Monday, December 14, 2009

Congrats to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick: Welcome Mason Dash Disick

Presenting Mason Dash Disick!
Mason was born Monday morning and as far as Mlle Kiddie can discern from her many sources, his birth time is about 8 am, but possibly earlier. Unless he was born before 4 am, though, he has not only the Sun but also the Moon in Sagittarius! From Mason's Kiddiegram Report:
Ever eager to explore his world, he heartily dislikes being restricted or held back in any way, and he does not readily understand what "off limits" means. He has a strong sense of adventure and usually responds well to new situations and people, especially if they appear to promise something new and exciting. He is flexible, adapts well to change, and is open to trying new things (like unusual foods) more than most children. (He may, in fact, have some rather sophisticated or exotic tastes.)  Unless he is getting sick or there is something really troubling him, he will not be a very clinging, dependent, needy child. In fact, you might wish he needed you more or was more of a cuddler. He has a sort of breezy independence, even at a young age.

With Venus also in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo, this kid is sure to have a lot of energy to burn. Mercury in deliberate Capricorn may help him reign in his mind so he can harness all that energy into some well thought out plans. For the most part, it looks like Mason came into this world to see what he's made of! Sagittarians really like to try new things and experiment by experiencing. No stone should be unturned by the time he reaches old age.

Mlle Kiddie will continue to search for a more accurate birth time. Mason's Rising sign will make a great deal of difference in how he channels this bucking horse of a chart into the world as it does for anyone. Congrats to the couple!
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