Sunday, April 12, 2009

Way to Bo! First Kids Get First Puppy

And he's a guy. He's a dog that was returned to the bCheck Spellingreeder by his first owners. So he is not a shelter dog, but is being "re-homed" to the Obama family.

Bo a Portuguese Water Dog born in Texas October 9, 2008 is six months old and will be presented officially at the White House on Tuesday. Bo is a gift to Sasha and Malia from Senator and Mrs. Edward Kennedy. The girls have come up with the name Bo. Their cousins have a cat named Bo and their grandfather's nickname was Diddley after the legendary jazz guitarist Bo Diddley.

This photo is a White House photo taken from the White House Blog.
There is also a very cute picture of the girls and their parents on the site that can be downloaded in better resolution. (photos by White House Photographer Pete Souza)

To read more about a Libran First Dog, visit Pet Section. Bo has the same Moon as the only other male in the family.
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