Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twin Girls for Sex in the City Star Sarah Jessica

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick are expecting twin girls by summers end. The Sex in the City star and her mate have a six year old son James Wilke. Here is the couple sharing a laugh at a Sundance opening last fall. photo:

The twin girls have a surrogate mom. End of summer could mean Leo or Virgo children.

Since James is a Scorpio with a Moon in Cancer he will have deep
feelings about the arrival of these two little girls. Any first child would feel this, and he'll probably really enjoy having two more kids in his family!

An extended story is out now on People, with a current photo of the happy expectant parents to be! Friends of the happy couple although surprised say that while the news came as a surprise, it was, in a way, also expected. "They love kids and wanted more," says one friend. "They absolutely love being parents." The couple have been married for 11 years.(1997)

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