Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Pisces Kids

The Sun is in Pisces from February 18th to March 20th this year. Happy birthday to all those Pisces kiddos (and mommies and daddies)!

Pisceans arguably trump any other sign for imagination. They often retreat into their imagination to create the magical world they are sometimes more at home with than the mundane one. Piscean children can get caught up in daydreams quite often and parents can sometimes find it a challenge to keep their attention in the here and now! They can be quite intelligent, but sometimes seem absent-minded because of the call of the inner world.

Piscean children are also very tender and empathetic. They can sometimes be shy, but if someone is hurt or showing sadness, they are the first to put their arms around them and try to help. They can be so tender-hearted that their feelings are easily engaged and hurt as well.

Frances ("Frankie") Pen has three planets, including the Sun, in Pisces. She also has her north node in this sign, which means she is learning to balance her south node in Virgo. This involves learning to be compassionate and forgiving of others as well as herself and not to sweat the small stuff. Here's more from Frankie's Kiddiegram:

Gentle, receptive, and impressionable, Frances feels everything very acutely and is powerfully affected by her surroundings. She absorbs the emotions of the people she is with, and can be adversely affected if there is much negativity or disharmony around her. It is as if she has no defensive armor to shield herself from outside influences, and you will find her withdrawing into herself when she begins to feel overwhelmed. She is very soft-hearted, sensitive to criticism or harshness in any form, and easily hurt by unkindness. She seems to feel just as badly when other people are being cruel to one another, as when someone is unkind to her directly.

Frances turns 4 today along with many of her Hollywood peers. Happy birthday!

Do you have an Pisces kiddie in your life?
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Pisces Sun Kids
Feb 20 Savannah & Eden (Marcia Cross & Tom Mahoney)
Feb 20 Frances Pen (Amanda Peet & David Benioff)
Feb 20 Krishna Thea (Padma Lakshmi & Adam Dell)
Feb 20 Cruz (Victoria & David Beckham)
Feb 21 Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II
Feb 22 Max & Emme (Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony)
Feb 26 Jackson Riley (Grandson of Jim Carrey)
Feb 27 Jamison (Billy Baldwin & Chynna Phillips)
Feb 27 Samuel Garner (Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner)
Mar 1 Julian (Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld)
Mar 2 Easton Quinn Monroe (Jenna & Bodhi Elfman)
Mar 3 Billie Beatrice (Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart)
Mar 4 Brooklyn (Victoria & David Beckham)
Mar 8 Jude Stewart (Alexis Stewart - Martha Stewart's grandchild)
Mar 9 Sam (Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen)
Mar 13 Liam Aaron (Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott)
Mar 16 Jesse & Journey (Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz)
Mar 16 Nahla (Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry)
Mar 17 Jagger (Soleil Moonfrye & Jason Goldberg)

Pisces Moon Kids
Jan 12 Max Liron (Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman)
May 14 Miranda Cosgrove
Mar 24 Satyana Maria (Alexis Denisof & Alyson Hannigan)
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