Thursday, August 19, 2010

Halle Blueberries' Clever Kiddo

In the September issue of Vogue, Halle Berry shares a story about her little one, Nahla:
I said, 'What's your mommy's name?' And she looked at me like, You idiot. Why are you asking me what your name is? I asked her again: 'Nahla? What is Mommy's name?' She thought about it for a second, and finally she said, 'Halle Blueberries!' Blueberries are her favorite fruit." Berry laughs, "I'm just glad she didn't say 'Halle Blackberry.'"
Kids certainly say the darndest things! At age 2 and change, Nahla is young enough that she probably didn't mean to make a joke! But Nahla is probably going to be full of clever things to say as she gets older. She has Gemini Rising. The Rising sign represents our general view of the world and how we approach it. Gemini is a sign known for its curiosity and quick wit.

With Gemini Rising, that gives Mercury, it's ruling planet, extra strength in Nahla's chart. Her Mercury is in Pisces, conjunct Venus. Pisces is a sign with a rich imagination and Venus gives Nahla's mind a very creative angle. With Mercury so close to Nahla's Midheaven, which is the definitive edge of the 10th house and often an indication of a career direction, perhaps she'll make a living being clever and creative with her mind!
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