Saturday, December 05, 2009

Capricorn Dad Nicholas Cage Named UN GoodWill Ambassador

Acclaimed actor  and Capricorn Dad Nicholas Cage has been named the UN's Goodwill Ambassador for global justice. Cage has given two million dollars to a fund that helps rehabilitate child soldiers, one of the causes he will champion in his new role. Cage has a Sun in the same sign as his  Mars and Mercury  in the first house which makes him a natural for being a spokesman for the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime.

"The Lord of War has become a messenger of peace " noted the director of this office when announcing the appointment.

Cage has two sons a generation apart; Kal-El who turned four years old on October 3 (2005) amd Weston Coppola who turns 19 December 26th (1990). Mlle Kiddie does not have the times of their births so is doing a Kiddiegram for their Dad.

Kiddiegram Report and Chart for Nicholas Cage

If you have a child with a Sun, Mercury and Mars
in the first house, contact Kiddiegram with the chart wheel calculated on the Kiddiegram site and
Lord Kiddie will have Mademoiselle Kiddie  send you a $10 Starbucks gift  card from the Kiddie Cafe.

Offer will expire on Cage's birthday January 7, 2010.

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