Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meg Ryan & Daisy: A "Crazy Meeting"

Meg Ryan is the mother of 5 year old Daisy True, whom she adopted from China in January of 2006. In 2008 she gave an interview describing the meeting between her and Daisy for the first time. 
"She was red-faced, screaming and crying." When placed in Meg’s arms, however, Daisy was instantly calmed. "She checked me out and then she went to sleep. The next six to eight hours, she’d wake up and be very afraid and then she’d cry and then relax and play with you. I’d do the same thing. Just get really afraid, then really expanded. It was this metaphysical kind of labor, this crazy meeting."
Meg — who still carries in her wallet the first photo of Daisy sent to her by the orphanage — dismisses the notion that she somehow saved her daughter. Instead, she believes that she was always meant to be Daisy’s mom. "I just saw that face and I knew we were just related," she says.
The astrology of families is often very striking. It's common to find patterns running back generations, amongst siblings, and between parents and their children. While the birth date of Daisy is not publicly known, Meg adopted her in January of 2006 when she was 14 months old, which would have had her born around November of 2004 making her most likely to be a Scorpio, which is Meg Ryan's sun sign.

Their meeting undoubtedly shows up in Meg's chart in January of '06. Venus was moving back and forth over her Ascendant, showing that her perspective on the world was about to be changed due to a relationship. Her progressed moon was in the 10th house, which often signifies changes in the role(s) we play in the world. We often think of 10th house activity as career developments, but it is quite common to see changes in 'titles', formal or informal, take place when the 10th house is activated. The progressed moon illuminates where your heart's attention is, and clearly it was on the new role she was undertaking of becoming a mother again. Her moon was also in a harmonious relationship with Saturn at the time, which represents a commitment. Venus soon moved over Saturn as well, indicating a relationship commitment, specifically.
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