Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let it Snow! Hugh Jackman and Son Oscar Play in the Snow

Hugh Jackman and his son Oscar are pictured here playing in the snow storm that recently hit New York City. Hugh is is a Libra with a playful Gemini Moon, so he probably likes to play with and tease his son lightheartedly, since he's a kid at heart himself!

Even though Hugh adopted Oscar, it is very common to see connections between the charts of parents and children. Hugh has a Libra Sun and Oscar a Libra Moon. Hugh has a Gemini Moon and Oscar has both Mercury and Mars in Gemini. Looks like they were meant to be family!

Mercury represents the part of us that is curious, and Mars represents, in part, what we like to do to keep ourselves physically active. In Gemini, Oscar probably has a quick mind and quick reflexes to match, so I'm sure he would be able to pelt his dad, who has Mars in deliberate Virgo, with snowballs at twice his dad's speed!

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