Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother Moon: Beyonce, Baby!

May is for moms; please enjoy this May spotlight on the astrology of our favorite Hollywood moms! 

Virgo Beyoncé Knowles is new mom to Blue Ivy, her Capricorn baby girl born just this year in January. A Virgo mom, like most moms, always tries to do her best, but can often be quite anxious about possibly doing something wrong and can let their imagination about frightful consequences run away with them! A good support system can help calm Virgo worries, and so can a "just-in-case" system of supplies and phone numbers!

Beyoncé's moon is in Scorpio, so she'll prefer deep bonding with anyone in her most intimate circle, but with Uranus close to her Moon, she often needs more space in relationships with others and can be elusive to get to know. As she bonds deeply with her daughter, she'll no doubt experience the joys and fears of what it means to be closer and more affected by someone in your life than ever before.With her south node in Aquarius, she's more comfortable standing back and observing, but her Mars and north node in Leo are all about leaping into life with both feet. Obviously the Leo creativity shows in Beyoncé's career, but there is a playfulness and silliness to Leo which Baby Blue will bring out in spades!

Image of Beyoncé and Blue is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Beyoncé


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