Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tom Brady's Leo Son Jack Has A Sagittarius (Step) Brother

Two year old John Edward Thomas Moynahan, shown here on the cover of OK
magazine with his Virgo Mom Bridget Moynahan five weeks after he was born
has a new brother. With His Sun Venus and Saturn in Leo "Jack" will undoubtedly
not willingly give up center stage to his Leo Dad Tom Brady's new son born the night of December 8, 2009 and as yet still not named.

However Mlle Kiddie notes that Jack's has a  Sagittarius Moon conjunct Jupiter  

His Kiddiegram notes:

Moon Conjunct Jupiter
Jack is good-natured, tolerant, open-hearted, and generous, which makes him very
well liked. He knows how to make others feel comfortable , accepted, and welcome, and he is ready to share whatever he has.

What's even better is that his new little brother has a Sun in Sagittarius so they have the potential to get along very well. Despite having different Mom's they actually share quite a bit, a generous loving Leo Dad
who instinctively understands a fire sign sons.

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