Monday, April 27, 2009

Paris & Now Venice Valentina's Parents MarryTwice

Valentina who was born to her mother Salma  Hyeck in LA on the equinox 2008. Salma married her father French billionaire Francois-Henri  Pinault in Paris on Valentine's day. Saturday, the nineteen month old's parents were married again and held a star-studded and pretty royal wedding reception in Venice at the Teatro La Fenice Opera House. Valentina was the flower girl and Mlle Kiddie is pretty sure in a venue like that, the paparazzi didn't get near enough to take  a private picture of the little Virgo as flower girl.  She has a Venus in Libra. This would have been a great little gift to bring to the little flower girl for her to remember this day. Isabelle The Flower Girl from the beloved Barbar series based upon a favorite French fictional character. Her step sister Matilde now about seven and step brother Francois now about eleven, can read it to her in French.

Valentina is a cusp baby. Some children born on September are Libra, some are Virgo, depending on the time the sun moves into the sign of Libra that year. 

Do you have a cusp child born on September 21st of any year? Do you want to check out their sun sign easily? Calculate easily on Kiddiegram just click on the little icon saying, free mini-report. If your child is born with a Sun in Virgo we will send you a set of note cards from the Kiddie cafe of your choice. Contact us through our link by June 30, 2009 and attach a copy of your child's chart wheel and address to send the cards (and a gift Kiddiegram report).

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