Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leelee Sobieski and Adam Kimmel welcome Baby Girl

And the Hollywood Baby Boom continues! Her name yet unrevealed, Mlle Kiddie takes a 'celestial' look at Baby Girl Sobieski:

Reports say that she was born "late Wednesday evening" in New York which means that she will have a Leo or more likely a Virgo Ascendant, along with her Sagittarius Sun and Capricorn Moon. Her Capricorn Moon's expression is greatly modified by Pluto being so close to it, and it is in a square (90 degrees apart) relationship with Saturn, all of which indicates a rather serious tone to this little girl's personality.

Leelee, an 'extra strength' Gemini, might find her daughter's serious demeanor somewhat bewildering. Gemini likes to play, poke, question, tease, and definitely talk, often in a light-hearted way, depending on the rest of the chart, and her daughter is more likely to use communication not as play but with an agenda, always speaking with a purpose, with a goal. This girl, regardless of whether she has Leo or Virgo rising, clearly came into the world with an agenda: to develop a sense of capability, accomplishment and pride in herself. With a trine from ambitious Mars to her expansive Sagittarius Sun, she'll always be driven by a sense of urgency, movement, and desire to grow, but then it's amplified greatly by her Capricorn Moon. Here's one of many things that her Kiddiegram report has to say about Capricorn Moon:

Conscientious and mature even in youth, Sobieski can be relied upon to keep her commitments. Sometimes her "obligations" weigh heavily upon her, however, and life seems like serious business indeed, so try not to expect too much or burden her with more responsibility than is really necessary.She often judges herself harshly and seems to need to prove her worth by achieving some task or goal she sets for herself. It is very important for her to know that you love and value her for herself, and not only for her accomplishments.

With Saturn and Pluto pressing on her Moon, she carries a deep desire to feel worthy and safe. No doubt her mother, Leelee, will be able to help her with her ambitious desires to grow as fast as she can, because Leelee is also rather ambitious (her Sun, Moon, and Mars are all conjunct each other), but hopefully she can also teach this little girl to breathe, have fun, and learn to lighten her load when she gets too weighed down with life.

Congratulations to the new family!
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