Friday, August 20, 2010

Leelee's Lewi Prayers

8-month-old cutie Louisanna Ray (Lewi for short) appears with her mother, Leelee Sobieski, in the latest issue of People magazine. Leelee reveals that when she was pregnant, she prayed for “a lovable and loving, mysterious daughter that I can be fascinated by.”

Were her prayers answered?

Lovable and loving? Check!

Lewi entered this world with a Cancer south node, so she is likely to be very loving and nurturing, and wants hands on nurturing herself. Cancer loves to be cuddled and coddled, with warm blankies, cookies, and lots of kisses--the whole nine yards! She will be experimenting all throughout her life with becoming more independent and adventurous, with that Sagittarius Sun and Capricorn Moon.

Mysterious? Check!

Lewi has her Capricorn moon close together with Pluto in her chart. Capricorn moon people tend to keep their feelings in check and to themselves as a general rule, since they tend to take care of themselves. Lewi will be growing into her Capricorn moon as she learns the balance between independence (Capricorn moon) and interdependence (Cancer south node), but with her moon so close to Pluto, she's likely to have a deep and turbulent heart underneath a cool exterior, so as she grows, Leelee might find herself in the middle of emotional outbursts that seem to come from nowhere! Mysterious, indeed.

With mom Leelee’s wealth of Gemini planets, she enjoys playfulness and curiosity (being very curious herself, especially about her daughter!) and will help coax Lewi's Sagittarian need for adventure and play.

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