Wednesday, November 12, 2014

October CeleBaby Round Up Featuring Briar Rose Christensen

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are new parents! They welcomed Scorpio girl Briar Rose on October 29th,

Her name is inspired by the tale of Sleeping Beauty, and she'll certainly have the charm and grace of the mythic princess, with Venus--the planet of beauty, grace, and charm--in a conjunction with her Sun, which represents her central identity. In dramatic Scorpio, she'll probably get all the attention she wants and more, with her magnetic personality. She'll no doubt wrap her parents around each pinky finger!

Briar has a strong practical side as well, with three planets in Capricorn, including Mars, Pluto, and the Moon. This little one's got a strong will and when she sets her mind to something, she'll achieve her goal!

Mlle. Kiddle also sends happy wishes to these celebrities who welcomed babies in October:
  • Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery welcomed their second child via surrogate on October 2nd, Libra Sienna May.
  • Ryan Murphy and David Miller also said hello to their second child, Libra son Ford Miller, on October 3rd.
  • The first child for Ashley Williams and Neal Dodson arrived on October 5th, also a Libra whom they named Gus Williams.
Image: Kaleb Tittle [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday, November 10, 2014

Scorpio Signature Star Child: Mattea Angel Backus

Mattea Angel, first child and daughter of actress/producer Mira Sorvino
and her actor husband Christopher Backus,
is our Scorpio Signature Star Child!

Mattea was born with the Sun in Scorpio, just like her daddy who celebrated his 33rd birthday four days earlier. Mercury and the south node were also in Scorpio when Mattea was born, intensifying this already intense influence in her chart. Mattea may like pushing the boundaries and tend to go to extremes, feeling everything deeply. Her curiosity will no know bounds with Mercury, the planet of intellect, in penetrating Scorpio. She may be able to keep a secret, but if she thinks one's being kept from her, she'll be relentless in finding out the truth. She has a particularly sensitive radar and can tell when she's not getting the full story. 

Mom Mira Sorvino
A highlight of her natal chart is the cozy Venus-Jupiter relationship in friendly Libra, which is also in a comfortable trine to Neptune. These three planets acting in unity balance the shrewd and sometimes cynical overtones of Scorpio with optimism and hopefulness. You can't pull the wool over her eyes, but she's still willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt! 

More on this from her Kiddiegram:
Venus Conjunct Jupiter:
 Generous and open-hearted, Mattea Backus likes to help, inspire or cheer up her friends. She does not understand pettiness at all; when she gives a gift or entertains her friends, she likes to do so on a grand scale. Her taste for quality or luxury can sometimes degenerate into extravagance, wastefulness, and a lack of moderation.

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*Since there is no birth time published for Mattea, a noon chart has been used. However, an exact birth time must be known to calculate the houses and ascendant in a natal chart, so her Kiddiegram does not contain any inaccurate information.

Image credit: gdcgraphics [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons