Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heidi Klum's Seriously Funny Kids

Heidi Klum has four kids, but she's about to take on a whole lot more, as host of the new show Seriously Funny Kids on Lifetime. The show is roughly based on the format of the old show Kids Say the Darndest Things hosted by Bill Cosby and featured Heidi talking with kids, mostly unscripted, and seeing what funny things come out of their mouths!

From Project Runway to Project Funny Kids may not seem intuitive, but upon seeing Heidi's massive stellium* in Gemini, it comes as no surprise.

While Gemini is an air sign and therefore can very much enjoy learning and intellectual pursuits in various modalities, the very essence of Gemini is actually very playful. On one side of the Gemini spectrum you may have the cerebral, scientifically-minded sort, but in the same spectrum you find open-hearted curiosity, a love of playful teasing, and a fascination with toys and gadgets (and the more knobs and levers, the better!) Gemini was probably the first one to say: "What does this button do?" It's whimsical nature is very child-like itself.

But it's all in how you focus Gemini (or any sign, for that matter) that determines what catches its eye over and over. Heidi was born around the time of a Gemini new moon, which means her Sun and Moon are both in Gemini, very close together. The Sun represents our basic sense of self, so planets in close proximity to the Sun modify the Sun's expression and meaning. Therefore, they strongly contribute to what gives one a sense of self. The Moon represents our heart, our emotional nature, and our desire to nurture and care for others (as well as receive that nurture). So Heidi's sense of self is greatly impacted by her desire to nurture, an urge children can instinctively bring out in Heidi.

In what way does she like to provide that nurture? The Gemini way: playfulness, whimsy, spontaneous behavior, inspiring curiosity and playing games. You can see it in the way she describes her favorite things to do with her kids:
"I try to be a kid with them. I don’t take myself too seriously. I try to understand where they are coming from. We try to have fun as a family. I always loved that about my parents- they let me do fun things. Be wild and crazy! Get dirty! You have to give them a certain amount of freedom to be themselves. My house is not a museum- we play and live in it."
It's easy to find out your own nurturing style. You can create your own Kiddiegram to find out all about you. Then, using your moon sign, visit our free Parent/Child interactive guide!

*grouping of several planets all in one sign or house
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