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Welcome Lyla Rose: Lunar Parenting

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Lisa Loeb had her first little one, a girl they named Lyla Rose, on Sunday morning.

When analyzing the natal chart of a newborn child, it's best to keep it simple and focus on the sun and especially the moon. In anyone's chart, the moon represents what we need to feel nurtured and safe, something that's clearly important to all of us but obviously of paramount importance in an infant's life. Were Lisa to come into my office with this little one and ask how best to love and care for her daughter at this early age, I'd point to the obvious things that any infant needs, and then I'd look to the position of the moon for further clarification about what might be more important to Lyla and how to build a relationship of trust with her. Unfortunately I don't have Lyla's time of birth, but unless she was born in the very wee hours of the morning, she is likely to have a Taurus Moon.

A Taurus Moon baby is going to response exceptionally well to a predictable routine, above and beyond the norm. Taurus is a fixed sign. The quality of 'fixed' accentuates a need for a sense of stability and predictability. Not just the same bedtime, but also the same blankets, the same songs, the same foods, will give little Lyla a sense that she knows what's coming and can feel relaxed and safe. This doesn't mean Lyla will benefit from rigidity, only a sense of routine (think about how much we all cling to our morning routines!) Taurus can actually be quite an easy going energy, and Lyla will probably have quite a mellow personality.

Once she starts to get older, much of her Sagittarius will start to shine through, which have her being a bit more adventurous. She'll still need that sense of stability and routine all throughout her childhood, but her Sagittarius Sun indicates she'll need to shake it up plenty, so that she doesn't feel trapped or bored. With her Mercury, a planet of communication, also in Sagittarius and in a comfortable trine to Mars in Leo, she's probably going to be rather talkative at a young age and with Uranus squaring her Mercury, she'll be learning how to voice her opinions clearly and loudly, which mom should encourage, along with several loving lessons along the way about thinking before speaking. Sagittarius and Leo are both fire signs, which carry a direct and spontaneous energy, and Uranus adds to that spontaneous mix by adding shock and surprise. She'll certainly keep her parents entertained with intellectual zingers from an early age!
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