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Gemini Signature Star Child: Coco Riley Arquette

Courteney Cox
Coco, daughter of Courteney Cox and David Arquette, is our featured Gemini "Star Child." The Kiddiegram reports are the heart and soul of Kiddiegram, because they were created out of a desire to help you understand and nurture your precious one in the unique ways they need. A Kiddiegram is truly a "user's manual for parents.

David Arquette
Coco not only has her sun in the sign of Gemini, but also Mercury and Venus. It's typically known that Geminis are often knowledgeable (even if they only know a little about a whole lot) and have a love for learning and talking, and talking, and has talking been mentioned, too?! But with Mercury (the planet of thinking, learning, and oh yes, talking) in this sign so close to her Sun, she gets double the effect (or would that be quadruple, since Gemini is already the sign of the twins)? With Venus there as well, she can definitely turn on the charm when she wants to, utilizing Gemini's flexibility to get along with just about anyone, at least for a short period of time. It's a good thing her down-to-earth Taurus moon can keep her grounded. Gemini is often wanting to go in all directions at once, drawn to whatever catches it's attention at the moment, but Taurus wants to just sit still and let the world come to it!

Gemini usually likes to keep things lighthearted, but Coco has brooding Pluto opposite her Sun's position, which lends a certain hard-edged wisdom and insight to what she already easily observes around her. Coco is definitely intellectually shrewd. More on this aspect from Coco's Kiddiegram:

Sun opposite Pluto
      Coco Riley is very willful in a quiet, subtle way and she has a very private, hidden, secretive side that she shares with very few people. She wants to be in control of her own life and she is inclined to resist or even undermine anyone in a position of authority. Becoming a significant or powerful person in her own right is important to her, so she is likely to push away from or struggle with anyone who has power over her. Try not to force your own will upon her unnecessarily, as she is likely to resent it fiercely.

     Coco Riley is a complex person and she may have strong inner drives or ambitions that even she does not totally understand. She tends to go to extremes and be a bit of a fanatic, in her own way.

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*No birth time is publicly known for Coco, so her Kiddiegram report only reflects information that can be determined from birth date alone.

Image of Courtney Cox is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Credit: Felicia C. Sullivan.

Image of David Arquette is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Mingle Media TV

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