weekend of May, son Ode Mountain.

Image of Soleil Moon Frye by Nan Palmero from San Antonio, TX, USA - Soleil Moon Frye, CC BY 2.0

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gemini Signature Star Child: Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky

Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky, first son and second child of Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is our Gemini Signature Star Child!

Aidan joins 1-1/2 year old big sister Charlotte (Libra) as grandchild to presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and although he's born into a famous family, he'll be keen to make his own mark on the world with the planet Uranus, the planet of personal freedom and individuality, prominent in his chart. Uranus and his Gemini Sun are in a friendly sextile with each other. When a planet is involved closely with the Sun, it figures strongly in our sense of identity. With the Sun in Gemini in the 12th house, Aidan will probably love investigation off-the-wall topics and have an active imagination.

Venus is also very involved with his Sun, in the sign of family-oriented Cancer, so his need for independence will probably balance nicely with his desire for meaningful connection with others, although he may not be overtly social or outgoing. Uranus is in a tense square with his Ascendant, so he may tend to stand back from the world a bit, observing before he jumps in to situations. His Ascendant is also in Cancer which can suggest a tendency toward shyness or a reserved demeanor. 

More from his Kiddiegram:
Cancer Rising:
     Aidan has a rather soft appearance and a gentle, sympathetic manner that makes him very approachable. There is also a quiet, serious, reserved quality about him, or at least that can easily be one's first impression of him. As a child he is inclined to be rather timid or shy until he really becomes familiar with a person or situation. He will hold back and quietly assess everything first. Once he decides to trust someone, he is a very devoted and faithful supporter and friend. He makes very close bonds, his loyalty runs deep, and he has trouble letting go of familiar people and places.
     Aidan has a tenderhearted side which is readily apparent to others. He approaches the world in a very subjective, emotional, personal way and he cannot always give clear reasons for his choices or feelings. If you want to get through to him, you must appeal to his heart rather than his head, and this will be true throughout his life. Logic alone just will not suffice.
     Aidan is also rather sentimental, so do not throw away those mementoes of babyhood and childhood. He is likely to hold onto them and cherish them dearly in later years.

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Previous Gemini Signature Star Children:

Agnes Lark Bettany

Image of Chelsea Clinton by Kyle Cassidy (identity confirmed) - Own work, CC BY 2.5