Friday, April 03, 2009

Madonna's One in Two Million Bid Rejected

Madonna, shown here visiting a school with son David Banda of Malawi on Monday had her request for adoption of four year old Chifundo James ("Mercy") denied. The judge fearing a precedent that would endanger the Aids Orphans the law was written to protect said no to the adoption. Madonna will be appealing the decision. Gil Kaufman's full story appears on

Madonna's appeal to the nation's Supreme Court will involve waiving the 18 month residency requirement for prospective parents pending adoption. Those requirements were waived for her adoption of her Libran son David Banda in 2006 (Photo: Michelly Rall/ WireImage) The national government has expressed support for the adoption.

"We have close to 2 million orphans in Malawi who need help," Women and Child Welfare Development Minister Anna Kachikho told the AP. "We can't look after all of them as a country. If people like Madonna adopt even one such orphan, it's one mouth less we have to feed."

To see how Fire sign (Leo) Mom Madonna gets along with air-sign son (Libra) David check out their interactive parent-child report on Kiddiegram.s interactive on-line kiosk and check out your parenting style with that of your child at the same time.

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