Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Natalie Morales New Son Cute as a Cupcake.

Natalie Morales, gave birth to a second son.Luke Hudson Rhodes, on September 9th His four year old brother Josh (Joseph Stockton Rhodes)had already agreed to share his toys. His Today family gave a shower for his Mom before his arrival. His Mom loved the mini-alphabet goodies..particularly the carrot cake

Pix of the shower from OK magazine
Photo Source of Natalie and Luke

Luke was born with a Sun in Virgo. His Mom was born in Taiwan
on June 6th, 1972. These two mutable sun signs (Virgo and Gemini)
will make a nice duo. Particularly if he enjoys cupcakes. He may follow in his father's footsteps (his Dad's an investment consultant) as he has a Sun Conjunct Saturn and a Moon in Capricorn. However Jupiter is about ten degrees away from this moon (which will give it a Sagittarius touch) and his personal planets (Mars, Venus and Mercury) are in the sign of Libra he'll be charming, despite his no nonsense down to earth agenda on the planet. We don't know what time Luke was born, but since his parents reside in Hoboken, New Jersey, Mlle Kiddie best guesstimate (for entertainment purposes only) cast the celebrity chart wheel for NJ. If we ever find out Luke's exact birth time we'll do a little on-line Kiddiegram for him.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Match Made in Heaven, Sunday and Tenny Share Same Birthday

Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle Spencer have two sons,
Charles Spencer Crowe (Dec 21-2003) and Tennyson Spencer Crowe. "Tenny" is two and was born on July7, 2006 in Sydney.(Chart Wheel/Kiddiegram) Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's daughter Sunday Rose (ChartWheel/Kiddiegram), now twelve weeks old, was born on July 7, 2008 in Nashville, TN.

Having the same birthday, with compatible Aussie in-laws,it's understandable that the pals would jokingly announce an arranged engagement of sorts. This happened for years in the courts of France and England and Spain. Young children were betrothed back and forth over the years as political fortunes were negotiated between countries. With the new royals being celebrities, it's understandable that we now can be looking at dynastic duos among celebrity kids. One could understand that Australia would be one of the first countries to lead in this little bit of whimsy. Of course with her dual citizenship, Sunday Rose might become a player in the American in law celebrity stakes of the future! At this point the families aren't exchanging cowrie shells, cattle, cedar chests or even play engagement rings of froot loops and cheerios, but we see a birthday party emerging over the years with play Oscars exchanged!

As Crowe notes:
"Nicole took one look at my younger son Tennyson and looked up and said ' I'm a great believer in arranged marriages'...I believe she made the connection between Sunday and Tennyson -so Tennyson is already engaged."

Photo Source Just for fun, we've calculated the dynamic duo's composite chart wheel for Kathy who posted a comment about wishing for a a composite chart for Will Smith's family. Mlle Kiddie hadn't responded as she didn't have the slightest idea how to do a composite chart en famille without exact birth times available.
Mlle Kiddie originally read Kathy's post when it appeared on astrodispatch.com which was recently relaunched to the huzzahs of all fans of Sirius/serious astrology.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quality Time With Grandma, Gwenyth Paltrow's Eco Kids

We remember Gwyneth Paltrow lending her support to an upbeat spot for green power (turning off the tap while brushing your teeth conserves lots of water) so we aren't surprised that her kids compost with their grandmother Blythe Danner. Although it's a story line from April, now with Thomas Friedman's new book Hot , Flat and Crowded. out, (Mlle Kiddie is listening to the book on her nano) we feel its time to honor the celebrity kids that are Eco-logically trained. As their grandmother noted,

"(Apple and Moses ) compost with me. It's a nice thing we like to do together out in our garden. They are great helpers. Apple said to me the other day in the car, 'You know we have to keep the world clean."
With a name like Apple one can see these two apples, don't fall far from that family tree. Eco-Mom, Eco-Kids.
Apple was born May 14. 2004 in London at one am . Her brother Moses was born on April 8, 2006 in New York City at 9:00 am.
A Taurus daughter and an Aries son. How Venus (rules Taurus) and Mars (rules Aries) can a little family be? As their Libra Mama(who celebrates her Libra birthday this last weekend (September 27, 1972 5:25 pm Los Angeles, Ca)) noted in an interview in UK's Glamour
"Apple is an open person. She's Taurus; grounded, calm, funny. Moses is Aries, he's the most sweet, sensitive thing but then he'll kick and karate-chop and spit and tumble. He's a real boy."

source for moses birth data source source for glamour quote & apple's birth data
source photo of kids in London source photos of kids and their Mom in Spain

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman, Lives on Forever

Legendary star, Paul Newman died on September 26th at the age of 83. Since the child is father of the man, we are doing his Kiddiegram chart wheel and Kiddiegram report to help shine light on the amazing qualities of character this man revealed while he graced the planet with his presence. His Kiddiegram won't tell us that he was destined to be a giant of cinematic greats but it might let us know why with his his cooler than cool look he was always a heart throb even on bottles of salad dressing and popcorn. His ability to communicate in stark contrast to the oft quoted legendary lines from Cool Hand Luke "what we have here is a failure to communicate". He kept his uber cool on a hot planet. This" natural -born world shaker" will be sorely missed

"He was smiling... That's right. You know, that, that Luke smile of his. He had it on his face right to the very end. Hell, if they didn't know it 'fore, they could tell right then that they weren't a-gonna beat him. That old Luke smile. Oh, Luke. He was some boy. Cool Hand Luke. Hell, he's a natural-born world-shaker. " Cool Hand Luke

His sun , but of course was in the first house:

Sun in the First House
Paul is rather charismatic, and he makes a strong impact and first impression on others. Most of the time he radiates such a strong sense of himself that other children--and even adults!--follow his lead. He cannot abide being "second fiddle" for long in any situation, and will go his own way rather than put up with neglect or insufficient recognition.

Where is your child's sun in his chart wheel? Might he or she also share this charismatic characteristic of Sun in the first house? Check out a free chart wheel today! Go to Kiddiegram.com and click on icon for a free chart wheel. If the glyph for your child's sun sign is in the same position of Paul Newman's Sun, you may have a natural born world shaker on your hands! depending on the sign your child's sun is in.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe Casts a Sorcerers Spell

Harry Potter's Horoscope was done in 2001 by Chicago astrologer Barbara Schermer in an amazing feat of detective work. Well actually she did two charts as we post in an earlier blog.

The actor who played him was also a Leo. Daniel Radcliffe was
born July 23, 1989 in London (time unknown) . This child star who evinced an interest in being an actor at the age of five, was chosen to be the child star that took up the wizard's wand in 2001 and grew up in the Harry Potter film franchise . Um, his Mum was a casting director. But it was a worldwide call and not an easy role to land.

The teenager has taken a Broadway role as a psychologically troubled stable boy in Equus. Radcliffe's sun is in the sign of Leo, his Moon depending on the time he was born is in either Aries or Pisces. We do not know the rising sign since we don't have a time of birth. Now 17, Radcliffe appears in the buff and buzz is that he has cast a socerer's spell over the"hard to please" New York critics. Probably that Saturn/Neptune conjunction that Jeff Jawer talks about, and OK already four planets in Leo. Radcliffe has a wide stellium starting with Sun in Leo (0 degrees 5')', including Mercury, Mars, and ending with Venus ( 28 degrees 40') conjunct the south Node and Regulus, the star of kingship. As his Kiddiegram notes:

Sun Conjunct Mercury:
Daniel enjoys and needs to communicate, and he is apt to be an avid talker from an early age. Expect a continual stream of questions, comments, and conversation on every topic. You may need to encourage him to listen more, as he tends to be the more active, vocal participant in a discussion. He appreciates a lively, mentally stimulating environment with plenty to do and think about. Puzzles, word games, and books may be his favorite play things

Does your child have a Sun Conjunct Mercury? Check out their Gram!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Toujours Gai: Clay Aiken's Son Parker Foster Aiken

We wrote about Clay Aiken's son's birth in an earlier Kiddie Star Signs Post. Today, People has an on-line interview with Clay (who has announced he is gay) and his in vitro partner/parent producer and friend, Jaymes Foster. (Tip: one does nails the other baths!) . (Photo: People.com)

We haven't heard yet, what the "undisclosed location" of Parker's birth is, so we are calculating his Kiddiegram for Raleigh. We figure his grandmother, being in Raleigh and obviously wanting to be close to
her son's son...makes this a very probable choice. So, although my boss's Scorpio rising will always be checking out the web to find confirmation,
today, in the spirit of toujours gai...Mlle Kiddie, channeling, Archy's Mehitabel says.. "like a gentleman friend of mine used to say
toujours gai kid toujours gai" and in the spirit of toujours gai, we give you the probable chart wheel and Kiddiegram for this very loved child.

Here's Parker's Kiddiegram. Born on the day that everyone in the Orient wanted to get married (lucky 8/8/08) this kid was also born at 8:08 am
Maybe his grandmother was carried away, maybe this is the correct time.
The synchronicity and serendipity seems pretty felicitous. So here goes again Parker's Kiddie Star Sign Celebrity Chart Wheel and here's his Kiddiegram report. If Mlle Kiddie receives confirmation (like a birth certificate copy) that this little celebrity being was born in Raleigh, she will donate $100 to the UN Fund for Orphans in Parker's name.
With Uranus in his seventh house of relationships, we think he'll do very well for being the poster child for a new and unusual and unconventional parenting partnership! in vitro parenting with parents committed as friends for life.

Uranus in the Seventh House
Parker is unconventional and independent in his attitude toward relationships, and as a child this is apt to manifest as a whole array of unusual friends. He's drawn to free spirits, eccentrics, nonconformity and mavericks because they allow him the freedom to explore new ways of interacting with and connecting to the world. Or, he may be somewhat erratic with his playmates - suddenly dropping someone with whom he was quite enchanted earlier. He is apt to avoid friends who rely on him excessively or exclusively.

Pursuit of Happyness. Will Smith's Little Talent Agency

Shown here at the opening of Hancock (photo source) the Will Smith family includes five actors. Will, his wife Jayda Pinkett Smith (Sept 18, 1971 Baltimore MD)shown here with their son Jaden (July 8, 1998 LA,CA) and daughter Willow (Oct 31, 200 LA, CA) and Will's eldest son Trey ( with Sheree Smith ) who turns sixteen on November 11th.

Happy 40th Birthday! Will Smith. (Sept 25, 1968 Philadelphia, PA) may you and your family continue to pursue a life of happyness on the magic red carpet of love, luck and ability to continue in careers that engages your talents . How many families have everyone with a listing on IMDB!
As your character Christopher Gardner notes

"It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it. No matter what. How did he know that? " Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

And to check out the power of Libra...visit astrodispatch.com and read about your considerable charm, power and ...Um, it helps that you have that Scorpio Moon, as two of your kids are Scorpios. More about that near their celebrity kids birthdays!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sharon Stone's Roan Stay's Home with Dad

Sharon Stone's adopted son Roan Joseph Bronstein born May 22, 2000 has had the courts determine that his father maintain custoday of the boy.
Stone, who adopted two other sons after her divorce in 2004 wanted her eldest son to go to school in LA. The courts determined that the more stable environment for Roan was in San Francisco with his father. Here Stone
is shown at LAX earlier this year (photo sources celebrity-babies.com) traveling
with her sons and a nanny. We do not have a place of birth for Roan, or the birthdays of his brothers (Stone adopted Laird Vonne Stone on May 7, 2005 and on June 28, 2006 Stone adopted her third son, Quinn Kelly). The issue of the most stable home environment was raised in the case, it may just revolve around the issue of schools, making LAX a no fly zone of sorts
although there are commuter marriages, and commuter business arrangments, it would be hard for a child to commute to school even on a weekly basis.

Despite not having complete birth data for Roan, we can see from a partial Kiddiegram celebrity kid calculation that he has a Jupiter conjunct Saturn so this school arrangement should work out very well for him.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn:
Roan is apt to have a very constuctive relationship with his father or, if not, to seek out other fatherly figures to guide and teach him how to make his way in the world. Positive male influences are definitely something he will seek out and find. He feels empowered when he is taught practical skills he will one day need in the adult world, and would enjoy seeing his parents in their work setting. Given encouragement, he would be one of the most conscientous workers around!

Sharon Stone's Celebrity Kids Chart Wheel Her Kiddiegram Report (data source)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fatherland, Ireland and Alec Baldwin

Photo of Alec Baldwin, daughter Ireland and friends, copyright REX story source.

Ireland Eliesse (aka Addie Baldwin )was born on October 23, 1995.
Shown here in May in Malibu with her Dad, she has gone through some tumultuous years as her parents went through a contentious
divorce and custody battle which is recounted in Baldwin's new book, A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce, out today. We are assuming that Ireland was born in LA but will double check the facts in the recently published memoir as soon as it's available on Mlle Kiddie's Kindle. We chose LA because when Ireland was brought home from the hospital , her Dad had an altercation with photographers trying to get photos as they were going to her Mom, Kim Bassinger's home in Woodland Hills. This beautiful young teen with a stellium of planets in Libra (Sun, Moon, Mercury conjunct her North Node) was born to be a mediator. Some years a child born on October 23rd would have a sun sign of Scorpio, this is why it's important to calculate a chart to see the sign of the sun. Many sites on the web have free chart wheel services. Mlle Kiddie has a mini-report and chart wheel available, that will tell you what sign the sun is in if you have a child born during the "on the cusp" between two signs periods, even if you are unable to read the "glyphs" on a chart wheel cast with sun on the ascendant.

All Those Sons! Suri Cruise's Mom Debuts on Broadway.

(photo source for Cruise Family)

Suri Cruise's been snapped round the clock in New York with her famous parents as her Mom was preparing for her role as Ann Deever in "All My Son's" which opened yesterday for previews in NY. Arrangements were made in mid-May for Katie to play the small part of a woman who visits the family of her former lover-a missing pilot. It's tough on some children when their lives are "up in the air" and missing their home and familiar places and routine. But Suri seems to have thrived. She's been snapped with her parents who seem to dote on her in parks and shopping venue's around the city and she's accustomed to travel. In January the family visited New York when her Mom was on Good Morning America.

Snapped yesterday in an still photo from video (AP photo and story source) after her Broadway debut normally glamorous Katie seems to be like any working mother, sans glitz going home after a first days work. (the glitzy AP photo below at the opening of Tropic Thunder)

Katie Holmes is a Sagittarius with a Moon in Leo. Her star-sign chart shows a Leo (Suri's is in Aquarius, so Katie's sun falls in her house of relationships, how perfect for a mother-daughter tie.Both ascendants are at 22 degrees, making it even more of a perfect match. As her Kiddiegram notes
Moon conjunct Ascendant (Strength: 2.11)
Katie's emotions are right on the surface and can be seen just by looking at her. She communicates a great deal non verbally through her posture, expressions, and looks. She also absorbs and reflects the moods and attitudes of the people in her immediate environment. Often her emotional state is a direct reflection of that of a parent or friend, or of the overall tone of the place she is in. She tends to care for, protect, or "Mother" others along, and to want quite a lot of tender loving care and nurturance herself. At times, she demands or requires a lot of support and understanding - if she receives it, she'll hum along quite nicely

Luckily Suri's Celebrity Child's Star Chart Wheel shows that this little Aries has a Moon in Sagittarius (conjunct Pluto!) so she'd be pretty comfortable traveling as this is a moon that emotionally is up for travel and new adventures, eager to explore new possibilities even if one of these possibilities includes her Mom is working with all those sons! (Take a peek of this child's Kiddiegram) These great photos of Suri and Katie from Pop Sugar

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Orphan Annie, Daddy Warbucks, Celebrity Orphans

A lot of celebrity babies are essentially or actual orphans from their families of origin. Pax, Maddox and Zahara Jolie-Pitt and David Banda, (Madonna and Guy Richie's child) are four children that resonate to that archetypal "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" plucked out of poverty into a life of plenty theme. The happy story of orphans finding their Daddy Warbucks parents is a lief motif that will inform their life story. A lot of their birth history will be a mystery but the world dotes daily on some of the happy fairy tale endings. Perhaps the most famous celebrity to play an orphan, was Sarah Jessica Parker, who was the third Annie to play the "spunky readhead" on Broadway (1976-1979) .

Sarah Jessica Parker was born with a Sun In Aries and a Moon in Capricorn (Born Mars 25, 1965 in Nelsonville , OH) We don't have her birth time so can only comment on one aspect in her chart that made her such a great The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Star:

Jupiter Opposition Neptune:
Sarah has a tremendous belief in possibilities and dreams, and tends to err on the side of hope, optimism, and what-could-be. She is a bit lopsided in this regard, in fact, and fact need an occasional reality check. She adores anything magical, wonderful, fantastic. She's also extremely generous and compassionate and would enjoy doing something for her favorite charity, even if she has very little herself.

Parker now has a six year old son James Wilkie Broderick (born October 28, 2002)with actor Matthew Broderick. Photos of Sarah Jessica Parker from People.com

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Hillary, Opps Amy Poehler Mom to Bee!

Happy Birthday! Hillary, Opps Amy, Happy birthday to the first lady of SNL who turns well, it's old enough to be a Mom on Sept 16th. Poehler has announced she is retiring from her virtual star spangled "office" after the November elections to give birth to her first child. We look forward to
having her "take" on having a child.
(Photo: Amy Poehler, left, and Tina Fey at the CFDA awards in June.WireImage)
After she returns from maternity leave, she's not going to go back to SNL but on to her own show. As the LA Times blog pointed out, those of us not lucky enough to be in her playgroup, will have to content ourselves with her animated kid's show The Mighty B" where Amy plays Bessie Higginbottom, the Honeybee Scout who fancies herself a super hero and wants to accumulate like over four thousand honeybee scout badges....one one thousand, two one thousand. Happy Birthday, Bessie! Opps!Amy! Mom to bee! (Sept 16, 1971 Burlington MA) With your EXACT Jupiter and Neptune (both at 0 degrees 37 seconds in Sagittarius) in your natal chart we'd say that turning 37 is the start of a completely new high fantastical adventure for you.

With four planets in Virgo, ( Mercury, Venus, Sun and oh my honeybee, Pluto) Amy makes the perfect over-achieving scout/superhero.

Bessie Higgenbottom is determined to be the world's most decorated Honeybee scout. Proudly clad in her uniform every day, Bessie fancies herself a superhero. Go with her on her quest for over 4,000 Bee Badges

Check out the listings. Or play the theme song.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Piece of Cake, Britney's Birthday Bash for her Boys

Over the weekend, Britney's Virgo sons celebrated their second
and third birthdays respectively in a joint birthday bash that included their maternal grandparents, their aunt Jaime Lynn and her daughter Maddie Briann. Aldridge (earlier post) Celebrity tots coming to the motor-truck and car themed party where Preston and Jayden drove around in cars with personalized licenses included Jenny McCarthy's son Evan, and Gwen Stefani's son Kingston. The boys birthday cake was in the shape of a yellow truck.
Photo and story source People.com
So how will the cousins get along? Maddie chart wheel shows that she has a Sun in Gemini and a moon in Capricon., an earth sign. (here's her Kiddiegram)Preston and Jayden both have suns in the earth sign of Virgo both fall into her second house. So despite or in spite of the family dynamics, these cousins seem to have a down to earth , grounded connection that will have them keep on truckin! through many more birthday bashes. Life for these cousins may indeed a a piece of cake.
To make your Monster yellow truck cake check out this recipe on Monster Cake.com site.

To check out the Kiddie Star Signs Stats for the Birthday Boys

Jayden (Wheel/Kiddiegram) and Sean (Wheel/ Kiddiegram)
What's a Kiddiegram? Get Your Gram!

Twins, Triathalon, Wonder Mom J Lo's Mars Stars

swim photo and story source
In her third trimester of pregnancy , Jennifer Lopez saw a TV
triathalon and thought "I should do that this year"After giving birth to twins Max and Emme in late February she got into into that You Go J Lo Mode and prepared to bike and swim and run in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon which raised almost a million dollars for Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Today J Lo finished in two hours 23 minutes and 28 seconds. Her fellow new parent and former Wedding Planner co-star Matthew McConaughey also competed and completed the triathlon, in one hour thirty minutes and 44 seconds.
So where does this star get her amazing sports energy? maybe it's her mars in sagittarius sextile uranus (July 24, 1969 The Bronx, NY). Okay a Mars with a natal chart energized by her Jupiter conjunct Pluto!
Here's what her Kiddiegram says about this type of energy. We don't have her birth time so can't talk about house placement.
Mars in Sagittarius:
Jennifer is very exuberant, high-spirited, full of energy and vitality. She sometimes lacks staying-power and concentration, however. She will stand up for herself and her beliefs when challenged, though she does not really like to fight at all.
Mars Sextile Uranus:
Jennifer's energy level tends to be quite high but somewhat erratic. She has a daring, impulsive side and a taste for excitement and danger, even as a young child. She is likely to be quite willful, also.
Her twins have the opposite Mars energy.They both have Mars in Gemini in the eighth house.
Mars in Gemini
The twins are busy bees, always active, restless, and on-the-go, but they tend to lack concentration and stamina. They tend to run on nervous energy. They use cleverness, words, and reasoning power to defend themselves, rather than force.
Mars in the Eighth House
The twins are whole hearted and intense about getting what they want, and both Max and Emme tend to be difficult to dissuade or reason with. When they have a goal in mind, they may push themselves past their limits and injure themselves, or fight ferociously with anyone who has something else in mind. This determination can be admirable and useful, but, in a youngster, such willfulness can be a major challenge to their guiding elders.

MARS represents your child's drive, ambition, will, energy level, and ability to assert him/herself .
Do you know what sign your child's Mars is in, and what house and what planets may aspect it?
Emme's Kiddiegram Celebrity Kid Star Chart Max's Kiddiegram / Celebrity Kid Star Chart
(What's a Kiddiegram? Get Your Gram!)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beach Baby, Matthew McConaughey' s Son, Levi

Photo Source Fame/Celebrity-Babies.com
Three weeks ago, McConaughey noted he hoped his son would be "a little cooler than me" His beach baby Levi certainly makes a cool entrance to life al fresco. With a Dad wedded to the beach so maybe his parents (engaged when Levi was born) will marry on the beach.
Why are we not suprised that water is important to this merry family.
Levi's Celebrity Baby chart wheel reveals he has a Sun and Venus in the water sign of Cancer. Here's a little tidbit on Venus the planet of love in Levi's Kiddiegram.
Venus in Cancer
A warm home, loving family relationships, and emotional closeness are extremely important to Levi. When he feels secure and loved, he is one of the most caring, sympathetic, and emotionally supportive children you could imagine. But, he will cling and be very possessive or jealous if he does not feel truly loved. He is inclined to have a few close friends that he cherishes rather than a lot of acquaintances.
Venus in the Seventh House
This child will never lack love, affection, friends, or companions. He has an appealing warmth that melts hearts. He will often play the role of mediator, peacemaker or harmonizer. He especially delights in seeing love expressed between his parents and other adult couples in his life. (photo source)

What's a Kiddiegram? Get Your Gram!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dannielyn Gets Angel Wings, Turns Two

Mlle Kiddie's favorite movie is Wings of Desire. In the movie, angels walk among men and give them inspiration, whenever the angel is on screen, it's black and white. When we access the humanity and passion the person the angel is inspiring, the screen explodes with color, feeling, passion. This baby, born into such a human Greek drama, deserves her angel wings. We like that we haven't even written about her, since her birthday last year.
Let's spell her name correctly this go round, and link to a new chart wheel and Kiddiegram report. This little angel has a stellium of Virgo planets including her south node (gifts she came in with, but in karmic terms,the gifts she will go beyond to achieve her personal destiny, we might all want these "gifts" and think they are great, but the South Node is really a soul's pacifier. Great when you are two! but as she grows the area of her life that will be magic, and will work for her (even if she feels like just going back to the pacifying comfort of the south node) we feel she will move into her north node. (More on that north node, in her Kiddiegram. Mlle Kiddie doesn't even go into the south node in her Kiddiegram chart reports! (Her mentors are Michael Lutin and Jan Spiller) Hey, any errors in her interpretations are hers, not theirs.She likes parents to just (if they know the time of their kid's birth) to go right to the sign of the North Node, and the house position and use this as a guide to their child's soul's purpose. Even you left brain folks, know that your child will need the angels of the universe to guide them on their way to the top of the life you envision for them. You do want your child to be happy, right? even if it means you have to look up his angel wings!?(or position of his or her north node in their Kiddiegram?)-so you don't have to believe in the wings to let them flap away in your child's life. Bright Blessings. Flap, Flap Flap, Flap, Flap Flap, these cupids flap their wings! (these last lyrics from one of Handel's Oratorios!) clip art from

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doing Flips and Having Kids Usher & Wife Expecting

Usher's first son Usher Raymond V was born in Atlanta last November (11-27-2007 at 9:55 pm) His Kiddiegram Star Sign chart wheel reveals him to be an exhuberant little Sagittarian with Jupiter and Pluto also conjunct in the sign of Sagittarius.These three Sadge planets are in the fifth house and he has Leo rising, so yep! he's a bit of a ham. He's called "Cinco". Cinco has a Moon in Cancer and a Leo Rising. His Kiddiegram report reveals an aspect that he will apt to be popular. Usher and his wife Tameka Foster have announced that they are expecting again, as Usher says:

"I'm so proud to be a father by the time I'm 30," he told People last month. "I'd hate to be 80 years old and not be able to run with my kids. I need to still be able to do flips when they're in high school!"

Foster also shares joint custody with her ex-husband with her three sons from an earlier marriage.
Birth data for Cinco source/and photo of UsherOriginal Source of Photo of Usher and Tameka Shopping Actual Source of Photo PHOTOCREDIT:MAVRIX PHOTO via PEOPLE

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

O Henry Story, Henry Story Driver, Minnie Driver's Story

Source of Photo/Announcement Lil Sugar
Well we were a day off, on September 4th, we wrote that Minnie Driver's baby might already be on the planet. Henry Story Driver arrived the next day in Los Angeles. (9/5/08 LA, CA). The Sun often symbolizes the father in a child's chart so we are not surprised that he has a Sun conjunct Saturn, with the father still a mystery man, but with Henry's Mom saying that he plans to be very much involved with his son's life. Like a couple of celebrity babies before him, he also shares a Sun (Soul) trine Jupiter (Luck) Besides the responsibility and discipline of that Sun conjunct Saturn this Virgo child was blessed to have the same Moon sign as his mother.(Minnie at 14 degrees he's at 17) Henry's moon is in the sign of Scorpio. Okay, so there may be a lotta stories, and intense things going on and the public may never know, as Scorpio Moons are very powerful moons, and are essentially private. Don't ask a Scorpio moon too many personal questions...secret is their middle name. Oh and by the way, a Scorpio Moon can understand feelings and where people are coming from like nobody on the planet. They read vibes from the ether like other people read the stock market tables. How great that Henry and has this magic connection with his mother, who clearly is a pretty private gal.
He might Myth his Dad but his deep feeling connection to his oh so independent Aquarian Mother, who will never make light of his depth will be a big part of this O Henry story.

*Sun Trine Jupiter: (from Henry's partial Kiddiegram, no birth time)

It may seem that life is always on Henry's side, and that Fortune smiles on him more than on most people. Mostly that stems from the fact the he does not worry a lot and he seems always to expect everything to turn out well for him. He is generous and large-spirited, and the world responds to him in kind. The only drawback is that he may not be inclined to push himself, to work hard, or to be very motivated to develop the gifts and opportunities he has.
If you have a Moon in Scorpio and suspect that your child shares this Sun Trine Jupiter, get a gram! Don't worry every child has Lucky Jupiter somewhere in his chart although it may have different aspects to the star signs he was gifted at birth.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Save the Drama for Your Mama: Baby Mama's Tina Fey

Tina Fey's daughter (who Tina insisted she sent to preschool interviews with a resume made out of candy) is a little Virgo. Mercury, Sun and Moon in Virgo. The good news about a Sun and Moon in the same sign is this child will be balanced within herself. Her emotional needs (Moon) blending well with her basic being (Sun).

The bad news is that she's gonna get a lot of jokes about being born Virgo (the best riff on this lately in ElsaElsa.com's advice to a Virgo written on Alice's third birthday (Sept 5th, 2005 NYC, NY) Elsa Panizzon is the Tina Fey of the astrological blogging world. As about.com's Molly Hall Nagy says of her: "sometimes controversial, always interesting. "

With her Pluto in Virgo conjunct her daughter's Moon like exactly, maybe this mama will be doing a lot more of the drama... luckily, Alice's Mom has a Moon in Libra. She at least will see Alice's side although, to be frank like any good Taurus ruled by Venus with a Moon also ruled by Venus may be known to use these emotional charms to re frame the possibilities " Yes, but of course you could wear that pink hat with your blue dress up pants, but this blue hat matches your eyes perfectly..............and totally matches the blue of your Nestle's Crunch resume. "
We don't have birth times for Tina and her daughter, so we can only suggest looking up how this comic mom relates to a very detailed Virgo
(think precise little fussbudget with a single minded focus on the fuss!) and you'll find out. surprisingly well...because not only are they involved in the universal baby mama drama, they are both earth signs, and at some level down to earth...check out the interaction here on Kiddiegram.com's Parent/Child Interactive electronic kiosk. Tina Fey Photo Source

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mum on the Dad: Minnie Driver's Baby

Why are we not surprised that Minnie Driver is an Aquarius Sun conjunct Venus. Born January 31, 1970 in London (birth time unknown so Mlle Kiddie has cast a sun on the ascendant chart wheel).

Most other sun signs are pretty predictable and even a cursory reading of a one size fits all Sun Sign horoscope can summarize a basic sun sign stance, not Aquarius (or other sun signs with perhaps an Aquarius Moon or rising sign).

The only thing predictable about Aquarius is their unpredictability.
These independent individuals despite their citizen of the world outlook,
do not follow the herd.. Due any day now, Driver has been
mum on who is her child's father. Of course this baby (said to be a girl)
is clearly going to have a Mum that will treasure her child regardless of their star sign!
And perhaps the baby, due in late August has already been born.

Photo by Michael Williams/Startracks
Update to this story Henry Story Driver arrives.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Three will soon be Fore! Tiger Woods & Family

Tiger Woods and his model wife, Elin Nordegren announce the expected arrival of a new child in late winter. Their daughter Sam Alexis is 14 months old. She was born early Monday morning, June 18, 2007 in Orlando Florida.Woods quips on his website
"I'm already starting to wonder if Sam's sibling will be a boy or a girl."
Sam was born with a Sun in Gemini (opposed Pluto) with a small stellium of planets in Leo including her Moon. Her Dad's chart wheel shows that he has a Sun in Capricorn and a Moon in Sagittarius. Her Mom is also an earth sign parent, born January 1, 1980 in Stockholm. Her sun sign is Capricorn like her husband. Her Moon is in Gemini a very compatible sign for a mother daughter relationship, as her daughter's Sun is in Gemini.

Checking out a air sign child with a earth sign parent we find:
There is quite a bit of difference between these two: The air-signs move quickly and thrive on excitement and stimulation, whereas earth-signs are more deliberate and more self-controlled, thriving on continuity and predictability.
Air-signs enjoy a lot of social interaction and are usually quite liberal and open, compared to the earth-signs who are more conservative, more discriminating and judgmental. This can be a real issue between the two in the youngster's teenage years,when choice of friends and so on is likely to become a concern. In the younger years, it may be trying for the earthy parent to try to accommodate this child's constant need to talk and share and be on the go. At times the airy child may seem a bit flighty to the earthy parent, who can provide the ballast and stability in this child's life. The earthy parent's calmness, sensibility, and no-nonsense approach to life can be quite soothing to the airy child at times. And as long as the earthy parent does not pressure the airy child into adopting his or her own style and values, the differences in their make-up do not have to come between them.
Photo Source for Tiger and Sam Alexis photo source for Tiger Woods Family