Monday, July 30, 2012

Beach Birthday for Virgo Henry Story Driver

Nope, we're not in Virgo birthday season yet! 3-1/2 year old Henry attended a friend's birthday party at the beach this weekend with mom Minnie Driver. Minnie has proclaimed her love of the ocean and it's probably something her and son Henry share in common. They both also share a Scorpio Moon in their natal charts; the bottomless depth of the ocean appeals to these intense, watery moon signs. 

That's not all they share, astrologically speaking. They both have strong Virgo influences in their chart: Minnie's south node, and Henry's Sun and Saturn. Minnie's natural orientation toward a practical and analytical perspective in life will be a great example for Henry. Where Saturn lies in our chart, we can often find our teachers; those people in our lives that we naturally look up to, not with starry-eyed adoration but respect for the wisdom they offer us. 

With Uranus opposite his Sun, Henry does have a bit of the rebel in him, and mom can understand that as well, with her Sun in the rebel sign of Aquarius. Looks like this duo is well-matched, in family love and in the stars!

Image of Minnie Driver is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Justin Hoch

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