Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome Hank Baskett IV

Congratulations to Kendra and Hank who welcomed their new baby boy early Friday morning!

Little Hank looks like he's going to be a doll of a little boy. With his Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, he is sure to enjoy exploring his new world with enthusiasm,  and even with his cautious Virgo Rising, which represents how he appears to others and how he approaches the world around him, he will develop an enthusiasm for leaping into life. Mars in Leo will certainly have him king of his castle right away! King Hank.

His charming Libra moon will be how he most easily connects with his new family, especially at a young age. Mlle Kiddie says this about Hank's Libra Moon, from Hank's Kiddiegram:

Most of the time he has a cooperative attitude and agreeable manners, and he is an easy child to guide. He is reasonable and has an innate sense of fairness. He takes naturally to such concepts as "taking turns" and sharing. He is a very sociable creature, is a charming host, and loves to have friends come to visit. A harmonious and friendly atmosphere is very important to Hank, and he will do all he can to avoid conflict and to be a peacemaker.

If you have a child born on December 11th, Contact Kiddiegram with birth details and Mlle Kiddie will send you a graphically enhanced Kiddiegram by email.
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