Thursday, January 06, 2011

Extraordinary Children: Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho rocked the house on the television show America's Got Talent this fall when she sang a stunning rendition of Pie Jesu:

It's interesting to note not only her natural singing talent, but also the ethereal quality to her voice, given that she has Neptune conjunct her south node. The south node, among other things, can point to what natural talents we may bring with us into the world, and planets conjunct the south node tell more of that story. Neptune is often strong in the charts of people with artistic talent and/or those who are highly imaginative.

Imagine an actor or actress who convinces you so wholeheartedly that they ARE the character they are playing that you actually forget who they really are. It's not just skill or manipulation, it is that Neptunian ability to remain so fluid that one can take any form, like a chameleon, and embody it. Neptunian people are able to drop their boundaries and become one with their inspiration so sincerely that we are drawn into that magic as well. Neptune is also the planetary ruler of her Mercury, planet of the voice, because Neptune is said to 'rule' (be the most at home with) Pisces, where Mercury lies, another influence pointing to her heavenly voice.

People with strong Neptunes often experience the downside of not being seen for who they really are. Their chameleon-like abilities can be so strong that they often draw to them the expectations and projections from others about what others think they are or want them to be. With such a strong talent at such a young age, she will no doubt be experiencing this and part of her work as an Aries Sun and Venus is to learn to develop a strong identity of her own so she does not merely absorb what others see of her and lose her own identity in it. With three planets (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) in the grounded sign of Taurus, a little realism and stubbornness may go a long way to help her here as well!

With Mars, planet of will, and Jupiter, planet of growth and opportunity, clustered together with Saturn, planet of accomplishment and hard work, in the determined sign of Taurus, she has the ability to persist and achieve whatever she sets her mind to, there's no doubt in Mlle. Kiddie's mind!
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