Monday, November 30, 2009

Aries Suri Cruise and Her Aquarius Ascendent

Suri Cruise is a little Aries fashionista who wears shoes, while her accompanying parents are often in boots. There is an old saying 'when the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten". Although three and causing a furor about health issues of wearing high heels so young, Suri's Sagittarius Mom Katie Holmes defends her daughter's use of high heels. She says "like every little girl, she loves my high heels" and notes that they are children's ballroom dance shoes. Suri's shoes shown below are taken from a picture of Suri in this week's US Magazine . What's a girl to do who doesn't like jeans? with parents who usually are seen wearing them?

Mlle Kiddie feels that her style has a lot to do with Suri's Aquarius ascendant as her Kiddiegram notes:

Aquarius Ascendant

Suri is very progressive and open-minded, and interested in anything new, different, or experimental. She has the objective, fair, detached, and logical attitude of the true scientist, and she will experiment and seek answers for herself rather than relying on the say-so of others. While she may not purposely defy authority, she is quite indifferent to social custom and convention.

She has a distinctly original way about her that makes her seem a little different or unusual, and she enjoys being her own person rather than "one of the sheep." Her offbeat sense of humor or other idiosyncrasies may make her stand out in some way. Also, she will often be the first to take up a new trend, fashion, or craze.

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