Monday, May 07, 2012

New Arrival for Jessica Simpson: Maxwell Drew

Jessica Simpson and husband-to-be Eric Johnson welcomed their first child on May 1st, Maxwell Drew!*

Mom Jessica and little Maxwell are likely to be not just mother and daughter, but good friends. Venus, the planet of friendship, is in the same sign in the charts of both mom and daughter, the sign of Gemini. Gemini is an active and talkative sign; Mlle. Kiddie can imagine mother-daughter spa dates and gossip sessions in their future! Jessica's Jupiter also lies close to Maxwell's Mars, so she can be a great source of encouragement for her daughter to take action and follow her dreams.

Maxwell's Mars in Virgo is a hard-working placement, but Mars lies in opposition with Neptune, the planet of dreams and vision. When two planets are in opposition, they can represent a tug of war within a person. Since Maxwell is pretty grounded, with a Sun in down-to-earth Taurus and a practical Virgo moon, it'll probably be easier for the sensible side of her to win out over the visionary side, so mom's encouraging influence through Jupiter and nurturing Cancer sun shows that Jessica will have some important things to offer her daughter (although Maxwell will probably show her a thing or two as well!)

*birth time is approximate. Interpretation dependent on exact birth time has been omitted.

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