Sunday, December 06, 2009

Alexa Ray Joel: What Made Her Attempt to Take Her Life?

Alexa Ray Joel, the daughter of Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel, is believed to have attempted suicide yesterday. She is currently in stable condition and should recover. Alexa is also a singer/songwriter like her father and has recently (according to her MySpace page) been feeling very frustrated about meeting men. Obviously we are limited in our knowledge about her other internal and personal experiences that she's been going through, but even knowing just these two things about her current life's happenings is revealed in the transits that are hitting her chart right now.

Alexa's Venus and Neptune are conjunct each other, very tightly. Venus is the planet of partnership, and with Neptune so close to it, Alexa likely wrestles with seeing those she relates to (in friendship or romantically) in a clear light. Even in practical and realistic Capricorn, she naturally sees the ideal in others, their spirit and their potential, and with her Libra ascendant, she can probably be very good at inspiring others to see themselves as she sees them, to see their potential and their spiritual selves. However, people do not always live up to their potential; they are always wrestling with their own demons and fears, and Alexa may have a hard time coping with the crash that can happen when those she is in relationship with fall off the pedestal she may (unknowingly) put them on. This can result in frequent disappointments as she learns to manage seeing the best in someone without allowing her naivete to set her up for disillusionment.

About the time when Alexa would have likely taken the pills (a couple of hours before noon, Mlle Kiddie deduces) Saturn was almost exactly squaring her Venus and Neptune, which has been building for a few weeks, just as Pluto, also building for the last few months, was conjunct Venus and Neptune. These aspects are both still in effect in her chart. Mlle Kiddie believes that we all have free will, so there are no definite outcomes that can be predicted; so while it could not be rigidly 'predicted' that Alexa would make the choice to take pills, we can see the nature of the difficulties and the feelings that prompted the feeling of hopelessness Alexa must have been (is) feeling.

When Saturn contacts our chart, it is trying to teach us to take responsibility for some area of our life, often by confronting our own or life's limits and, hopefully, realistically assessing what we can do if we are willing to work harder than we may feel like. Saturn is a very useful planet and represents many great things, but in a square, it is easier to focus on feeling more oppressed, limited, or hopeless, and difficult to see the ways that we can work with our current situation since we often feel painted into a corner. With Saturn squaring her Venus and Neptune, she may have been wallowing quite deeply in feeling hopeless about relationships, perhaps feeling very alone.

At the same time, Pluto is pressing on Venus and Neptune. When Pluto contacts our chart, it asks us to do psychotherapy on ourselves, to look at something that maybe is frightening or unpleasant about ourselves our the situations in our lives in order to see the truths we need to know about to be able to get ourselves out of our fears and defense mechanisms that keep us stuck in patterns in our lives that are not working. In the case of Alexa, Pluto is asking her to dig deeply into her relationship patterns and hopes - possibly impossibly high hopes that keep her from obtaining the love she wants. But because we need to do that by seeing truths we may not want to see, it can be a difficult and upsetting process when we confront ourselves, and running away is a strong instinct!

What the heavens seem to be indicating Alexa needs to do now is deal with and accept some of the realities of her own habits, misconceptions, and wounding in relationships - both the relationships she's had personally as well as the lessons she's learned since early childhood about relationship dynamics, and do the work to liberate herself from some of those wounds by talking them through, confronting them, and finding a way to go forward in a more authentic way. She can benefit especially now, from seeing how she may hold herself back from love or connection that she longs for, in ways she might never have expected that she does.

Her progressed moon has just moved into Cancer, indicating a time when it will be emotionally nurturing to her to have family around her now, as well as dig deeply into her own family patterns and her personal history to gain clues about her present life as well as heal hurts from the past.

Mlle Kiddie wishes Alexa love and peace in her recovery.
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