Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Owen Wilson's New Role as Daddy

It's been about six weeks since Owen Wilson took on the role of a lifetime: new dad! He told Jay Leno of The Tonight Show that it's "very exciting" and that "he's glowing." Awww.

Little Robert Ford (named after Owen's grandfather, and will probably go by 'Ford') has his Sun in Capricorn (along with several other planets!) and his Moon in Taurus. Both practical earth signs, Ford will probably be a very no-nonsense kid. This is especially true compared to his dad who is a little more excitable and intense (4 planets in dramatic Scorpio).

With a Taurus Moon, Ford is probably rather content just to sleep, eat, and poop, as new babies tend to do anyway, but he's going to be a pretty laid-back baby as long as he feels secure and has a routine so he knows what to expect. Taurus Moons like to know what's next so they have a sense of rhythm, continuity, and stability in their life to keep them feeling safe and nurtured.

This general easy-going mood will probably continue as Ford grows up, which can tend to make him not in any kind of hurry to do much of anything, but as he gets older and gets more in touch with his Capricorn Sun (which is joined by 'go-get-em' Mars), he'll probably enjoy having his achievements celebrated, whether it's an A at school or just growing an inch! Dad Owen will probably be a great motivator for Ford, with his Mars also in Taurus and in a supportive trine to Ford's Sun & Mars.
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