Monday, August 09, 2010

Courtney Cox says daughter Coco is dramatic

"She's very confident and funny. She's so dramatic already. She laughs hard. She pouts hard. She cries hard. She loves hard. If she can't find something, it's the end of the world."

So says mom Courtney Cox of 5-year-old daughter Coco, who Courtney says wouldn't surprise her if she ended up an actress. Coco may be getting a taste of it soon. Mom and Dad, David, have signed up to star in Scream 4 and Coco may make a brief appearance.

What's behind Coco the Drama Princess? A Scorpio South Node in the 5th House. The South Node is often where we can find our comfort zone behaviors, and therefore sometimes where we have a natural talent.

Scorpio is a rather dramatic sign, feeling everything intensely. 'Crying hard and loving hard' come with the territory with Scorpio, which dives deeply into life's experiences and doesn't hold back, even if it feels overwhelming. The 5th house is a very creative house--it's all about living in the present and expressing the self without holding back. So Coco can throw herself deeply (Scorpio) into whatever she's expressing in the moment (5th house) easily, sometimes too easily.

Will she grow up to be an actress? It's not as likely as it may seem at this early age. We tend to grow beyond our south node tendencies as we get older and grow into the rest of our chart, however, the south node is present throughout our lives. Coco has her moon in Taurus, so she's likely to mellow out as she gets older and leave the drama behind. The acting? Maybe, maybe not!

So for now, bring on Scream 4!
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